Explore Vodafone leased line deals and ensure to get the best possible deal

Vodafone is a British multinational telecommunication company. Its headquarter is in London, operates networks in 25 countries and has partner networks in more than 50 countries. Vodafone made the first mobile phone call and sent the first SMS thirty years ago. Since that time, the company strives to lead the market.

Vodafone leased line provides dedicated internet Access with service speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps. It offers a vast range of connectivity solutions that include Ethernet wireline, dedicated Ethernet solutions and Ethernet VPN so that businesses can choose the service that suits their needs. 

Vodafone leased line is dedicated to providing high-quality services and affordable pricing plans to all its customers. If you need a perfect leased line solution for your business, you should consider Vodafone services.

Why Choose Vodafone?


Unlimited Access

There is no restriction on monthly usage or any extra charges on large files. It makes Vodafone ideal for hosting websites or managing emails.

An Uncontended Service

You will not share bandwidth with anyone else and receive 100% of the bandwidth for which you are paying.

Effective Global Networking

Vodafone’s Ethernet connection services operate on a revolutionary network from which you can benefit no matter wherever you are situated.

Take Control of your connection

With Vodafone, you can manage and prioritise your Ethernet traffic.

Scale Up When You Need

You can easily upgrade your Vodafone leased line plan whenever required.

Performance Reporting

You have access to specialist reports to understand how your online assets are performing.

Got questions?


It is the same as other leased lines. Vodafone provides your business a Dedicated internet access so that you never have to share your connection with anyone. It offers a reliable high speed internet connection to keep your business always online.
Dedicated lines offer reliable network connections to business critical services that need to be online 24/7. Be it hosting your own website, VoIP services, large file transfers or using the connection for online sales.

All the devices connected to your WiFi share the same signals. The more devices connected to your WiFi the slower the speed. Keep your password protected so that unknown devices will not connect to your WiFi.


Place your hub/router in the central location for the strongest WiFi signals.