Point To Point Leased Line

Are you in search of a secure fast internet connection to connect multiple locations.

Point To Point Leased Line Explained

A point to point leased line is a private circuit that enables you to connect multiple sites over a dedicated and secure line. This connection is not much different from fibre broadband connections and installed through a fibre optic cable that connects two sites. This type of leased line is perfect for businesses that need a dedicated connectivity between their head office and branch offices present at different locations. With the help of a point to point ethernet connections between two sites it is easy for you to ensure both the security and reliability of their network connections. When you need a connectivity solution with utmost quality a point to point leased line is a best option. For instance when you need a 24/7 high speed internet to make calls over VoIP systems. Furthermore, when your business uses VoIP telephone system over a point to point connection you can save money on site to site calls. You can get a symmetrical speed of up to 10 Gbps. It is a well managed and secure connection that has the ability to handle cloud based applications and a huge number of users.

How Does Point to Point Leased Line Work?

A point to point connection is delivered in the same way as business broadband, but one thing that makes it different is that it is delivered over fibre optic cables and does not use any copper cable. Instead, it is a dedicated connection that most often arrives at the user’s premises through a nearby street cabinet. Fibre optic cables run from exchange to cabinet from where more fibre optic cables deliver this connection to your premises. Most often, these fibre optic cables are present in underground ducts from the exchange to your premises, which is why it can take a long time to install.

Why Choose Point to Point Leased Line?


With a point to point leased line, we offer a wide range of speeds so that you can choose easily according to your business requirements. You can get a consistent bandwidth with a symmetrical speed ranging from 10Mbs to 10 Gbs.


Point to-point leased line brings resilience because you can have a backup connection along with your primary connection to continue your work even if one connection slows down.


The price you have to pay depends on several factors such as the location of your premises, speed and bandwidth requirement. Therefore, it is better to contact our team members and to get a quote according to your needs.

Contract Length

We offer contract lengths of 1,3, and 5 years to provide flexibility to our customers. If you choose a contract for more than three years, you can get free installation. We offer different packages for point to point connections from which you can choose one according to your budget.

Data Cap

As it is a connectivity solution that is entirely uncontended, it does not have any data limit. Now you can transfer large files and upload or download as much data as you need without worrying about the additional charges.


With our cutting edge technology, we monitor your connection continuously to take timely actions in case of connection failure. This way, you can get 24/7 technical support and peace of mind.


If there is a worse situation when a point to point connection fails, we guarantee to provide a robust service level agreement and round the clock assistance. However, it usually takes 4 to 5 hours to fix the problem.

What benefits Point to Point Leased Lines Bring to Your Business?

Symmetrical Bandwidth

Traditional broadbands usually offer different upload and download speeds. Whereas we provide point to point leased line connection with symmetrical speeds, it means you can get a perfect upload and download speed to use business applications such as VoIP and other cloud applications.

Flexibility and Control

Point-to-point leased line offers a wide range of speeds from 10 Mbs to 10Gbs. You can get a connection with 10 Mbps, 100 Mbs, 1Gb or 100Gb, whatever suits your business needs. It means you can control the cost of your connectivity solution according to your budget.

Ultra-low latency

As it offers completely uncontended connections, there are no delays when you are communicating or transferring files through this connection. You can get real-time access to any rapidly changing data that your business may have.

Increased Security

A point to point connection is also known as a private connection because you are not sharing it with any other business. There is no public traffic passing through your internet line, and you can securely transfer critical company information.

Fast Data transfer

You can transfer large files even in a blink of an eye because point-to-point internet is delivered through fibre optic cables that transfer data with the speed of light.

Reliable Data Backup

With all the benefits we have discussed above, you can get a reliable and perfect connectivity solution for your business. It also helps you with fast data backup across multiple sites at the same time.

How Much Does Point to Point Leased Line Costs?

Unlike other Ethernet services, the cost of a point-to-point leased line does not depend on your location and relies on the availability of two locations, making pricing more complex. Usually, the cost depends on the distance between two locations, the speed you need and if there are any excess construction charges (ECCs). We promise you to provide a competitive price and a high-quality connection.