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As a UK’s third national digital platform, CityFibre has an aim to transform the digital infrastructure of the UK. They are building full-fibre networks in UK’s towns and cities to make a gigabit age that is available for everyone. The company has a plan to reach up to eight million businesses and homes throughout the UK via their full-fibre infrastructure. CityFiber is continuously expanding to provide all the UK’s businesses with a more reliable and faster network service. CityFibre leased line UK provides FTTP, internet, Ethernet, and dark fibre. These are currently available in more than 60 cities and towns.

Why Choose CityFibre ?

Cityfibre Advantages

Unique Choice

CityFibre is known as the original Full Fibre Champion of the UK. It is bringing a digital revolution that helps your business to flourish and beat the competitors.

Fast Speed

With the help of CityFibre leased line, and you can have an ultrafast speed of network that helps you in uploading or downloading large files within seconds.

Market Competitive Prices

They are providing you with the fresh routes of connectivity at competitive market rates.


CityFibre provides you with a reliable connection that has an efficient performance. You can avail a symmetrical speed of 200 Mbps, and it can be upgraded to 1Gbps when needed.

Continuous Monitoring

They make sure to provide you with the quality of service and provide 24/7monitoring to resolve any issue if it occurs.

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A full-fibre connection uses fibre optics cables to provide an ultra-fast speed internet connection and brings a significant improvement to your internet experience. It makes HD streaming easy no matter how many people are connected. Remote working will become reliable and faster with a full-fibre connection.
Many broadband services claim that they use full-fibre, but they only use a part fibre. They use copper wires to provide an internet connection, and you receive slow internet speed. With CityFibre, you will receive a fast and reliable broadband service capable of delivering Gigabit speeds.
CityFibre works with a wide range of the UK's top broadband service providers. You need to provide your interest in business-grade, gigabit full-fibre connectivity, and CityFibre will connect you to a service provider that meets your requirements.
If you have a home-based business and are in reach of the CityFibre network, you can connect via consumer broadband providers and can get a service up to 1000Mbps. Or you can register your interest on a business form, and we will put you in touch with one of our service provider partners.