Fibre Flex Leased Line

It is a leased line product that you would love because it offers a minimum 200Mbps speed with a burstable bandwidth of 1 GB.

What Is Fibre Flex Leased Line?

Fibre Flex leased line is becoming popular among businesses of all sizes. It provides consistent, reliable and fast connectivity for businesses that need a high quality internet solution. Other than reliability this product provides you a burstable capacity when you need it at no extra cost. It comes with a guaranteed symmetric speed of 200Mbps that can be upgraded to 1GB at time of high bandwidth demand. Business Fibre Flex leased line is now available in almost 29 cities of the UK. It uses Gigabit Passive Optical Networks(GPON). However, GPON is a shared network but it does not mean you will get a low quality. You will be sharing your network with a small number of users to make sure that your Fibre Flex Ethernet is always on and your bandwidth is always available. It means your business is equipped with a superfast connection 24/7.