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What is the Best Ethernet Cable for Gaming & Streaming in 2023

Ethernet cables may seem important, but they are integral to gaming hardware. The technology of the internet has evolved continuously, and WiFi connections are becoming better day by day. As a result, people have effectively gone wireless. However, there is still a need for Ethernet cables to connect the modem and router. And gamers know very well that having a console or wired connection is still unbeatable. Whether you want to play a competitive match, download the latest game update, or try to maintain a steady stream, a wired cable is highly useful.

Though Ethernet cables are not complicated, they can confuse you if you do not know much about cables and networking. With the advancement in technology and improved standards in recent years, new Ethernet cables are introduced in the market, and with the continuous improvement in technology, it is not always clear to find when you might need to upgrade your cables.

Players who need a reliable and consistent internet connection must go for ethernet cables because it keeps them connected to the Internet source. If You are a gamer and want to know which Ethernet Cables are best for you, do not worry. We got you covered. Here in this article, we will describe the best Ethernet cables so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Top Ethernet Cables For Gaming

Unless you aim to save on costs, most Ethernet cables available for gaming will exceed the bandwidth your Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides. Once you determine the desired additional capacity, choosing the right cable depends on your requirements.

For example, flat cables are convenient for running under carpets or through door frames, while extra weatherproofing enables outdoor and underground installations.

Different options such as braiding, colors, and cable lengths are also factors to consider based on personal preferences. The recommended brands and specific suggestions provided have been selected for their high performance and positive user feedback.

1. Best Cat8: Dacrown Cat8

We added Dacrown to our list of best Ethernet cables because it is the best-reviewed consumer-grade Cat8 we found.


When it comes to finding the best Ethernet cable for gaming, Cat8 stands out as the highest standard currently available. While several brands offer Cat8 cables, our research reveals that Dacrown has received favorable reviews from consumers and critics. Users have praised Dacrown for providing a stable, high-speed internet connection at a reasonable price. Some users debate whether most consumer-grade Cat8 cables meet the format’s full potential.

However, those who use Dacrown cables generally express satisfaction with their performance. For gamers, Dacrown’s Cat8 Ethernet cable ensures a fast and reliable connection well-suited for their gaming needs now and in the foreseeable future.


  • Durable material with PVC waterproofing
  • Highly fast throughput 
  • A vast range of available  


  • It is very expensive compared to other cables

2. Best Flat: Jadaol Cat7 

These Ethernet cables are flat, flexible, sturdy, and best suited for long runs. While standard Ethernet cables are typically round, flat cables can be incredibly useful when navigating tight spaces like under carpets or through walls. Jadaol is a reputable brand offering the best flat Ethernet cable designed for gaming.

These durable and highly flexible cables ensure easy installation around corners and confined areas without straining the internal wires. Including nail-in clips further simplifies the process, allowing for neat cable placement along baseboards and around door frames.

It’s worth noting that Jadaol primarily offers 25-, 50-, and 100-foot options, which may pose challenges when seeking precise lengths for short cable runs. However, if you’re seeking a discreet and high-speed solution to slip under rugs or behind furniture, Jadaol’s flat Ethernet cables are an excellent choice.


  • Flat shape 
  • Comes with clips 
  • Excellent data speed 


  • Length options are limited

3. Best Braided: Danyee Cat7 Braided

Danyee Cat7 braided ethernet cables stand out among the Cat7 categories of Ethernet cables. These are the most stylish cables. Most Ethernet cables on the market have a plain, monochromatic plastic coating.

It is perfectly fine to hide the cables out of sight, but it can be unsightly if they are not well-managed. While some brands offer colored plastic options, Danyee uses premium nylon-braided Cat7 cables in four patterns and colors. These cables are not only visually appealing but also practical.

Their flat design is convenient for running them under carpets or through doors, and the nylon weave coating adds friction, reducing unwanted sliding. It makes Danyee’s braided Ethernet cables an excellent choice for gaming.

However, it’s worth noting that these cables can be slightly stiffer and harder to manipulate due to the combination of nylon and PVC coatings. Additionally, there have been rare reports of the nylon fraying with excessive handling.


