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10 Powerful Ways 5G will Transform Marketing

The world has been waiting for the next big thing to revolutionize the way we navigate social media and e-commerce markets. Marketers all over the world have difficulty with technological limitations such as slower connectivity, latency rates, and unreliable network connections which have slowed the growth and advancement in many fields of industrial markets.

However, this will soon become a problem of the past as the world has reached the inflection point in technology which is set to revolutionize the method of marketing products and services forever. 5G wireless technology (also known as a fifth-generation wireless network) will change the way a business markets its products and services by incorporating the Metaverse into its strategies.

With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Big Data, and increased personalization, customers are in for a marketing experience of a lifetime. A world where 5G is fully realized will bring about a high magnitude of new options for high-quality interactive and immersive experiences along with advanced models for personalized marketing.


The proliferation of these technologies in our day-to-day lives will result in higher customer expectations and will therefore challenge businesses all around to meet these expectations as soon as these are expressed. So let us explore the following five ways in which the rise of 5G will shape the marketing experience for a consumer of the coming generation.

Rapid Improvement in Personalization and Data Collection

We interviewed Steve Elliott, Franchise Owner, Restoration1 via Email. He confessed “Marketers have always dealt with limitations in connecting with customers. The use of 5G can efficiently remove all of these limitations for good.”

No more guessing what the customer wants, no more sacrificing analytical customer reports due to latency problems. 5G can process and analyze data so fast that consumers won’t know what hit them. With the help of Big Data and AI, businesses will be able to log every available customer information. This will help businesses expand their marketing techniques and create a personalized customer experience.

Data acquisition will take on a whole new meaning in the marketing universe. Imagine a world in which the entire customer experience from Marketing, Sales to Customer Feedback is being analyzed through 5G, millions of data points being looked at for patterns, shifts, and taste distinctions, all of this can create an experience for customers that transcends any possibilities offered by WIFI networks.

Similarly, Eric McGee, Senior Network Engineer at TRGDataCenters provided his insights “The use of Big Data and hyper-personalized analytics will no longer be an afterthought for marketers, instead, it would become the main source of generating high-profile customers and in effect, generating high volume sales.”

Online Presence will become more Vital than Ever

5G internet is predicted to increase connectivity, reduce latency and offer massive speeds for consuming content online. This means consumers will no longer have to look for alternative methods or wait for interaction with businesses. They can simply choose to log onto their devices and have the entire e-commerce world ready for consumption. This creates an urgency for all businesses and brands to shift to online platforms, establish a social presence, and feature their logo designs and other branding elements online.

Any business that does not shift to online platforms will soon become a business belonging to the dark age of the internet. Fully realized 5G will eliminate the need for physical experience and shift the entire consumer purchase journey to online platforms that offer comfort from home without compromising on higher definition customer experience.

So businesses need to create a robust online presence. This can be done by utilizing highly in-use platforms such as websites, blogs, applications, and advertisements through social media. Social media plays a big role in keeping consumers engaged throughout their journey. Having a consistent and highly interactive online presence will make sure you keep reeling in your target customers.

Mike Thompson, President & CEO of Hyperlend says “Marketers need to remember they will be one of the many businesses fighting for consumer attention. Therefore, it is necessary to build a robust yet evolving online presence capable of adapting to market changes. And all of this is possible with the use of 5G internet. With the capacity of high bandwidth and efficient SEO techniques, businesses will be able to offer higher-quality images, animations, and video content through social media platforms at the speed of light.

Limitless Opportunities for Digital Advertisement

Marketers have always been used to rolling out huge marketing campaigns that take forever to conceptualize and hold for consumers. This practice will soon become a thing of the past when 5G becomes a reality. The need for bloated IT departments, data-intensive infrastructure, and huge manpower will become redundant with the use of 5G.

Alex Popa, CEO of Whizcase adds his expert insights to the post by saying “The new focus of digital advertisement will be on individualized marketing concepts instead. The high-speed capabilities of 5G will help marketers target demographics more closely and efficiently than ever before possible.”

Marketing teams will not have to rely on an entire customer niche to market certain products and services to see if this is something a consumer will want. Instead, marketers will be able to target individual target points. No more relying on the masses to generate success. Businesses can use 5G internet capabilities to market the exact product/service a consumer requires.


Moreover, the rise of new information technologies also provide marketers to digitally advertise on multiple platforms simultaneously and in various forms. With the accelerating change of pace in the internet of things, marketers will have to change how they reach out to customers digitally.

