Fibre Ethernet Leased Line

The best connectivity Solution for your business at a competitive price in the market.

What Is Fibre Ethernet Leased Line?

Fibre Ethernet leased line is a current generation of leased line technology offering unparalleled levels of security and reliability. It is one of the best and ultimate leased line connectivity solutions providing the ultra fast speed that no other connectivity product can match. It is a perfect option for businesses who need a dedicated connectivity solution that is a level above broadband.

The best thing about Fibre Ethernet is that it is available to businesses in almost every location. Heavy data applications such as VoIP phone systems and large file transfer work with ease over Fibre Ethernet. With an ultra fast speed up to 10 GB and low latency you can make sure that all the processes of your business can be handled with ease without any loss in connectivity.

Thus Full Fibre Ethernet leased line can play an important role in the continuity of your business. You can take complete control of your business connectivity without putting a pressure on your budget.


Got questions?


Ethernet and leased lines are basically the same things. A dedicated business internet connection that uses an ethernet cable is known by many names such as dedicated internet access, leased line and ethernet.
There are different types of fibre connections. If you have fibre at your premises then it would be a shared broadband solution while a leased line is a dedicated connection. The service provider will conduct a site survey to check out whether the fibre you already have can be used for leased line connection or not.
The installment time of a leased line connection varies depending on several factors such as the package you opt for, location of your company and your business size. Typically it will take 70 to 90 days. It can increase if civil engineering work is required to install fibre into a building.

The answer depends on your business needs. By Analyzing your broadband requirements you can decide whether a leased line is right for you or not. A leased line is best and cost-effective for you only when your business is growing or you use some heavy application that needs a high level of internet connectivity.