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5 Best Sites to Copy Invisible Characters to Send Them on Instagram DM

Sometimes, on Instagram, while chatting with your friend, you notice that it is getting boring and boring because you don’t have something new to talk about. So, to spice things up, I have got a very useful trick, which is sending an invisible character in the chat.

An invisible character is one that a human eye can’t see, but machines recognize it as a real character.

The problem is, that Instagram doesn’t allow us to send empty text messages in the chat due to its privacy issues.

So, this is where invisible character tools can help you with that.

In this listicle blog, I’m going to talk about the five best invisible character websites that you can use to copy blank text and send it in your Instagram chat.

Top Five Invisible Text Generators to Send Empty Space in Insta DM

Below is the list of five best and free online invisible text generators that can help you copy blank space, which you can send to any of your friend chats.

1. Editpad

Editpad is a very popular website nowadays that provides a lot of useful online tools for its users.

One of them that is very popular is its Invisible Character. It allows you to generate invisible text seamlessly without even getting tangled.

Users don’t have to go through any signup process to access this tool. They can simply go to the Editpad and copy empty characters.

How to Use Editpad Empty Character?

The use of Editpad Empty characters is quick and easy. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Simply visit the Editpad Invisible Character.
  • There, you will see two boxes with the heading Method 1 & 2.
  • Method 1 allows you to copy the blank space directly. 
  • In Method 2, you first have to select the invisible text, and then press CTRL+C to copy it.
  • You can also test the blank space right away if you want. Just paste the copied text in the “Test it” field.
  • After that, the blank space will be copied to your clipboard, which you can send on Instagram chat.

That’s how you can use Editpad Invisible Character.

Key Features:

  • Free to use with no limitations.
  • Request for no registration or signup.
  • Provide an option to test the character right away.
  • Availability of dark mode.

2. Blank Character

Blank Character is also a free web-based tool that users can use to generate invisible space. This tool offers a user-friendly interface for obtaining invisible characters.

However, the use of this tool is quite different from the Editpad Invisible Character. It also provides the two same methods, like the one available above, but also provides a different method. Let me show you which one I’m talking about.

How to Use?

  • Open the website.
  • There, you will see three methods.
  • In the first method, you have to write down the number of invisible characters you want to get from the tool.
  • For instance, if you write 6 and press the “Generate” button, you will have 6 empty spaces.
  • You can copy the outcome by clicking on “Copy Empty Result,” and paste it into your Instagram chat.

That’s how you can bring this tool into use.

Key Features

  • Freely available
  • Multilingual support
  • No signup needed

3. Invisible Character

Invisible Character is no different from the two tools discussed above. It also comes with two methods where you can copy the space directly or manually.

If we talk about its interface, then it is a kind of stylish one, where every important feature is available on the screen. Invisible Character is designed for simplicity, and users will not face difficulty while using it.

How to copy blank text with

  • Access the
  • Choose any method from the given ones.
  • Copy the invisible character provided and paste it into your Instagram chat.

Key Features

  • Available for free and doesn’t ask for any premium purchase.
  • Allow users to test the copied invisible text on the spot.
  • No need for any registration or signup.

4. Character Fonts

Character Fonts is a platform (similar to Editpad) that provides a suite of useful online tools, and Invisible Character Generator is on the list. It’s a handy tool for sending messages with a unique, clean look.

How to Use Character Fonts?

  • Visit the website.
  • It provides three separate empty characters, and each of them contains the same thing. 
  • Just grab the invisible character from any of them, and send it into your Instagram messages.

Key Features

  • Available for free.
  • Provide a suite of useful online tools.
  • Dark mode is available in the tool.

5. Text Cleaner

Text Cleaner provides a set of online tools that can be used for multiple purposes. Its Invisible Character is a very simple and easy-to-use tool that you can use to copy a blank message and send it on Instagram chat.

The distinctive feature of this tool is, that it provides an option of WhatsApp, where you can directly go to the application and paste the blank text in any chat you want to. This can be useful when you want to send a blank message on WhatsApp.

How to Use?

  • Navigate to the website.
  • Copy the invisible text by simply clicking on the “Copy” button.
  • Or, you can write the number of characters you want to generate.
  • Copy the invisible character and paste it into your Instagram chat.

Key Features

  • Does not ask for any cost.
  • Users can create the number of characters they want.
  • Offers multiple other online tools.

Let’s Wrap This Up

In the end, sending blank messages on Instagram DM can be a fun way to add a playful touch to your chats. This article explored five free online tools you can use to generate invisible characters and send blank messages: Editpad, Blank Character, Invisible Character, Character Fonts, and Text Cleaner. Each tool offers a slightly different approach, so choose the one that best suits your needs and have fun!

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