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Best Leased Line Suppliers aims to provide a best leased line providers connectivity solution for your business at the best market rates. Nowadays every organization needs an internet connection to complete business operations.


Even a small amount of downtime can affect your business profitability and conductivity. That is why it is essential to make sure that your internet connection is right for your business.


A number of business broadbands and leased line providers are available in the market and it can be challenging to explore all the available options. It is critical to ensure the right balance between resilience performance and price.


Regardless of your business size and number of employees, at you can find a leased line connection that suits all your business requirements. We provide you superior service in terms of reliability, speed, price, customer service and technical support.

Best Leased Line Providers

1- BT


BT or British Telecom is the largest leased line supplier in the UK that has been providing leased line services at wholesale rates to other operators. It offers two products named BTnet Express and BTnet. Read More

2- Colt


Colt is providing high-quality and high bandwidth connectivity solutions to businesses in the UK. You can get a speed from 2Mbps to 450GBps with its Ethernet access. Read More

3- SSE Telecom


SSE Telecoms was formerly known as News Network. It provides high-performance leased line products with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 10Gbps and SLA comparable to BT. Read More

4- Talktalk


TalkTalk business can be an excellent alternative to BT. It offers several internet products for your business, such as EFM internet access, Ethernet access and EoFTTC Internet access. Read More

5- Virgin Media


Virgin Media is the second-largest fibre connection operator in the UK. It has been providing dedicated Fibre network connection to small, medium and large businesses for more than 2o years. Read More

6- Vodafone


The first alternative to BT leased lines was Cables & wires, which were divided into two arms, and Vodafone acquired its UK arm. It offers two leased line services, including Ethernet Access and dedicated internet access. Read More

We Work With UK’s Top Leased Line Providers

We offer leased line services and also work with the Uk’s top leased lines providers to offer our customers a flexible choice of services and products.


We have a wholesale agreement with all the leading leased line providers of the UK including BT wholesale, Cityfibre, Cisco, Colt, Openreach, SSE Telecoms, Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media Business, vodafone and Virtual1.


With you can select from a number of leased line products including Fibre Ethernet leased line, Ethernet First Mile, GEA/EoFTTC, point-to-point leased line, Fibre Flex Ethernet, and SD-WAN.

Let us do the hard work of finding the best leased line deal for you and focus on other aspects to run your business smoothly.

Connect with us to get our comparison services and we will bring you the best leased line deals from the leading providers without any hassle.

An Absolute Connectivity Solution For Your Business

Looking for an Ethernet First Mile product or a Fibre Flex solution for your business? No matter which type of leased line connection you need, promises to provide you with a leased line solution for your business without putting pressure on your pocket.


With our leased line services you will get a dedicated internet connection with exceptional speed and ultra low latency that will never slow down.


Whether you need a Fibre Ethernet Leased Line, point-to-point leased lines, you do not need to go anywhere else. We provide all the types of leased lines and you do not need to waste your time calling providers or searching on the internet.


If you find our service rates unsuitable for your business needs, we can connect you with the leading leased line provider to find a perfect solution.


We are confident to provide you a connection with uncontended bandwidth with an unbeatable Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Types Of Leased Line We Deal

There are four main ways through which you can get a leased line connection and offers you all four ways for getting a connection. These include Ethernet First Mile, Fibre Flex Leased Line, Fibre Ethernet leased line, and GEA/ EoFTTC.


Prices from
The lowest cost solution for a dedicated, secure connection. Up to 19Mbps speeds.
Our most cost-effective, dedicated line
High-availability, low-latency private circuits
Available using copper or fibre Ethernet
Up to 19Mbps upload/download speed
Robust SLAs
Highly secure

Fibre Flex
Leased Line

Prices from
A leased line product which guarantees min. 200Mb symmetrical speeds
1Gb burstable bandwidth available
200Mb minimum symmetrical speeds guaranteed
Built-in smart capabilities
Delivered using the GPON network
Robust SLAs
200Mb minimum symmetrical speeds guaranteed

Fibre Ethernet
Leased Line

Prices from
The very best connectivity solution for your business at the very best prices on the market
Our most cost-effective, dedicated line
Available using copper or fibre Ethernet
Up to 19Mbps upload/download speed
Robust SLAs
Highly secure

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