BT Leased Line

We are working with BT leased line supplier to bring you the best deals.

We are proud of working with the UK’s largest supplier of BT leased lines. We bring you BTnet leased line solutions to provide you with high Speed, and ultra-low latency internet. BT leased line solutions offer different packages, and you can select the one that meets your requirements.


They are the best solution for your internet connectivity if you have a business with 10 to 100 employees. They have an extensive portfolio and provide several telephony products to retail customers.


We can help you compare the BT leased line costs by providing a comparison of the latest packages. They have an extensive portfolio and provide several telephony products to retail customers.

BT Leased Line Explained

BT leased line is one of the best telecom service providers in the UK; that is why we have it on our providers’ list. Every business needs a fast and reliable bandwidth, and BT helps you to get your required bandwidth every time. BT offers two different types of leased line services; one is for small businesses and the other for large businesses.

1. BT Net Express

It is a connection with a bandwidth of 30mbps, and it can be perfect for you if you have 20 or fewer network users. The pricing of this connection starts from £195 per month.

2. BT Net

This type of BT leased line service comes with a bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps, and it can facilitate up to 200 network users. Another benefit that you can get with this network is its scalability. Its pricing darts from £300 per month.

How Does BTnet Work with Cloud Applications?

BTnet service is optimized to work best with the cloud-based application, including all the coon providers such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Google. It comes with ultra-low latency, which prevents the lag in these applications, and it includes a guarantee of less than 20ms latency in its Service Level Agreement (SLA).


Furthermore, BT takes all the measures to provide the best network quality, and it also uses direct private peering for many cloud applications, which means the traffic does not need to pass through the public internet, and you can get a fast and reliable connection for the consistent performance of your cloud applications.

How Are BT Leased Line Costs Calculated?

If you want to know the cost of your BT internet connection or want to get a quote, you have to provide some necessary information such as your postcode and site address and for which purpose you are going to use this connection. 

The cost of connection is calculated on the basis of this information, and you can also connect with an expert Btnet team to get more information.

Advantages of BT Leased Line

Here are a few of the main benefits of BT leased line for your business:

Dedicated Connection

BT leased lines provides you with your own internet connection that you do not need to share with anyone. Thus, you will not have any issues with your internet speed or performance.


With a leased line, you will get a symmetric internet speed. With BT leased line you can upgrade your internet speed whenever required to meet the demands of your business.


A leased-line is a dedicated connection, so you can upload even huge files in seconds while with broadband it takes a long time.

Number Of

BT leased line allows multiple users to connect at the same time within your premises no matter what application they are using.


If there is any problem relating to BT leased line connection you just need to make a call, and their expert team is in your place to help you. 24/7 customer support available.


Furthermore, with a BT leased line, you can have a low lag guarantee, high-quality services, and regular usage reports.

How Your Business Gets Benefits From BT Leased Line?

Improve Productivity

With BT leased line, you will get a fast, reliable and consistent bandwidth. With such a connection, your employees can work all the time without any slowing down in connection. 


Ultimately your business becomes more productive and agile, and you will get expansion flexibility and a chance for significant low-cost future-proofing. This way, you can increase customer satisfaction and build a positive reputation in the market.

Increased Security

You can increase your network security when you have Btnet as your internet connectivity solution. You can share your critical company information without any fear of security breaches. 


BT has the highest IT security certification to ensure that its customers have a secured network, and they do not need to worry about security when using any of the BT services.

Peace Of Mind

Over time cloud-based and other business applications are becoming more significant. These applications are data and bandwidth-hungry, so your leased line connection must be able to handle this. 


BT leased line offers you a fixed and consistent bandwidth with ultra-fast speed and low latency, and you can keep your business up and running all day and every time.

Why Purchase BT Leased Line From

By seeing the benefits of the BT leased line, you will surely want to get such a connection to improve your production and customer satisfaction. But it is more expensive when you buy a BT connection directly from BT retail. 


There are dozens of providers who have a wholesaler relationship with BT. We are also a BT wholesaler, and you can get the same product from us but at a lower price. With, you can get a discount of up to 40% and can save your money.