Make your leased line more efficient by using a high-quality Cisco router for internet leased line

Cisco’s Highly Managed Routers

We are a proud partner of Cisco, a leading name in the digital world and 85% of the internet traffic travels across their systems. Cisco configured leased line helps you increase your business’s productivity and stay at the top in this competitive digital world.   Cisco offers solutions for millions of customers, including small and medium businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, corporate organisations, utility companies and many more.    Our partnership with Cisco provides you with multiple products and helps you get the top quality and reliable Cisco’s leased line router.  

How Do Cisco Routers Work?

Routers help you to keep your network up and running. They connect different devices and computers and let them communicate with each other. When some data is sent over a network, the router analyses this data, changes how it is packaged and transfers it to other networks.


Routers are designed to connect businesses with the outside world. They help in transferring data and protect your critical business information from security threats and decide which device or computer will get priority over others. Cisco routers help you improve productivity and customer satisfaction and reduce costs with increased network security.

Types Of Cisco Routers?

Cisco offers different types of routers to fulfil the needs of different types of businesses.

1. Wired And Wireless Routers

Wired routers are typically used in homes and small offices. They create a wired local area network (LAN) and share data through cables. In contrast, wireless routers create wireless local area networks and transfer data through antennas.

2. Core Routers

These routers can be wired or wireless and transfer data packets within the network. You can not use them t0 transfer data between multiple networks. Such routers are designed to help your business in transferring heavy data and become the backbone of your internet connection. They are usually high performance and help your business keep running efficiently.

3. Virtual Routers

Virtual routers are different from physical routers because they are pieces of software which help servers and computers to act as routers. However, they transfer data packets just like physical routers. 


As a result, they offer more ease and flexibility compared to physical routers, and you can scale them with the growth of your business. With such routers, you can get remote offices up and start running them with your network in a short time.

4. Edge Routers

These can also be wireless or wired routers and transfer data packets between multiple networks but now within a network. As the name shows, these types of routers are placed at the edge of networks, and they connect to internet service providers or networks of any other organization. These are designed to help your network communicate with other networks smoothly.

Why Choose Cisco?

  • Highly secured products of top quality.


  • Thirty years of experience in the market. 


  • A worldwide leader in internet networking.

Benefits of Cisco

Here are a few of the main benefits of Cisco for your business

Smooth WAN operation

With the help of Cisco technology, you can provide all your users with a stable network connection.


Cisco's digital network architecture helps you to automate your network, and you can enhance the scalability of your business.

Efficient Performance

When you use networking solutions provided by Cisco you can solve the connectivity issues quickly and increase the productivity of your business.


With Cisco networking solution, introduce yourself into the world of IoT to increase the security level and productivity of your business.


You can identify or pinpoint the threats quickly throughout your networking system. Moreover, With the help of Cisco networking solutions, you can control who can connect to your network connection.

How Do Routers Differ From Modem?

A modem is a device that connects your business with the internet through an internet service provider (ISP). On the other hand, connect multiple devices in a network, including a modem. 


By definition, routing means transferring data packets with an internet protocol (IP) address from one network to another. When you have a router in place, you can transfer a modem or any other device that is able to send data from one location to another.

Why Is Cisco Important?

Cisco is one of the most popular names in networking. Most of the well-reputed and large organizations in the UK use Cisco’s devices. These routers help businesses in several ways:



  • Routers help you give your employees access to cloud-based and other business applications, especially those working remotely, improving productivity.       
  • With routers in place, your business can improve the customer experience by quickly responding to customers’ questions and enabling easier access to customers’ information. 
  • If you are a small business, you can reduce your operating cost by using cisco routers. A network built with routers has the capability to grow with your business, so there is no need to rebuild the network or purchase new devices with the growth of the business.         
  • Cisco routers provide you with a secure network and help you protect your business data from external attacks.   
  • Businesses that have virtual teams can securely share company information at any time of the day.