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What is xFi Complete? Explore Everything

xFi Complete is a wifi service from Comcast, a new wifi growing and enhancing service for its users. It is a broad platform that allows its users to manage their home network and control advanced security features. You can control your network by sitting anywhere in the world. xFi Complete is a bit expensive version, and it also includes an xFi gateway and unlimited data for its users.

It can also be integrated with xFi pods to provide an extensive wifi network all over your home. xFi Complete is a paid model that charges $25. There is no limited contract length for this; you can amend the plan according to your own choice.

You can choose a regular xFi that charges $14 per month, which is $11 less than the other plan. Whereas, features provided in this plan would be less than the other expensive plan.

Another option is to buy your own router and not choose any xFi paid plans. It will save you money for long-term usage. Moreover, xFi Complete also gives access to enhanced and improved wifi technology, just like advanced gateways that helps to improve coverage and speed in your home office. By using these tools, users can enjoy high-speed internet, which traditional wifi does not offer.

Features of xFi Complete

Here are some prominent features you will get if you choose xFi Complete :

1. xFi Gateway

When a customer signs up for xFi complete plan, they also get a free router, which is called Gateway. And that router is enough to handle the internet speed you are using. It’s a reasonable stock box.

As an xFi complete user, you will also be authorized for a free upgrade on this router after every three years. So, when the Xfinity gateway router is updated with the latest features, then it will be delivered to you free of cost.

If you want, you can also choose to buy your own router and modem; it will be proved more cost-effective for you.

2. xFi Advanced Security Features

If you upgrade to xFi, your home internet network will be secured to the next level. This super software will save you from harmful sites and help you organize and manage other security features.

It is being updated on a daily basis to catch the latest security threats and prevent them. The security features in xFi Complete are more advanced. Thanks to mobile security, you can keep your devices secured on the move.

xFi Complete has advanced security features make it more worthy than simple xFi. You just need to download the Xfinity app on your phone. Then after activating it on your phone, you can enjoy its features. It has amazing features, like it helps to protect your device from accessing by dangerous sources, and it also monitors network activity.

3. Unlimited Data

Without using xFi, your internet plan will be seized at 1.2 TB data, which is a lot of data. But still, it is possible that users can use this complete data in one month. There are 1200GB in 1.2TB, and one 4K movie takes approximately 40-50GB.

You can easily use all this data if you and your family are enthusiastic movie watchers. A monthly fee of $30 more must be paid if you want unlimited data without xFi Complete.

4. xFi Pods

If you are living in a large home, xFi provides a free xFi Pod. When you utilize this, you may feel relaxed knowing that WiFi signals will now easily reach each room of your home.

People with large homes can understand and feel the pain of signal drop out when you are at a distance from the router. xFi pod is a wifi extender that will adjust with the router to extend the reach of the signals.

5. Reach to Wifi Hotspots

When you leave home, you can also stay connected to Xfinity. It happens because of the advanced features of Xfinity that allow its users to connect with public hotspot systems.

You need to find it in the available networks list then just by logging in with Xfinity details and start using it without any trouble. It will help you to save some data.

One interesting thing about it is that every Xfinity Gateway Router will work as a hotspot for other Xfinity users to connect with.

6. xFi App

Users who subscribe to Xfinity xFi can also get access to the xFi app, which mainly provides its users the approach to an extensive database of information.

Also, it helps its users for setting individual control for each device. It also shows the segregation of each device connected to the network. Users can also delete or add any device by using the xFi app.

It also detects the device that is using excessive data and removes it automatically. The best feature of this app is that it allows parents to disconnect Internet connection from their kid’s devices whenever they want.

7. Access to User Profiles

To customize the user’s experience, xFi provides its subscribers with user profiles. It allows you to improve your internet connection, control connected devices, and many more.

Also, you can set a break-time schedule to limit the user’s access to specific times and can view tha apps user uses more.

Usage Plan of xFi Complete

XFi Complete offers different plans to its users. The following are the plans :

  • A basic plan offered by xFi Complete is Performance Starter; this plan provides its users with a speed of 50mbps. 
  • The next plan is Performance Internet, which provides an internet speed of 100mbps.
  • The third plan is Performance Pro Internet, which gives its users a speed of 300mbps. 
  • For the fastest internet speed, xFi also offers a Blast Plan, with a speed of 600mbps.
  • The next plan is an upgraded Extreme Pro, offering an internet speed of 900mbps. 
  • Another plan for users who loves the fastest internet connection is Gigabit X2, which provides an internet speed of 2000mbps.