Alex Savy, Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief of Comfynorth says “Digital advertising needs to be more engaging and relatable now than ever. With higher speeds and lower latency, higher consumption will result and this need for consumption should be creatively exploited by marketers.

Swift Expansion of the Metaverse

Visionaries and entrepreneurs have long wished for a world that is fully virtualized. A world where individuals can exist in a realistic 3D universe, hang out in virtual social spots, and perform day-to-day activities in a virtually existent space is the true meaning of the Metaverse. Metaverse is highly dependent on high-speed internet, massive bandwidth, and personalized experiences that can truly be utilized with 5G wireless communication.

Scott O’Brien, Head of Sales at PPC Ad Lab says “The ability of consumers to share high-definition content and send/receive a high volume of data will soon transcend into customers’ need to experience this content in a lifelike situation where all consumer senses are in active mode.” Advances in virtual realities with the help of 5G can help industries grow and change everything from interactive entertainment to individualized marketing.


While the VR experience can take you out of the existing world and the AR experience can enhance the existing world, Metaverse with the help of 5G can combine both technologies to create enhanced experiences consumers can only dream of.


Brian Case, Director of E-commerce & Retail, Selkirk says “Marketers can make a vast consumer database as individuals will be able to connect from anywhere in the world with the development of 5G.” Remote rendering will allow consumers from all over the world to enjoy the Metaverse by doing most of the heavy lifting for them. It is truly hard to decipher how much 5G is going to change the way we perceive things.

The only thing marketers can do is adapt to these technologies as quickly as possible so that when the time for 5G arrives, businesses won’t end up drowning.

Increase Application of AR, VR, and Interactive Marketing

For years and years, marketers have been experimenting with Virtual and Augmented reality. Some companies have dabbled in video games whereas some have created social media filters that incorporate enhanced experiences. This application might seem limited to consumers all around. It might raise the question of why these technologies have been used so narrowly in the business world.

The answer to this question is the lack of bandwidth and high-speed internet. Immersive technologies such as AR and VR require a significant amount of data processing and high-speed internet that only recently have become a possibility due to 5G.

Edward Mellett, Founder & Director of WikiJob says “Marketers with the help of 5G will be able to incorporate these technologies in marketing campaigns, purchase experiences, and customer retention plans. As internet speed swiftly increases with the rise of 5G, consumers can expect to see more and more implementation of VR and AR in immersive branding techniques.”


The customer will be exposed to a new form of marketing where the real will meet the virtual. As we are all aware of the impact of COVID on society and how it has altered consumer practices on a day-to-day basis, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality might end up playing a much larger role for marketers than expected. The first step is to understand how 5G can impact interactive marketing and result in a success story for marketers.

Sales Projected to Emerge from Mobile Commerce

Businesses around the globe have reported the majority of their sales are generated from mobile purchasing. Customers have always considered mobile phones as easy access to the internet. However, due to high latency, low bandwidth, and low-speed internet, consumers have sometimes found themselves frustrated to the point they never make it through the checking out process.


Same implications exist for the marketers, due to high buffering, low bandwidth, and limited internet access, businesses refrain from fully adopting interactive marketing techniques for mobile commerce. Therefore, the use of the 5G internet brings about limitless opportunities for Marketers. It eliminates the latency problem with high-speed processing and it eliminates the internet availability issue with easy access.


Matt Weidle, the Business Development Manager at Buyer’s Guide told us in an interview via email “The high-bandwidth mobile browsing capabilities can fully commit a consumer to buy products/services through mobile e-commerce. Consumers can have instantaneous access to videos, live streaming, applications, and websites without having to suffer the limited connection that 4G or lesser internet services offer.”


Furthermore, the use of 5G breaks the “work from office” or “work from home” barrier. Marketers from anywhere can market their products or services to consumers residing anywhere in the world. Andrew Priobrazhenskyi, CEO of DiscountReactor says “If a business already owns a robust online presence, then it must consider dabbling in creative mobile platforms that could thrive in the world of 5G as 5G is predicted to position mobile phones at the center of the digital marketing experience.”

Increasing Dominance of Video in Marketing Platforms

The idea of ‘Videos’ dominating social media marketing has been around for years. Many brands have been reaping the benefits of including video presence in their marketing plans. Videos are by far the most consumed content form on the internet with the majority of consumers claiming to have purchased a product or service by simply watching a brand’s video.


