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Definitive Guide to Selling Your iPhone 12 Pro Max in 2024

Guide to selling my phone

The fanciest product of the iPhone 12 series is the iPhone 12 Pro Max and it is awesome! You know it if you have used it. It’s invaluable! You’ve experienced the incredible smoothness of the iPhone throughout the year. But gadget fatigue is real; no matter how great the gadget is, the human mind gravitates to the latest toy in town. The thought, ‘I should sell my iPhone 12 Pro Max before I upgrade to another iPhone’ is instinctive. 

But the fundamental questions remain – the how, the why, and the where. Technically, there are so many places where you can sell your iPhone but paradoxically enough, there’s still a vacuum. There are only a handful of good sites where it’s possible to sell my mobile phone and realise good enough returns. Honestly, it can get difficult at times to find a proportionate cash offer for your iPhone. But not anymore. We will dispel these self-defeating notions and show you the right way to get the best deals for your iPhone.

Read on to know more about this beautiful gadget, its demand in the second-hand market, the potential of its sale, and how you and I can get valuable cash offers when I sell my iPhone.

iPhone Features that Sell

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is filled with enough features to get you the desired sale value you so desperately want. If I were to sell my mobile phone and hope for a good cash return, I’d remind buyers about these distinguishing features.

1. Camera

The main camera is a triple-set arrangement of 12 MP cameras. The triple cameras are meant for three different purposes – wide, telephoto, and ultrawide angles. The 2.5x optical zoom is an added benefit that provides a cinematic photo appearance. The 12 MP front selfie camera has a 23 mm aperture that produces a well-defined high-def photo.

2. Display

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has an uber-cool display. The Super Retina XDR OLED display makes the viewing experience a veritable delight. The front and back Corning-made glass gives a smooth touch to this fantastic phone. The stainless steel frame does the rest of the job in making the phone as sturdy as a Taurus.

3. A14 Bionic Chip

The 6-core chipset of iPhone  makes it a highly agile processor. It can easily handle 60 fps processing which is super useful to Vloggers and YouTubers. It still manages to stem the flow of battery juice despite the intense chip processing. 

4. Elegant Design

The iPhone is sophisticated. The design is immaculate, to say the least. The ceramic shield cover and the stainless steel frame give it a highly appealing and polished look. It’s available in graphite, silver, gold and Pacific blue colours. You can’t help but admire the colourful touch of the Pacific blue model.

5. 5G Experience

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is 5G-enabled and this feature alone enhances its value to a huge extent. It allows users to get incredible internet speeds in an astonishingly high-resolution phone. The combination of lightning-fast speed and comfortable user interface is a recurring theme of the phone.

Why the iPhone is a Hot-Selling Commodity?

Counterpoint Research suggests an interesting data point. Apple sold more than 100 million phones of the iPhone 12 series in just 7 months of the official launch! This feat was achieved 2 months before the iPhone 11 series.

The share of the iPhone stood at 29% in this sales figure. You would think a phone that stands at the highest price range in the series would have a lesser share. On the contrary, people preferred the Pro Max instead and they tossed all price consideration out of the window. Granted this data captures the initial euphoria of the phone’s release but the sales momentum of a premium phone like the iPhone 12 Pro Max never goes down. And So the idea to sell my iPhone 12 will never be out of place!

i. Popularity Factor 

If we take the sales of second-hand iPhones into account, Apple holds almost half the market share. It has captured a whopping 49% share and although more research needs to be carried out on individual iPhone sales, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a good sales share in this segment too. 

This inference can be drawn from the fact that this gadget took the second spot of the most iPhones sold in 2021. 

So there you go, you have the data to back up your iPhone sale. This means I can sell my mobile phone from a position of strength and get good value for money.

ii. Cost Factor

Let’s face it, the iPhone does not come cheap. The iPhone 12 Pro Max cost, on its launch, a whopping £1,099. An average Brit would have to work for around 72.5 hours in the current market to be able to pay for it, accounting for about 3% of the annual salary. 

The refurbished price is, obviously, much lower. So you have a good chunk of the population that would like to buy an iPhone, but is simply not able to dish out a significant percentage of their income for a gadget. 

iii. Vintage Value

The fast-moving world of technology is ensuring that models are becoming obsolete faster than ever. The iPhone 12 is no exception. Launched in October 2020, it was removed from Apple’s official website on September the next year, along with its Pro counterpart. In March 2022, Apple brought back refurbished versions of the iPhone 12 Pro, but the Max remains out of stock. 

Why is this important? Because it gives you a whole new market to tap into. Collectors of old technology will happily pay up for an iPhone that is simply no longer available in the market, especially one that has a good many years left on it. 

After all, with more than 8.4 million users in the UK alone, it’s obviously a huge market. 

Where Should I Sell my iPhone?

Now this is an important question to answer. Where indeed?! Well, to put it simply, the best place to sell my iPhone 12 Pro Max is where I’ll get the highest cash value. I could take up the sell my mobile phone directly to the manufacturer of the phone. I could also sell it through an online marketplace like eBay or Facebook. Or I could move out of the online world and sell it to a friend or acquaintance instead. All options are valid and viable. 

Each of these options has some cons associated with them. For instance, the idea of selling your phone back to the company sounds right, appealing even. But user experience says otherwise. Internet forums are filled with complaints about the poor cash value offered in Apple trade-in programs. Similarly, there are no enforceable contracts when you sell through an online marketplace like Facebook. There’s an element of uncertainty in terms of safe transactions when we get ourselves into word-of-mouth contracts.  

But there’s one place where I can sell my iPhone and get it all – good cash value, hassle-free transaction, and guaranteed data safety. It’s an online buyback service! 

Why a Buyback Service is Appealing to iPhone Sellers?

These online retailers play a vital role in the active circulation of smartphones and increase the shelf-life of gadgets. These services offer some of the most profitable deals to customers and there are no long-drawn negotiation processes. It’s an easy and uncomplicated way to declutter your shelf. You can sell any gadget on these platforms and get enough cash to make provisions for your next purchase. 

These services usually operate based on the phone’s condition. The better your phone’s condition, the more cash value you get. You get an early quote when you mention your phone’s brand and condition. Once the price is agreed upon, you just need to pack your phone in a box and ship it to the buyback service. The latter will cover your shipping charge. They verify your gadget after receiving it and release the payment immediately. A Trustpilot-assured buyback service is appealing to users. More and more people prefer this route to sell their gadgets over others.

Key Takeaway

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has sold many units despite being the priciest among the iPhone 12 series. It has consistently fared well in raking up Apple’s sales due to its tremendous features and extraordinary interface. It’s performing well even in the refurbished gadget market. Buyback services are offering the best cash returns for iPhones. So, there’s no better time to sell my iPhone than now.

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