Point To Point Leased Line

Are you in search of a secure fast internet connection to connect multiple locations.

Point To Point Leased Line Explained

A point to point leased line is a private circuit that enables you to connect multiple sites over a dedicated and secure line. This connection is not much different from fibre broadband connections and installed through a fibre optic cable that connects two sites. This type of leased line is perfect for businesses that need a dedicated connectivity between their head office and branch offices present at different locations.


With the help of a point to point ethernet connections between two sites it is easy for you to ensure both the security and reliability of their network connections. When you need a connectivity solution with utmost quality a point to point leased line is a best option. For instance when you need a 24/7 high speed internet to make calls over VoIP systems. Furthermore, when your business uses VoIP telephone system over a point to point connection you can save money on site to site calls.


You can get a symmetrical speed of up to 10 Gbps. It is a well managed and secure connection that has the ability to handle cloud based applications and a huge number of users.


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Many businesses have offices at multiple locations and are looking for an internet connection that can connect them to multiple sites. A point to point ethernet connection makes a corporate WAN, through which your employees can share information in a reliable and secure manner.
If it is critical for your business to have a high quality internet connection 24/7 then a leased line connection is the best option to continue your business processes. As it is an uncontended connection it will provide you an ultra fast speed.
It is not possible to directly take over a leased line from another supplier because of issues of service continuity. The fibre is inside the ground and to ensure that a leased line is able to provide its SLAs it is necessary to install a new connection.
Most leased line providers offer robust SLAs that include 99.99 to 100% uptime fix to major service outage within the shortest possible time.