Virgin Media Business Broadband

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Virgin Media Business Broadband has worked with businesses of all sizes for more than 20 years. It is helping businesses to meet customers expectations and stay on the top even in challenge market conditions. Virgin Media delivers internet data and telephone services to 50,000 UK businesses in various sectors. The company partners with the public sector and works with thousands of schools and local councils to improve connectivity and support learning.



Virgin Business Broadband offers four various leased line options that vary in speed and pricing. You can get a speed from 50 Mbps to 10Gbps. The company has an ultrafast and dedicated network that delivers the fastest widely available speeds to businesses and homes. The company is expanding its services to bring the Virgin Media Business broadband network to more businesses and homes around the UK and Ireland.

Why Choose Virgin Media Broadband?

There are several reasons for which you can choose Virgin Media as your business internet. First, it offers a huge variety of broadband products, including ultrafast fibre broadband. It is one of the leading national network providers, investing continuously in its infrastructure. Virgin Media Business builds and owns its own network nationwide. It has 20 years of experience and is dedicated to delivering the best for businesses.

Ultra-Fast Speed:

Virgin Media Business claims to offer the UK’s fastest broadband connection. The speed of their broadband connection can be up to 500 Mbps, and it is a great advantage because you can not get much internet speed from other providers unless you pay for a leased line connection. So if Virgin Fibre is available in your area, it is worth making it your internet connectivity solution.

Customised Plans:

Virgin Media allows its customers to customise packages so that they can get one that meets all their needs. With the standard packages, you can add extra bolt-on features to create a package exactly that is required.


Customisation is available at Voom fibre business broadband, including upload speeds, faster support, additional static IP and a shorter contract length. You can also customise your calling and VoIP packages by adding call recording, call waiting, and fax messaging.

Dedicated Support :

With Virgin Media’s internet connection, you will get a robust service level agreement because they understand the importance of continuity for your business. 


These agreements allow you to report any fault 24/7, and their support team will provide you with a resolution within 24to 48 hours after getting notified. In addition, you can get a solution to minor issues in their comprehensive FAQs guide.


It is easy and simple to know whether Virgin Business broadband service is present in your area or not. Go to the Virgin Media Business website, enter your postcode, and instantly get the information.

What Does Virgin Media Business Broadband offer?

It offers various broadband packages to choose from, and Vroom Fibre broadband has three different options. All of them have 350Mbps upload speed and have Hitron WiFi routers and dynamic or static IP addresses but vary in download speeds, fault fix time and other features.

Did You Know?

Virgin Media Business has a premium business broadband connection that is a Managed Internet Access package. It offers an upload and download speed up to 5Gbps and unlimited downloads and add-ons such as managed security and backup connections.

Virgin Business Broadband Advantages:

Uncontended Internet Access

Your Virgin leased line solution is dedicated to your business to make sure that you receive an internet speed as per your expectations.

Market Competitive Pricing

The leased line packages that are available at Virgin media offers the most competitive prices in the market.


Virgin Media Business offers you an array of leased line products so you can choose a package that suits your business perfectly.


With this virgin leased line internet connection, you have access to an online reporting tool through which you can monitor your leased line performance.


Virgin Media leased line provides symmetrical speeds for uploading and downloading to increase the productivity level of your business.

Upgrade If Necessary

If your business grows and you need some changes in your leased line connection, you can easily upgrade it.

What Are the Setup Charges Of Virgin Media Broadband?

If you are taking Virgin Media broadband services for the first time, you have to pay an activation fee at the time of writing, which is £35. In addition, Virgin Media also charges £99 for engineering callouts, and it depends on whether you have had their services at your premises in the past or not.

Whether you need to pay activation charges or not, it changes on a case-to-case basis. If you are unsure, the Virgin Media team will inform you if you have to pay something before confirmation of your order or not.

Did You Know?

Suppose you have Virgin Media before you can start setup with Quickstart self-install box. Simply, Virgin Media supplies you with the cables, kit and all the things you need, which means you do not need to pay setup costs, and the process is quick and simple.