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Openreach Limited runs the UK’s digital network. Openreach is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BT group. The company looks after the fibre cables and copper wires that connect businesses and homes to phones and broadband. Openreach works on behalf of companies that provide phone or broadband services and has 650 plus communications providers as their customers.


The company offers two types of BT Leased Line products that include BTnet and BTnet express. BTnet express provides a speed of 30Mbps and is suitable for 1-20 users. While BTnet offers 100Mbps speed and is ideal for 100 users.


Openreach has a mission to build the best possible network and provide the highest quality of service so that everyone in the UK can be connected. helps you to make comparisons of Openreach leased line costs so that you can choose the right deal for your business.

How Openreach Helps You Find the Right Connection?

Openreach can help you in finding which connectivity solution is available at your location. It offers high-quality services with the latest technology and provides an ultra-fast full-fibre connection. It cuts out the cabinet and directly provides a fast broadband connection to your door. In addition, it offers three different ways through which you can connect to Openreach broadband connection.

Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC)

When you get a fibre package from your internet service provider, you are most likely to have an FTTC connection. In such a connection, fibre optic cables deliver internet to the cabinet from where a copper cable runs to your premises for providing internet connection. It increases your traditional broadband speed due to the use of fibre optic cables.

Fibre To The Premises (FTTP)

It is also known as full-fibre ultrafast broadband because it uses only fibre optic to deliver the connection to your premises. There is no contention or disturbance in signals like copper cables, and you can get a consistent speed all the time.

Copper Network or ADSL

This is a basic broadband connection which uses copper cables connected to the exchange. It is not suitable for you if you run a critical internet business.

Why Choose Openreach?

Openreach Advantages:

Massive Capacity

No matter whatever the requirements of your business for internet speed and quality, Openreach can easily fulfil your demands.


You can update the speed of your internet connection whenever required to keep up with the demands of your business.

Highly Secure

You can protect your business from cyber threats by adding security packages Of BTnet.

Internet Usage Tracking

By using Openreach's web portal, you can quickly check out how your business is using your leased line.

Efficient performance

As you are not sharing your leased line connection with anyone and having a dedicated Openreach leased line, you will receive a fast speed and low latency network.

How Much Time Does It Take To Upgrade Your Network To Fibre?

It depends on the civil engineering work required at your location because, for fibre connection, you need fibre optic infrastructure instead of traditional copper cables. Fibre broadband is now available in more than 96.5% of areas of the UK.


However, a full-fibre connection involves fibre running directly to homes and businesses. That is what requires a lot of civil engineering work, and in some areas, it isn’t easy to reach and can take a longer time to install.

Get Openreach Ultrafast Full Fibre :

When you get a full-fibre connection by Openreach, your business can bring many benefits, including:
No slowing down of speed, and you can always stay connected. It offers uncontended bandwidth with consistent speed. Ultimately you can improve your productivity and customer satisfaction.
A full-fibre network has five times fewer faults compared to the copper network. It means by having such a connection, you do not need to face long downtimes and complete your day to day tasks efficiently.
With Openreach's full-fibre connection, you can stay ahead of the competition and complete your tasks using any device.