Reduce your connectivity ost via SD-WAN

What is SD-WAN

SD-WAN is an acronym for software-defined wide area network that is a smart technique being used by businesses to control all its network connection. With SD-WAN you can manage your network remotely from anywhere.


It offers a centralised control so it is perfect for businesses which have multiple locations. In this way such a business does not need to implement changes separately at each site. By using a single dashboard you can make changes to all your sites.


It will not only help your business to improve collaboration but also save you time and money. You can manage all your location no matter in which part of the world you are.


SD-WAN is a current generation in MPLS and has an ability to connect with already available networks including ADSL, Ethernet, WAN and 4G.



Traditional WAN needs a separate installation while SD-WAN works by utilising the pre existing network architecture. Compared to traditional WAN features, the SD-WAN provides a speed that is hundred times faster and it is three times cost saving.
Yes, a leased line provides significant savings for businesses of all sizes. As it increases your business performance and reliability. It enables you to be more online through cloud services or video conferencing, engage more customers and earn more revenue.
It is because a leased line provides you with more benefits than a traditional broadband. A leased-line is a dedicated and enterprise-grade solution that is delivered through Ethernet fibre. In contrast, broadband is a shared connection that is provided by using copper wires. With a leased line, you will get a reliable and high-speed internet connection, while with broadband, you receive a connection of low standards.