Fibre Ethernet Leased Line

The best connectivity Solution for your business at a competitive price in the market.

What Is Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

Fibre Ethernet leased line is a current generation of leased line technology offering unparalleled levels of security and reliability. It is one of the best and ultimate leased line connectivity solutions providing the ultra fast speed that no other connectivity product can match. It is a perfect option for businesses who need a dedicated connectivity solution that is a level above broadband. The best thing about Fibre Ethernet is that it is available to businesses in almost every location. Heavy data applications such as VoIP phone systems and large file transfer work with ease over Fibre Ethernet. With an ultra fast speed up to 10 GB and low latency you can make sure that all the processes of your business can be handled with ease without any loss in connectivity. Thus Full Fibre Ethernet leased line can play an important role in the continuity of your business. You can take complete control of your
business connectivity
without putting a pressure on your budget.

How Does fibre Ethernet Leased Line Work?

Fibre Ethernet leased line works using the same technology as fibre broadband, including sending light signals through fibre optic cables. However, the difference is that a leased line is a dedicated connection for a business, and you do not need to share it with any other business. It uses light signals to send data from one place to another. The data travels over a fibre optic cable from the internet service provider to your nearest local exchange and then to your premises. It has an ultra-fast speed because the fibre ethernet connection has no contention.

Why Choose Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

When it comes to choosing a leased line connection, there are several factors in businesses that play a part in deciding whether you should switch from a traditional broadband connection or not.

Use Of Cloud Applications

The reliance of businesses on cloud-based applications such as Office 365, Dropbox and others are growing continuously. These applications allow you to access data and do your job without any hassle. You will need a high-quality connectivity solution to use these applications and access data. Fibre ethernet leased line provides you with a highly reliable connection and ensures that you remain connected all the time.

Hosted/VoIP Telephony

More and more businesses are switching to hosted telephony all across the UK. It offers several benefits when it comes to making and receiving calls. For example, the speed of a traditional broadband connection can impact the performance of a hosted phone system or VoIP telephony. The leased line comes with a symmetrical speed that gives you peace of mind and improves the performance of hosted services and VoIP telephony.

High Volume Data Transfer

If you run a business that is internet critical and has to transfer large data files, you will need a high-quality internet connection. You will need a connectivity solution that has ultra-fast and symmetrical speed. Broadband connections may have a fast download speed, but they offer a slow upload speed, and it can take hours to transfer large data files. With a leased line connection, get the symmetrical speed and transfer large data files.


If your business highly relies on the internet, a fibre Ethernet leased line is worth considering. It helps you keep your business online and running even in the worst situations. It is because leased lines come with robust Service Level Agreements, which ensure a minimum uptime and guaranteed fix time so that you will stay connected as much as possible.

UnParalleled Benefits Of Fibre Ethernet Leased Line :


It provides a dedicated end-to-end fibre connection that is solely for your business use. So now, you do not need to worry about slow speed even at peak usage hours.


You can get a symmetrical upload and download speed up to 10 Gb. It can be a perfect connectivity solution if you have to transfer large data files regularly to your customers or team members.


It offers flexibility in terms of speed and bandwidth, so you will pay only what you need. In addition, you can choose your required bandwidth and upgrade speed with the growing needs of your business.

How Fibre Ethernet Leased Line Is Better Than Fibre Broadband?

Fibre Ethernet leased line uses fibre optic caves to transfer data, while fibre broadband uses copper cables from the service provider to nearby cabinets from where data travels through fibre optic cable.

These copper wires can cause a slow down in the speed of internet connection. Leased lines provide the same upload and download speed while the upload speed of broadband is slower than the upload speed.

Fibre broadband takes less time to install as compared to dedicated fibre internet lines. Moreover, a leased line is costly as compared to a broadband connection.

What is The Installation Time For Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

Fibre Ethernet leased line has a long lead time, and it usually depends on the on-site survey and how much engineering work is required. It can take up to 90 days, and it can also vary according to the location of your business premises. We have a team of experts that keep you updated at each step of the installation process and provide you with the best customer support service.

What Is The Cost Of Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

The cost of fibre Ethernet leased line is higher than the broadband and traditional connectivity solutions. But the benefits that your business will get are enough to prove it is worth spending money. The cost of connection depends on several factors such as your location, required speed, bandwidth and number of users you have in your workplace. So contact us and tell us your requirement, and we will provide you with a fibre Ethernet connection at competitive pricing along with 24/7 technical support.