Despite being the most consumed content form, videos are still considered a big challenge due to low bandwidth problems. Consumers have always faced issues when streaming a video or sharing a video that is too long for the internet to process promptly. This has stopped marketers from engaging in long and meaningful video content instead of short and to-the-point video content. Lucky for our generation, this will soon become a challenge of the past. 5G will solve all latency problems by allowing customers to consume high-definition content.


Abdul Saboor, Full Stack Developer at The Stock Dork says “The proliferation of accessible 5G communication networks will reduce lag time all around and in turn create a smooth streaming experience for the consumers. With this new technology, videos will only increase their dominance in digital marketing and therefore marketing teams need to be on top of video content by either investing in its production or creating high-volume content.”


Live video is predicted to become the most sought-after content form with the full realization of 5G. This creates numerous opportunities for businesses with an active video presence to branch out and produce creative content putting this emerging technology at the center of marketing plans.

Enhanced Capabilities of IoT (Internet of Things)

Many have heard the term “Internet of Things” however very few truly know what it means. It is not just mobile devices connected to the internet nor just computers creating enhanced content through connection to the internet. The Internet of Things makes up all the products that can connect to the internet. Internet of Things or IoT includes everything from wearables to home appliances such as watches, refrigerators or washing machines, etc. The Internet of Things market has already increased a lot in the past few years. 


Marketers, despite low connectivity and bandwidth issues, have tried creating products that produce personalized experiences for the consumer. Now with the emergence of the 5G network and the removal of network limitations, this growth is predicted to accelerate further.


Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor of ReviewGrower puts “With the help of 5G, marketers can utilize IoTs to improve customer support. Not only customer support, but marketers can also evolve this concept into self-support by utilizing at-home troubleshooting where a device could automatically detect the issue and provide acceptable actions to solve the issue.” The Internet of Things can be utilized to process meaningful data 24 hours a day which will provide consumers with tools to detect the need for maintenance or alert consumers in advance of any issues that can be avoided through care. 


According to Robert Smith, Head of Marketing at Psychometric Success, “5G can help accelerate the growth of the Internet of Things in different industrial sectors such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, entertainment, and household products/services.” The opportunities are vast for marketers. Marketers can take advantage of the abundant meaningful data Internet of Things provides and use this to build personalized marketing experiences.

Increased Interpersonal Connectivity with Customers

The increased interpersonal connectivity with customers that the 5G network offers is mind-blowing for marketers. While 4G has helped marketers to develop a special connection with their target market, 5G will take this connection to a whole new level. No more one strategy fits all, marketers can develop multiple strategies for different consumer needs. The hyper-personalized content available online will remove any barriers between a consumer and marketer.


Dennis Grossman, Founder of Grossman Law Offices says “Businesses and brands will be able to stay on top of consumer needs and wants by analyzing the collective insights of anyone’s and everyone’s interpersonal connectivity.” Problem-solving will rise to a new level with so much consumer data available for manipulation. Marketers will need to master the use of 5G to breed success for their brands.

Continual Adaptability of Market Changes

The biggest challenge for marketers all around will always be the same; adapting to consistently changing markets. Preparing for what is about to come is never an easy task. Too many unknowns and estimations can lead to strategies that are bound to fail in the real world. However, at the heart of every failure also lies the chance for success.


Gerrid Smith, CMO at Joy Organics says “The rise of the 5G network can enhance the chances of success for a business if utilized carefully.” The adaptation of new realities has also brought about new challenges for marketers. Consumer needs will change at an unforgiving pace as more and more immersing technologies become the norm of digital marketing. 


The tools of marketing will undergo a complete transformation with fully realized 5G which will increase the demand to understand better how technology is affecting consumers. How easily brands or businesses continuously adapt to market changes will become the sole factor in determining the success of a brand in the age of the 5G communication network.

Summing Up

It is an exciting time to be a marketer as we are on the edge of complete technological transformation. The rise of the 5G network in the marketing sector will bring about an enhanced consumer experience with the help of AR, VR, Metaverse, Big data processing, and the Internet of Things. As we are just scratching the surface of 5G, it is hard to estimate the true potential of 5G and its impact on the digital world of marketing. The possibilities for marketers are increasing at the speed of 5G and to reap its benefits, this concept should be mastered as soon as possible before it becomes a norm of the present.

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