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TalkTalk Business is one of the UK’s fastest-growing telecoms business, offering business-grade communication products such as internet access, data networking and voice. The company was established in 1995 and named Opal Telecoms, providing fixed-line voice services to the corporate sector. It became TalkTalk Business in 2011, providing leased line solutions to small, medium and large businesses. Businesses have options to choose a broadband option that meets their requirements. TalkTalk Business provides reliable, innovative, easy to use and great value solutions to their 180,000 plus businesses and 800 plus partners. It provides an Ethernet solution that is designed to deliver an internet connection with ultra-high-speed. TalkTalk Business leased line should be considered by all businesses because of its quality and cost-effective options.

Why Choose TalkTalk?

Talktalk Business Advantages

Perfectly Reliable

When you opt for a TalkTalk leased line solution, you will benefit from the consistent reliability of their network.

Low Latency

TalkTalk Business guarantees to provide leased line connection with low latency, which helps you avoid frustrating delays in uploading or downloading.

Vast Coverage

Their high-quality network covers 95% of the UK, so no matter wherever your business is in the UK, you can avail the services and benefit from high performing connection.

Fully Dedicated Connection

You can get a fully uncontended leased line connection from TalkTalk Business that provides you consistently fast speed.


TalkTalk Business has a highly professional and knowledgeable customer support team ready to help you whenever you need and solve all the queries within the shortest possible time.

Got questions?


TalkTalk Business is a business broadband, mobile phone, telephone and IT support provider in the UK. It provides a dedicated leased line connection to your business so you can enjoy ultra high-speed internet and perform all your essential tasks without frustrating long delays.
If you have a router that is not from TalkTalk Business, you have to enter the router settings manually while setting up your router. The settings vary from router to router, and to find out how you can enter the settings of your router; you need to visit the manufacturer’s online support pages.
Yes, TalkTalk Business allows you to upgrade your product whenever you need it. It offers you different packages so you can choose a service that is best for your business. It may be possible that your business is growing and you need changes with it. Whatever your need is, an upgrade option is always available for you.
Yes, you can easily pay your bill online. On the TalkTalk Business website, you will see a bills button, and by clicking it, there appears “make a payment option.” you have to log in and provide your card details to pay the bill.