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How To Create Random Address Easily?

Random addresses are used where you don’t want to give your real and authentic address and personal information. It includes all the details that an address of a certain place contains like phone number, city, email, address, bank information, etc.

All this information only looks real but, in actuality, is random and non-existent.

These addresses can be used for different purposes to keep your real identity hidden. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can get one of these fake and random addresses. But before we do so, let’s see what these addresses actually look like and where they can be used.

What is a Random Address?

A random address is an address that contains seemingly correct random information about a person. This information includes the person’s home address, street, city, state, phone number, email address, and financial information.

The information included in a random address can vary according to the region. 

These addresses are basically used at places where the authorities do not verify your personal information. In other words, the provided personal information and address are perfunctory. Studying the use cases of a fake address will help you understand it better.

What are Random Addresses Used For? 

The use cases of a random or fake address are numerous. For example, some websites and applications require personal and financial information for their subscription. 

If you just want to try the app/website, you can use a fake address. In this way, you will be able to test the platform without sharing your real information. 

Similarly, you can use fake addresses to secure your privacy. Providing it at essential places that should not have your real address can be beneficial. 

A fake address can also be used to avoid annoying marketing emails. When you buy something online or from a store that asks you for your email, phone number, or address that it will use for marketing mail later, a random address can be given to avoid these emails/letters. 

Now, let’s discuss how actually you can generate a random address really quickly and with total convenience.  

How to Create a Random Address?

There are two ways to generate a random address.

  1. Manually
  2. With the help of a tool
  • The Manual Method

The manual method of creating a random address is really simple. Just add random information to your address. But this is only going to work if you know what kind of numbers and formats are used for an address.

For example, you cannot write 32934012 as your bank account number. 

You have to give the information in proper format so that it looks real. That’s the reason why the manual method comes with the risk of errors. 

  • Creating Random Addresses with an Online Tool

Using an online random address generator tool to create a fake address for yourself is better for these reasons:

  • It is fast
  • It is seemingly accurate and authentic
  • You can generate addresses of states you don’t have any information about

All you have to do in this method is select a region in which you want to generate an address and the tool will do the rest of the job, here’s what a random address generated with the help of a tool looks like.

As you can see, the generated random address contains almost all the information a citizen can have. You can customize the given information according to your requirements. To create an address with the help of these tools, you just have to select the region/state in which you want the address and hit the generate button.

The tool will automatically provide you with a random address.

So, now we know that random addresses generated with the help of online tools are more accurate and contain more information. But what are some of the best tools that can provide you with this facility? 

Best Random Address Generator Tools

Below are 3 of the best Random Address Generator tools that you can use to get yourself a fake address.

1. PrePostSEO Random Address Generator

Prepostseo Random Address Generator is a free tool that you can use to generate a proper fake and random address. The reason why we have listed this tool in the first place is the quality of its random addresses. It provides its users with a complete and proper fake address that includes the person’s personal information, address, financial information, salary, etc.

Here’s how this tool generated a random address of the region of Italy.

The address even includes information about the internet connection of the person. 

2. Fakexy Random Address Generator

Fakexy Random Address Generator is a tool that allows you to generate a random address of more than 40 countries for totally free. A convenient feature of this tool is that it also provides a wide list of cities in the selected country. 

This means that you can get a random address not only for your chosen country but also for your chosen city. 

3. Cool Generator’s Random Address Generator

Third on our best random address generator tool list is Cool Generator’s Random Address Generator. Just like the other tools above, this one also allows you to generate a fake address for free. Then what’s the special thing about this tool? 

The special thing is that it also allows you to generate multiple addresses of a city at the same time. 

Being able to generate fake addresses of the same city with different information can be beneficial for you. Especially when you want to use fake addresses for multiple platforms. Here’s what multiple addresses generated by this tool look like.


Random Addresses can be convenient when it comes to places where it is compulsory to provide an address, but you don’t want to expose your personal information. These addresses can be used to test an app or website’s service, avoid unwanted emails, etc.

There are two basic ways to create a random address. A manual and an automatic way. In a manual way, you write details of a fake address on your own. In the automatic method, you use an online tool to do the job. Some of the best tools you can use for this purpose are listed above.

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