Virgin Media Business

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Virgin Media Business has worked with businesses of all sizes for more than 20 years. It is helping businesses to meet customers expectations and stay on the top even in challenge market conditions. Virgin Media delivers internet data and telephone services to 50,000 UK businesses in various sectors. The company partners with the public sector and works with thousands of schools and local councils to improve connectivity and support learning.   Virgin Media offers four various leased line options that vary in speed and pricing. You can get a speed from 50 Mbps to 10Gbps. The company has an ultrafast and dedicated network that delivers the fastest widely available speeds to businesses and homes. The company is expanding its services to bring the Virgin Media Business broadband network to more businesses and homes around the UK and Ireland.

Why Choose Virgin Media?

Virgin Media Advantages

Uncontended Internet Access

Your Virgin leased line solution is dedicated to your business to make sure that you receive an internet speed as per your expectations.

Market Competitive Pricing

The leased line packages that are available at Virgin media offers the most competitive prices in the market.


Virgin Media Business offers you an array of leased line products so you can choose a package that suits your business perfectly.


With this virgin leased line internet connection, you have access to an online reporting tool through which you can monitor your leased line performance.


Virgin Media leased line provides symmetrical speeds for uploading and downloading to increase the productivity level of your business.

Upgrade If Necessary

If your business grows and you need some changes in your leased line connection, you can easily upgrade it.

Got questions?


If you want to test the speed of your service, follow the steps below:
  • By using the Ethernet cable supplied with your router, connect your computer to the Ethernet port. Disconnect other devices that are usually connected to the router and turn off WiFi.
  • Go to the approved speed test site of Virgin media business to test the speed that is
To add a feature or upgrade a service that you already have with us, fill a contact us form and select add services/My services, and we will get back to you with the best options.
Virgin Media Business offers you multiple options to pay the bill. You can pay bills by debit or credit card, by direct debit or by Check and BACS. Keep in mind that the company accepts all credit and debit cards apart from American Express.