It is the lowest cost solution for uncontended and a secure connection. It is providing a speed of up to 19Mbps.

GEA/EoFTTC Explained

The term GEA stands for Generic Ethernet Access, and EoFTTC is an acronym for Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet. Through this service, you will get a cost-effective connectivity solution.

EoFTTC is one of the most recent developments in data connectivity that uses fibre broadband connection to provide an Ethernet grade uncontended bandwidth. With a generic accessor Ethernet over fibre, you will receive a guaranteed reliable and symmetrical upload/download speed of up to 19 Mbps. Furthermore, it will provide you with unlimited data usage.

GEA/EoFTTC is a hybrid and high-velocity connection that gives a bandwidth and speed of Ethernet to your business. It means that you can upgrade your business connection from broadband to a business-grade connection without putting pressure on your budget.

It is an ideal option for startups and small businesses looking for instant connectivity as its installation time is usually not more than ten days. Equip your business with Generic Ethernet Access that provides you a low latency and high-speed solution.


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If your business operations require a high-speed connection 24/7, then a leased line is the best option to fulfil your requirements. As it is an uncontended service, so the speed is guaranteed, and the connection is always available whenever you need it.

Well, it depends on numerous factors such as the size of your business, number of employees, and the purpose for which your employees use the internet. Cloud services, Email, video conferencing, uploading or downloading files, web browsing and VoIP calls all these things affect bandwidth. There are four bandwidths:

Light use: For web browsing and basic Emails.


Moderate use: For music or video streaming, Voip, file downloading and cloud usage.


Strong use: For video conferencing and large file downloads.


Heavy use: For heavy use of internet applications and multiple devices.

Almost all service providers have an associated SLA. It is a service level agreement according to which a company will credit you for the hours you are down and resolve the issue as soon as possible.