  • Flat 
  • Excellent data speed 
  • Many options available for stylish nylon braiding 


  • These cables are stiff 
  • Nylon can fray

4. Shinekee Outdoor Cat7

We include Shinekke in our list of Ethernet cables because these are heavy-duty outdoor cables able to deliver the full potential of Cat7 Ethernet. If you require Ethernet connectivity outdoors, investing more in an outdoor cable to withstand various weather conditions is advisable.

Shinekee offers an outdoor cable that maintains the same high-quality components as other cables on our list. It features shielded, twisted pairs of copper cable and gold connectors. What sets it apart is the extra durable PVC coating, which is resistant to water, and UV rays and is even suitable for burying underground.

Moreover, with a length option of 200 feet, it significantly surpasses other cables on our list and can maintain its full Cat7 speed over that distance.


  • Best quality PVC coating 
  • Best suited for underground and outdoor use 
  • Excellent data speed 


  • Expensive

5. Amazon Basic Cat6

These are the cheapest and most dependable Cat6 cables available in various lengths. Amazon Basics hit the mark when it comes to Ethernet cables. Being a widely used and standardized product, Amazon can leverage its vast scale to offer affordable gear.

If your priority is reliable gigabit internet and you want to minimize costs, it’s hard to beat AmazonBasics’ Cat6 Ethernet cable for gaming. While it is limited to a maximum length of 50 feet, it provides ample options for shorter cable runs, surpassing other brands in variety.


  • Many size options to choose from. 
  • Great value 
  • Dependable gigabit performance


  • Maximum length only 50ft
  • Only Cat6

Are Ethernet Cables Better Than WiFi?

In online gaming, having a strong and reliable internet connection is crucial for players to enjoy multiplayer sessions with low latency and have a competitive edge. Those who experience higher Ping or an unstable connection often struggle in online games, constantly facing disconnections that can be incredibly frustrating. Players should distinguish between WiFi and Ethernet-cabled internet access to address this issue.

In simple terms, despite the constant advancements in technology and stronger wireless signals, using an Ethernet cable ensures that individuals always have the best possible connection provided by their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

On the other hand, relying on WiFi can leave users susceptible to signal loss, particularly if their adapters and routers are not up to par with the rest of their system. Moreover, when reaching the full potential of someone’s internet speed capabilities, WiFi tends to be less reliable at higher levels unless they invest in more expensive equipment.

Using a wired connection is often more affordable, faster, and stable for players than relying solely on a wireless connection.

What Ethernet Cables Are Different From Each Other?

While Ethernet cables generally have minimal variations beyond their CAT rating and speed capabilities, some considerations exist for those seeking specific aesthetics or functionality. Cables are available in various lengths, casing types, and even shapes, catering to players who need to manage the distance between their PC and router more effectively. Braided-style cables are popular for those who value visual appeal and flexibility. These cables often come in various colors, allowing users to match their setup design and color scheme to create a visually pleasing environment.

For gamers aiming for a neater appearance or seeking to conceal their cables under rugs or along the underside of their desk, opting for a flat-style cable is a wise choice. These cables are less noticeable when running over longer distances and can be easily hidden behind or under objects. Moreover, there are cables specifically designed for outdoor use, enabling gamers to route their cables through walls and around the exterior of their homes and even bury them discreetly in the ground if desired.

The choice of cable ultimately depends on a gamer’s specific situation and preferences for their setup. Regarding quality, it’s essential to consider the CAT rating required to accommodate their internet service provider. Beyond that, the decision revolves around aesthetics and cable management requirements.

Final Words - Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming

Ethernet cables are essential for gaming, providing a reliable and stable internet connection. Upgrading your cable may be necessary to keep up with technology advancements. The best options for gaming include Dacrown Cat8 for high-speed performance, Jadaol Cat7 for navigating tight spaces, Danyee Cat7 Braided for stylish design, Shinekee Outdoor Cat7 for outdoor use and AmazonBasics Cat6 for affordability. Choosing the right cable depends on individual preferences and requirements. Wired connections remain the preferred choice for gamers, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted gaming experience.

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