Ethernet First Mile

A dedicated and fast speed connection where Full Fibre Ethernet is not an option. It is providing A speed up to 35Mbps.

What Is Ethernet First Mile?

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is a low cost leased line technology with substantial cost savings over traditional fibre leased line over conventional fibre leased lines. It provides a faster and synchronous speed than other services that are delivered across copper. It is an alternative in the areas where Fibre ethernet is not available or too costly to install. EFM network uses a number of copper wires pairs to connect your business premises to a single resilient connection. If one pair fails, the network connection continues to operate but at a slower speed, making it fault-tolerant. Through this service, your business will be able to receive an uncontended connection with low latency, committed bandwidth and symmetrical download and upload speed. EFM is available to almost 80% of businesses in the UK. It is the best option to keep your cost down while having an ultra high speed of up to 35Mbps.

How Does Ethernet First Mile Work?

EFM is an affordable way to get a dedicated internet connection and provide your business with an identical upload and download speed. This connectivity solution works by bonding multiple copper wires together and then sending signals through voice-grade electrical cables. The longer the distance between the customer’s premises and the local telephone exchange, the more electrical signals degrade, which results in slowing down the speed. Network providers use multiple pairs of copper wires to compensate for this slowing down of speed due to distance.
Specific hardware is used at each end of the connection to let the magic of bonding work. The bonding pairs can vary from provider to provider. Some lenders offer two bonded pairs, while others offer up to eight. The data travels to and fro from the internet service provider’s building through the telephone exchange. It effectively provides you with a service equivalent to fibre ethernet service.

Why Choose EFM For Your Business?

Ethernet First Mile is a perfect option for businesses that use cloud-based applications such as VoIP Phone systems or real-time applications such as video conferencing. You can take full advantage of these applications by using EFM. Here are some reasons why you should choose EFM for your business:

Dedicated Connection

Ethernet First Mile provides you with a connection with no contention. It means that you will get a
dedicated connection not shared with any other local business. Now do not worry about inconsistent speed and interrupted connections, and get a consistent speed with EFM to keep your business running all the time.

Highly Resilient

This internet connection comes with guaranteed 99.95% uptime that helps you increase your business’ resilience. EFM uses multiple copper wires, which means if a component line fails, others will continue to work and deliver an internet connection so that you can continue working without any hassle.

Growing Team

With a symmetrical speed of up to 20Mbs, you can get a connection that is enough to meet the needs of small and medium businesses. In addition, it will support all the cloud-based applications, including VoIP systems and hosted services.

Real-time Processing

As Ethernet First Mile offers a symmetrical connection that is ideal for businesses that need to share large files with clients or team members. It also has low latency, which means EFM is excellent for real-time processes such as instant messages or video calling.

What Benefits Does EFM Bring For Your Business?

EFM brings numerous benefits to your business, some of which are:


EFM gives you a dedicated connection and fixed bandwidth at an affordable rate compared to the
fibre ethernet connection. It is a suitable connection if you’re looking for a better connectivity solution than broadband but is a cost lower than a fibre leased line. It is a reliable connection with fast internet speed at a reasonable rate.

High Speed

Ethernet First Mile delivers a consistently high speed and a symmetrical connection. It means you will have the same upload and download speed. You do not need to wait for hours to upload large files because you will have a seamless connection to upload and download files within minutes.

Low Latency

EFM has a low latency compared to a traditional broadband connection. Latency is used to describe the delay in data being sent and being received. The shorter this delay, the better the connection will be. It will help you improve remote working capabilities with better video calling, instant messaging and VoIp phone system use.


Reliability is one of the essential factors when it comes to business connectivity. EFM comes with a robust
Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees 99.99% uptime and minimum fix time. So, if EFM is available in your area, do not settle for less. Get it for your business, and always stay connected.

Is EFM Same As Leased Line?

Ethernet First Mile is different from the leased line connection and knowing the difference is essential to selecting the best one for your business. EFM uses copper wires, while the leased line consists of fibre optic cables. Although both are dedicated connections, the speed and fix the time of the leased line are better than EFM. However, EFM is easily available, and it covers most parts of the UK. If a speed up to 20 MBs is enough for your business, then EFM is the best affordable option.

What is the Delivery Time Of EFM?

Ethernet First Mile takes less time in installation as compared to fibre leased line connection. It usually takes 45 days to install, which is faster than other dedicated internet connections. Fibre Ethernet connection takes more lead time because it requires fibre cables infrastructure. In contrast, EFM needs copper wires that are already in place, and you do not need to wait for a long time to get your connection and run your business.

What Is the Cost Of Ethernet First Mile Service?

The cost of EFM service depends on the number of copper wire pairs required by a customer to achieve the required speed. offers competitive pricing for EFM service. Contact us and tell us your requirements to get the best connectivity solution.