EoFTTC is the lowest cost solution for uncontended and a secure connection. It is providing a speed of up to 19Mbps.

GEA/EoFTTC Explained

The term GEA stands for Generic Ethernet Access, and EoFTTC is an acronym for Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet. Through this service, you will get a cost-effective connectivity solution.


EoFTTC is one of the most recent developments in data connectivity that uses fibre broadband connection to provide an Ethernet grade uncontended bandwidth. With a generic accessor Ethernet over fibre, you will receive a guaranteed reliable and symmetrical upload/download speed of up to 19 Mbps. Furthermore, it will provide you with unlimited data usage.


GEA/EoFTTC is a hybrid and high-velocity connection that gives a bandwidth and speed of Ethernet to your business. It means that you can upgrade your business connection from broadband to a business-grade connection without putting pressure on your budget.


It is an ideal option for startups and small businesses looking for instant connectivity as its installation time is usually not more than ten days. Equip your business with Generic Ethernet Access that provides you a low latency and high-speed solution.


The infrastructure used in Generic Ethernet is similar to Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC), and GEA is also known as Ethernet over FTTC (EoFTTC). It uses existing copper cables to provide an internet connection from the cabinet to your premises. 


A fibre optic cable carries the connection from the exchange, and after that point, Ethernet carries the traffic. It is different from FTTC because it uses a high-speed Ethernet network to provide a business-grade connectivity solution. 


If your business is internet critical and looking for a reliable connection, GEA can be a perfect option for you.

Why Choose GEA/EoFTTC?

Low-Cost Ethernet

If you find full-fibre Ethernet is not affordable for your business or not available in your area, GEA can be an excellent and low-cost alternative. You can get this connectivity solution at up to a 40% cheaper rate. Fibre Ethernet connection and save money.

Fixed Bandwidth

Choosing EoFTTC as your connectivity solution allows you to get a fixed and dedicated bandwidth. This connection is not shared with any other business so that you can get the benefit of consistent upload and download speed up to 20 Mbps. According to your business needs, the upload speed can boost up to 80 Mbps.

Work In The Cloud

Most businesses are now getting the benefits of cloud computing. However, cloud-based applications perform well only with a reliable internet connection. EoFTTC can provide a bandwidth that is enough to streamline your processes and collaborate with your team in a better way.

Technical Support

We provide a GEA/EoFTTC backed by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) which means a short fix time and premium technical support. It helps you always to stay connected and keep your business running.

Benefits Of EoFTTC For Business

1. Quality Performance

We provide you with a GEA connection by using the best quality routing equipment to keep you seamlessly connected. By using this connection, you can stay connected to locations anywhere in the world.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Ethernet over FTTC is a cost-effective solution to get a reliable internet connection compared to the fibre Ethernet connection. We work with leading internet providers in the UK to offer you competitive pricing and the best quality services.

3. Seamless Applications

EoFTTC is perfect for cloud-based and other business applications such as audio or video calling applications. These are applications being used by almost all businesses. GEA ensures to benefit in every area of your business.

4. Reliability

With our cutting edge IP technology, we monitor your connection 24/7 and ensure you will get the best quality service and stay connected always.

5. Fast To Install

It takes a short time in installation compared to fibre leased lines and typically takes 15 days. It makes EoFTTC the fastest installed ethernet connection in the UK. It means that you have an opportunity to upgrade your business internet connection in a quick and easy way.

6. Maximize Productivity

With a high-quality internet connection, you can increase the productivity of your employees as they can have quick and reliable access to cloud applications and required data whenever they need it. This way, your business can perform with optimum levels of efficiency.

Is EoFTTC Less Costly Than FTTC?

When you shift from broadband to EoFTTC, it means an increase in cost because it is a dedicated connection. However, the cost of this connectivity solution is less than other Ethernet services like fibre leased lines or EFM. Get an Ethernet over FTTC connection to boost your business productivity and save money.

How Can We Help You?

We have a team of highly qualified and trained IT professionals that handle all the enquiries and help you in getting the best suitable connectivity solution for your business. We offer the best quality EoFTTC at competitive marketing rates so that you can always stay connected and perform your day to day business processes efficiently.