Ethernet First Mile

A dedicated and fast speed connection where Full Fibre Ethernet is not an option. It is providing A speed up to 35Mbps.

What Is Ethernet First Mile?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a low cost leased line technology with substantial cost savings over traditional fibre leased line over conventional fibre leased lines. It provides a faster and synchronous speed than other services that are delivered across copper. It is an alternative in the areas where Fibre ethernet is not available or too costly to install. EFM network uses a number of copper wires pairs to connect your business premises to a single resilient connection. If one pair fails, the network connection continues to operate but at a slower speed, making it fault-tolerant. Through this service, your business will be able to receive an uncontended connection with low latency, committed bandwidth and symmetrical download and upload speed. EFM is available to almost 80% of businesses in the UK. It is the best option to keep your cost down while having an ultra high speed of up to 35Mbps.

Why Choose EFM For Your Business?

Ethernet First Mile is a perfect option for businesses who use cloud-based applications such as VoIP Phone System or real-time applications such as video conferencing. You can take full advantage of these applications by using EFM.


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A leased line provides you with a dedicated internet connection that easily interconnects two or more sites. It is a service that makes sure continuous data will flow from one point to another at an ultra high speed for a fixed rate per month.

Typically, Leased lines provide a speed from 1Mbps to 10 Gbps. You can avail of a service speed according to the requirements of your business. However, the speeds of 10Mbps and 100 Mbps are becoming common.

All the leased lines packages generally offer symmetrical bandwidth. This term means your business will receive exactly the same upload and download speeds. It is beneficial as you can upload and download files at the same time without experiencing any break in connection.
A leased-line is a point to point service that is why it is inherently secure. Once you make a decision to use a leased line, there is no need to take additional measures to protect the confidentiality of data transmission.