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TalkTalk Business Leased Line Deals

TalkTalk Business is one of the UK’s fastest growing telecoms businesses, offering business-grade communication products such as internet access, data networking and voice.


The company was established in 1995 and named Opal Telecoms, providing fixed-line voice services to the corporate sector.


It became TalkTalk Business in 2011, providing leased line solutions to small, medium and large businesses. Businesses have options to choose a broadband option that meets their requirements.


TalkTalk Business provides reliable, innovative, easy-to-use, and great value solutions to their 180,000 plus businesses and 800 plus partners.


It provides an Ethernet solution that is designed to deliver an internet connection at ultra-high-speed. TalkTalk Business leased line should be considered by all businesses because of its quality and cost-effective options.

Why Choose TalkTalk Business?

TalkTalk has twenty years of experience supporting businesses of all sizes, offering a wide range of scalable and flexible connectivity solutions. 

It offers flexibility to meet your current business needs and also helps you foresight your future connectivity requirement. 

With TalkTalk business, you can get high quality and stress-free service at the best possible rate.

Highly Reliable

It provides a network that is 99.95% reliable so that you can stay connected all the time. Internet connection matters a lot for your business, and TalkTalk business maintains its own tier 1 network to infrastructure and scale to provide a connectivity solution you can rely on.

Brings Innovation

TalkTalk Business not only offers a connection that is flexible and scalable but also helps you keep pace with the latest technology. 


It regularly upgrades all the products to be at the forefront of innovation and helps you decide on the right products and time to adapt to changes in a way you connect. 


So it brings innovation to support your business and help you grow in the best possible way.

Cost-Effective Solution

Besides providing fair deals, it is also popular for driving down costs and helping customers save money. For example, with dedicated internet line services, it offers free calling and unlimited data. 


As a result, you can get good value business internet packages so that you can invest your money where it matters the most for your business.

Easy To Deal With

It has a UK-based team of expert professionals, so you will find help whenever you need it. As they have specialists, 90% of the issues they receive are solved on calls in a single conversation. 


It saves your time and protects you from the frustration you may have to face with other providers.

Did You Know?

Whether you need a simple basic package or managed solution, TalkTalk Business provides a hassle-free process from joining to start using their connectivity solution.

TalkTalk Leased Line Benefits

Here are the main benefits of TalkTalk business leased line for your business:

Perfectly Reliable

When you opt for a TalkTalk leased line solution, you will benefit from the consistent reliability of their network.

Low Latency

TalkTalk Business guarantees to provide leased line connection with low latency, which helps you avoid frustrating delays in uploading or downloading.

Vast Coverage

Their high-quality network covers 95% of the UK, so no matter wherever your business is in the UK, you can avail the services and benefit from high performing connection.

Fully Dedicated Connection

You can get a fully uncontended leased line connection from TalkTalk Business that provides you consistently fast speed.


TalkTalk Business has a highly professional and knowledgeable customer support team ready to help you whenever you need and solve all the queries within the shortest possible time.

Is TalkTalk Business Best Internet Solutions?

It comes with powerful, easy to use, and cost-effective business broadband and internet solutions.

1. Business Broadband

It is a simple and high-quality business broadband solution. You have options to choose between pay as you call or a connection with unlimited business broadband and UK landline or mobile calls. 


It darts from £17.95 per month and £23.95 per month respectively.

2. Business Fibre

It is a superfast fibre business broadband connection with a speed up to 76Mbps. It comes with a 24-month contract.

3. Homeworker Fibre

You can get Homeworker fibre service from TalkTalk Business if you have remote teams. It is directly delivered to the homes of your workforce and provides all the benefits that a business needs.

4. Ultrafast Business Fibre

It is a super reliable connectivity solution with speeds up to 900Mbps. It offers several benefits such as crystal clear video calls, fixed bandwidth and improved productivity. 

Did You Know?

TalkTalk Business helps you to save £359 on an ultrafast business Full Fibre connection. In addition, their leased lines and other Ethernet services come with a fixed time of only 4-5 hours which means all the issues are resolved in a short time.

Why Choose TalkTalk Leased line from is working with the best Uk leased line providers to bring the best services to its customers. We have an aim to revolutionise UK businesses by providing high-performance connectivity solutions. Get TalkTalk leased line from to enjoy the following benefits: 


High-Quality Service: We promise to provide you with a high-quality connection and proactively monitor your connection so that if there is an issue, it will be fixed in a timely manner.


Resilience: We combine circuits from different leased line providers to offer our customers high levels of uptime. If there is an issue in your circuit, your connection automatically shifts to a backup connection. 

24/7 Support: We are always when you need any help. We have a UK-based support team that is always available to help and keep things running smoothly.