Corporate Organization

Leased Line Plans that Meet corporate Businesses Demands

Corporate organizations are highly dependent on internet connectivity for their business processes. Internet connection with high performance is not only essential for collaboration and communication with team members, but it is also required to provide the best customer experience.


No matter from which sector you belong, a great online experience causes a significant impact on both customers and employee satisfaction.


A leased-line is a meaningful investment for your business, and it keeps you connected and productive that in turn results in a huge return on investment. A poor connectivity solution can be a barrier to your business growth and limits your revenue-generating opportunities. Here leased line connection can help you.

Leased Line packages For Corporate Businesses

A leased line connection is different from the traditional broadband connection and provides your corporate business with a private connection. You do not need to share your bandwidth with other companies.


Our leased line solutions not only provide you with symmetrical upload/download speeds but also includes robust service level agreements to respond to any issues within the lowest possible time and a 24/7 minimum uptime guarantee. Explore our corporate business leased line packages to choose the one that suits your business needs.

Fibre Flex Leased Line

A leased line connection that everyone loves to have. Offering a minimum 200 Mbps symmetrical speed that is burstable to 1GB.
Delivered using GPON network.
Minimum upload/download speed 200Mbps.
1Gb burstable bandwidth available.
Robust Service level agreement.
Have built-in smart capabilities.
Pricing starts from £197.

Fibre Ethernet Leased Line

It is the best connectivity solution for small and medium businesses available at the best rates in the market.
Upload and download speed up to 10 Gbps.
UK-based customer support team available 24/7
Fix issues within a period of 5 hours.
Unlimited uploads.
Complete installation within 70 working days.
Pricing starts from £199.

Point-to-Point Leased Line

Fast and secure connectivity solution for businesses having multiple office sites. It has following characteristics:
Private circuits with low latency and high availability.
Upload and download speed up to 10 Gbps.
Suitable for connecting multiple sites upto 28 miles apart.
Available through copper or fibre Ethernet.
Highly secure network.
Comprehensive service level agreement.
Pricing starts from £199.


It helps in reducing the network cost of your business.
Offering centralised connectivity services.
Cost effective solution.
High agility.
Secure and resilient connection.
Easy and rapid deployment.
Pricing starts from £POA.

How To Get Leased Line is offering high quality leased line solutions to the business of all sizes and types. You can get a leased line connection for your corporate business from us. Having a leased line connection depends on a few factors such as your premises location, your business needs and budget.


Once you fill in the form and provide the necessary information, our team will visit your site to find out the best-leased line solution and route for your leased line connection. We have a qualified team of experts, and you can ask any questions about leased line cost or connection at any time. We also offer a leased line comparison service to help you in finding the best solution for your business.