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Openreach Limited runs the UK’s digital network. Openreach is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BT group. The company looks after the fibre cables and copper wires that connect businesses and homes to phones and broadband. Openreach works on behalf of companies that provide phone or broadband services and has 650 plus communications providers as their customers.   The company offers two types of BT Leased Line products that include BTnet and BTnet express. BTnet express provides a speed of 30Mbps and is suitable for 1-20 users. While BTnet offers 100Mbps speed and is ideal for 100 users.   Openreach has a mission to build the best possible network and provide the highest quality of service so that everyone in the UK can be connected. helps you to make comparisons of Openreach leased line costs so that you can choose the right deal for your business.

Why Choose Openreach?

Openreach Advantages

Massive Capacity

No matter whatever the requirements of your business for internet speed and quality, Openreach can easily fulfil your demands.


You can update the speed of your internet connection whenever required to keep up with the demands of your business.

Highly Secure

You can protect your business from cyber threats by adding security packages Of BTnet.

Internet Usage Tracking

By using Openreach's web portal, you can quickly check out how your business is using your leased line.

Efficient performance

As you are not sharing your leased line connection with anyone and having a dedicated Openreach leased line, you will receive a fast speed and low latency network.

Got questions?


In most cases, consumers and businesses have to buy services from direct communication providers. However, there are some instances when Openreach work, such as consumers may ask to work on their own wiring after network termination point, and the company will bill them for the work.
Openreach is basically an independent division of BT group, and it runs the UK's phone line based broadband. Openreach takes care and responsible for copper wires and fibre cables that connect businesses and homes to local exchanges.
Yes, Openreach is a wholly-owned subsidiary of British Telecommunications, but it is an independently governed company. Openreach trades on behalf of BT.
Openreach provides a chat facility. By clicking on the icon in the right bottom corner of the screen, you will see the 'others' option, and there you can 'contact agent' to start a chat.