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As the UK’s third national digital platform, CityFibre aims to transform the UK’s digital infrastructure. They are building full-fibre networks in the UK’s towns and cities to make a gigabit age available for everyone.


The company aims to reach up to eight million businesses and homes all over the UK via their full-fibre infrastructure. CityFiber is continuously expanding to provide all the UK’s businesses with a more reliable and faster network service.


CityFibre leased line UK provides FTTP, internet, Ethernet, and dark fibre. These are currently available in more than 60 cities and towns.

CityFibre Explained

CityFibre is a relatively new network provider, but it has become the largest alternative provider of full-fibre. It can be the best option for our customers after BT leased line and virgin media. The company comes with an aim to transform the digital infrastructure of the UK, and it is already on its way to achieving this aim.


CityFibre is providing opportunities to businesses to get Gigabit speeds at an affordable rate. It has its network in more than sixty towns and cities in the UK and is expanding continuously.


CityFibre provides its wholesale services to other internet leased line providers like We are providing both CityFibre Ethernet, and CityFibre Leased line service to the businesses in the UK.

Why Choose CityFibre

The infrastructure of CityFibre is full-fibre and purpose-built. Moreover, its infrastructure is independent of the other network providers. These features of the CityFibre connection guarantee resilience and make it a more agile option compared to other providers. 

The CityFibre network is not only perfect for your future connectivity needs, but it also has the potential to support every business, school or home with an unlimited capacity. So regardless of the size and sector, you will need a reliable internet connection to complete your day-to-day operations. Some key features of CityFibre are as follows:

What Benefits You Can Get?

Here are a few of the main benefits of cityFibre leased line for your business

Unique Choice

CityFibre is known as the original Full Fibre Champion of the UK. It is bringing a digital revolution that helps your business to flourish and beat the competitors.

Fast Speed

With the help of CityFibre leased line, and you can have an ultrafast speed of network that helps you in uploading or downloading large files within seconds.

Market Competitive Prices

They are providing you with the fresh routes of connectivity at competitive market rates.


CityFibre provides you with a reliable connection that has an efficient performance. You can avail a symmetrical speed of 200 Mbps, and it can be upgraded to 1Gbps when needed.

Continuous Monitoring

They make sure to provide you with the quality of service and provide 24/7monitoring to resolve any issue if it occurs.

Reduce Your Overheads

Cityfibre leased line is the key to a more efficient and cost-effective business. This technology will not only improve communication within your company but also external interactions with clients or suppliers

How To Get A CityFibre Connection?

Some of the products are available directly from CityFibre, but you can get most of the products from official partners and resellers. We work with CityFibre, get their services at a wholesale rate and then act as a reseller to provide you CityFibre ethernet or leased line services at a competitive rate.


It means resellers or partners like are the best places to find CityFibre deals at the best rates. In addition, we offer customised packages that meet all the needs of your business.


We are known for our exceptional customer service, which means we ensure that all your needs are catered to in a professional and timely manner.

What is The Pricing Of CityFibre?

In the areas where CityFire service is available, it offers highly competitive pricing, especially for the Gigabit class services. In addition, we have a good relationship with CityFibre, due to which we are also able to offer you bespoke CityFibre prices.


Contact our support team to know more about CityFibre pricing. We are providing CityFibre leased line services for the public sector, education, and businesses of all sizes but not for the residential sector.