The last and fastest among all plans is the Gigabit Pro Internet, with a speed of 6000mbps.

How to Set up xFi Complete

xFi Complete needs xFi Gateway to start working; if you don’t have one, you can purchase it from Comcast.

Here are some steps to set up Xfinity Complete:

i. Subscription

First, log in to your Comcast account for a subscription to xFi services, go to the xFi tab, and select Get xFi Complete.

ii. Installation of xFi Gateway

After having xFi Gateway, installing is an easy task by connecting it to your modem or power station. Then, follow the steps provided by Comcast to set up your WiFi network.

iii. Download xFi App

You can easily download this app from  Playstore or Apple Store. Download this app, and install it on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

iv. Sign in to xFi App

After installation of the app, if you don’t have an account on Comcast, make an account and log in.

v. Enjoy Using

Now you can enjoy the benefits of Xfinity Complete which includes advanced security features, improved WiFi technology, and complete network management.

Benefits of xFi Complete

xFi Complete is a reliable internet service that offers several benefits to its users. It provides customized features, high-security features, parental control, and network adjustment tools that can upgrade your home wifi.

In addition, users can enjoy the fastest, most protected, and most personalized Internet service that meets their needs and demands. The following are the benefits of xFi Complete:

i. Complete Network Management

With xFi Complete, customers can easily access complete network management tools to manage and adjust their home network connection.

Also, they can watch and control different devices, which helps to adjust parental control, monitor and manage the usage rate of the network, and resolve connectivity issues.

ii. Improved Security Solutions

Xfinity provides your whole enterprise with a protected network so hackers can access personal and confidential information or use your network for nefarious or criminal purposes.

Also, it protects against malware or spam attacks by hackers. In addition, you can set up your home network by yourself, control its speed and usage, and monitor other users’ activities.

iii. Customized Experience

It allows users to create individual profiles for each family member. Also,  each profile can have individual options for personalized settings and customized changes, just as time limit, device access, content filters, and making it convenient for everyone to manage their own account.

Using xFi Complete, users can also go for individual device preferences, such as smart TVs, gaming consoles, and computers.

iv. Improved Wifi Technology

Xfinity Complete uses advanced gateway pods and xFi pods that improve WiFi coverage and speed of internet connection. These devices help wifi reach every corner of the house where your old modem wifi cannot reach.

Therefore, customers can enjoy the fastest internet and reliability using xFi Complete, even far from the modem and router.

v. Convenient to Use

It is very user-friendly and easily accessible. Users can use it easily can, manage their own network, control security settings, and manage troubleshooting issues.

xFi app also provides an initiative interface for everyone to understand the system and its features easily.

vi. Control Over Home Network

xFi Complete gives complete control in the user’s hand; it provides various tools and features; by using them, users can reset all the settings and do it as per their likeness and preferences.

It allows users to set WiFi names and change passwords, making it a safe and secure network. You can also restrict other unauthorized devices from accessing your network connection.

vii. 24/7 Customer Service

Comcast provides its users with 24/7 service in case of any technical issues and troubleshooting. Suppose the internet connection is not working or the speed is slow.

In that case, users can contact the team of Comcast, and they will immediately send a technician to your house to sort out the issue to ensure the quality and speed of the internet connection.

Final Words - xFi Complete

xFi Complete is an authentic and reliable set of software, services, and tools that work together and make sure to give you the best WiFi services in your home. It helps you to connect more devices and use the fastest internet connection throughout your home. xFi Complete is offered by Comcast, which ensures advanced security features for securing a home internet connection. It also includes xFi Gateway and extender, xFi app, and 24/7 customer support. It allows its users to set data limits, monitor the usage of other devices and block scam users. Also, users can make profiles of each member of the family separately and can also monitor their accounts. xFi Complete changes your internet connection game and upgrades it. Using it will be beneficial for you. Different plans are available with network speed; choose anyone of them according to your need and usage.

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