BT Leased Line

We are working with BT leased line supplier to bring you the best deals.
We are proud of working with the UK’s largest supplier of leased lines. We bring you BTnet leased line solutions to provide you with the high Speed, and ultra-low latency internet. BT leased line solutions offer different packages, and you can select the one that meets your requirements. They are the best solution for your internet connectivity if you have a business with 10 to 100 employees. They have an extensive portfolio and provide several telephony products to the retail customers.

Advantages of BT leased line

Dedicated Connection

BT leased lines provides you with your own internet connection that you do not need to share with anyone. Thus, you will not have any issues with your internet speed or performance.


With a leased line, you will get a symmetric internet speed. With BT leased line you can upgrade your internet speed whenever required to meet the demands of your business.


A leased-line is a dedicated connection, so you can upload even huge files in seconds while with broadband it takes a long time.

Number Of

BT leased line allows multiple users to connect at the same time within your premises no matter what application they are using.


If there is any problem relating to BT leased line connection you just need to make a call, and their expert team is on your place to help you. 24/7 customer support available.

Furthermore, with a BT leased line, you can have low lag guarantee, high-quality services, and regular usage reports.

Got questions?


A leased-line is a dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange with a fixed bandwidth. At the same time, broadband is not a dedicated connection and it has variable bandwidth. A leased line connection provides fast speed for both downloads and uploads. On the other hand, a broadband connection offers faster speed for downloads than for uploads.
Many things make BTnet different, such as a connection that you do not need to share with anyone, guaranteed fast speed with unlimited usage, and 100% availability target SLA.
Your quote depends on the following factors.
  • Bandwidth required.
  • Distance of your premises from the BTnet exchange.
  • Contract period.
  • The maximum bandwidth you need.
BTnet is ranked as the UK's number one internet service by Netcraft. It is a perfect connection for your business because of its outstanding reliability, ultra-fast speed and huge capacity. Moreover, you can get a more controlled and secured internet connection.