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Colt is a network connectivity service provider that started its journey back in 1992 by Jim Hynes. Now, it is a leading multinational data service provider company and offers its services to small, medium and large businesses. They are also known as pioneers of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN).


The company is passionate about changing the way the world works with the power of connectivity. Colt telecoms provide its service to businesses to overcome the challenges of the digital world and enhance their productivity.


They offer different services that include optical network services, ethernet services, Dedicated internet, SD-WAN & IP VPN, voice services, cloud & data centre services, cybersecurity services and capital market solutions.


The cost of different leased line packages varies, but through our comparison service, you can find the best one for your business and budget.

Why Choose Colt Leased Line?

Colt leased line can be your one solution for internet and voice services as it provides customized services to meet all your business needs. It is a leading company in the bandwidth network and voice service market. It delivers Direct Fibre Connections to over 29,000 buildings. 


It has its own end to end fibre network to deliver connections from one building to another, which means they do not depend on any external partner for service quality and offer consistent service globally. It helps businesses to lead the way in innovation without any restriction.

1. Award-Winning Network

When it comes to the network quality of Colt leased line UK, you can see that it is an award-winning network due to its quality and consistency. With Colt, you can get multiple services at the same place and do not need to go to different providers.



Get a resilient connection and diversity to meet all your needs. As there are several options, you can choose one that meets your company’s budget. Colt ensures a consistent service level with the help of a robust service level agreement (SLA).

2. Technology Ecosystem

Digital transformations are changing the ways of managing information and data. It is a major challenge for network companies, and Colt is continuously generating new ways to put you in control. Working with well-known technology companies ensures that you will always get a reliable connection, no matter which service you choose. 


It connects you with more data centres in Asia and Europe than any other network provider. They are working continuously to find new ways to benefit from emerging technologies such as SD-WAN or 5G deployment. Over time their network reach and speed are expanding and growing in more metropolitan areas of the UK.

3. Reliable Customer Services

Colt is a well-reputed and customer-oriented company that not only invests in the network but also in the service and support to provide its customers with industry-leading customer service. It provides great agility to manage routing policies, telephone numbers and access bandwidth with an n demand customer portal. 


With comprehensive SLAs, Colt leased line UK guarantees the quality of its services and a minimum fix time in case of any issue. You can benefit from automated ordering and a fast delivery process to get a connection and keep running your business efficiently.

Benefits of Colt Leased Line

Here are a few of the main benefits of colt leased line for your business


Colt leased line provides you with a low latency network, zero frame loss and minimal lagging.


Being a financially sound company Colt leased line pricing is competitive and it provides its customers with the best experience.

Award-Winning Network

If you choose Colt for your leased line connection, you will get a service that won awards for its quality and consistency.


They provide you with a diversity of options, and you can choose one easily that meets your requirements.

Ultrafast Speed

Colt provides your business with a high level of speed that helps you enhance the scalability and beat the competition.

Customer Support

If you need any assistance customer support team at Colt technologies is always there to help you.

Colt Leased Line Pricing

Colt leased line offers two commercial models for pricing, and you can choose one that suits your budget. These two pricing models include a traditional model and an on-demand flex model. If you want to take advantage of the flexibility, then you should go for the flex model. 


It allows you to pay per hour, you can select 1 hour to 36 months commitment, and bandwidth can be increased to maximum port capacity or decreased to minimum port capacity according to your business needs. 


However, the traditional model is a fixed pricing model which comes with traditional installation costs and fixed monthly rent. You can choose a contract length from 12 to 36 months.


We work with Colt UK and provide you with competitive Colt pricing. You can upgrade your service in real-time whenever needed.