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Top Rated Internet Providers In London 2022

Are you looking for the best internet providers in London or want to switch your current provider? It is a challenging task to choose one, especially when numerous packages are available from several providers. Before choosing a provider, you must determine what kind of broadband connection you need for your home or business, which contract length suits you the most, and find whether a provider is reputable or not.

You may think it’s too easy just to sign a contract and get an internet connection, but if you do not research, you may be bound to make an expensive mistake.

We are here to help you out in choosing the right internet provider. We carry out a comprehensive review of the top-rated internet providers in London. After reading this article, you can make an informed decision, and it will help you to not bind with a lengthy contract you are not happy with or end up paying more for a slow internet connection.

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Moreover, we conduct deep research every year to find what customers think about the biggest internet service providers (ISPs). So keep on reading to find our top picks of the best Internet providers in 2022.

Best Internet Providers In London

Following are the best broadband providers in London :

  • BT Broadband
  • Plusnet
  • Sky
  • Virgin Media
  • EE
  • Talk Talk
  • Vodafone

BT Broadband

BT is one of the major providers and has so much to offer its customers. You can get flexible TV, sim only, and mobile phone plans with high-quality internet deals for your home and business. So you can get high-quality service and a broadband connection that keeps you connected 24/7.

With BT broadband, you can get 74Mbits/sec at £34 per month. This speed is enough for browsing, streaming or playing games on multiple devices. With this connection, you will get a £110 reward card and a free boost of speed upto 500 Mbit/sec for a month. However, if you need a more reliable connection, BT offers a fibre broadband connection that comes in three different packages. The average speed is 51Mbps, and the average cost is £29.99 per month.


In addition, you will get a fast guarantee promise from BT, which says that any issue related to speed will be fixed within 30 days or else they will pay you £20 and allow you to leave the contract without any penalty.


  • Award-winning reliability
  • Guaranteed high speed across the board 
  • Improved customer services  


  • Customers complain that they are not getting great value.
  • Expensive with landline bundled in.


Plusnet is a broadband internet provider that won a triumph of best broadband provider award in 2022. It is a provider that most customers recommend as compared to any other provider.

Overall, it is recommended by 73% of customers and highly liked by 15% of users. Moreover, Plusnet records high levels of customer satisfaction.

The list of Plusnet services is quite straightforward. It offers a single ADSL option and two fibre options. In addition, you can get a discount when you go for a contract of 18 months instead of 12 months.


Pulse net offers three different packages, including unlimited broadband, unlimited fibre and unlimited fibre extra. You can get a speed ranging from 10Mbits/sec to 66Mbits/sec, and pricing starts from £22.99 per month and goes up to £29 per month.

Plusnet is a BT-owned subsidiary with the same coverage as other Openreach providers.

Although Plusnet is pulling off an impressive feat and making customers satisfied, you can not get an ultra-fast fibre or full-fibre connection. To get such a connection, you have to go to another provider and pay more.


  • Budget-friendly 
  • ADSL and fibre services with decent performance
  • Award-winning customer satisfaction 


  • No ultrafast or full fibre services 
  • An increasing number of Ofcom customer complaints


The sky is among the best internet service providers in London. You must choose sky if you are looking for reliable ADSL, ultrafast broadband or fibre connection at a fair price. It offers a wide range of broadband services so that users can choose according to their needs and budget. The cheapest broadband package is known as Sky essentials and offers a speed of 11Mbps that is suitable for household users.

Other packages include essential plus, superfast 35, superfast, ultrafast, ultrafast plus and gigafast. These packages offer a speed starting from 35 Mbps to 900Mbps, and pricing starts from £25 per month and reaches £55 per month. When choosing a package, you must compare speeds and pricing and then choose one that meets your needs.

Sky broadband can be a good alternative to expensive internet services with competitive pricing and high-quality service. It is worth considering Sky broadband if you are searching for a good broadband provider.


  • Good value fibre broadband plans
  • Highly reliable connection
  • Well known for customer support and satisfaction 


  • It grows costly after the contract ends.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media is among the providers that are known as speed kings in the UK. Most broadband providers in the UK use BT’s Ofcom network to deliver broadband connections, but Virgin Media Business Broadband uses its own efficient cable broadband network.

As a result, the speed it offers is usually higher than the average speed offered by other providers. Furthermore, its fibre broadband is most widely available all across the country.

All the internet packages offered by Virgin Media are fibre optic, so no matter which plans you choose, you are most likely to get super fast and reliable service compared to other internet providers in the market.

Following are the packages, along with the speeds you can get with each of them:

M50: Average speed 54Mbps 

M100: 108Mbps

M200: 213Mbps 

M350: 362Mbps 

M500: 516Mbps 

Gig1:    1130Mbsps

You have to pay from £32 to £62 per month. However, with each package, you will get unlimited downloads, and you have to pay a £35 set-up fee and sign an 18-month contract.


  • Excellent reliability 
  • An impressive choice for high-speed service
  • No line rent is required in broadband packages 


  • Not the cheapest provider 
  • Set-up cost applies 
  • Limited availability


EE is providing ADSL and fibre broadband services to its customers. If you want to get an internet connection from EE, you have to sign a contract of 12, 18 and 24 months. When you choose standard broadband, you will get EE’s bright box router with it.

On the other hand, fibre products come with powerful smart hubs. It also offers a wide variety of broadband packages, including standard broadband to full-fibre broadband. Depending on the package you choose, you can enjoy a speed from 10Mbps to 300Mbps.

With a full-fibre service, you will get a fibre connection straight to your premises. EE provides an ultra-fast, gigabit-ready speed that will not slow down at peak usage hours.


  • Wide range of high-speed internet packages 
  • Excellent bundled routers
  • Impressive customer service


  • Reliability is not as excellent as other providers 
  • Users’ recommendation score is less

Talk Talk

TalkTalk is a well-known internet service provider offering reliable and high-quality connectivity solutions. It offers a number of broadband packages that come with speeds from 38MBps to 900Mbps. Generally, TalkTalk offers a contract length of 18 to 24 months, and it also depends on the plan you choose.

You can bundle your broadband connection with TalkTalk Tv or a home phone plan to add convenience or get a discount. Above all, you can add these services on a no-string rolling contract which means you have the flexibility to change or cancel your plan whenever you want.

Another advantage of TalkTalk broadband is that every deal comes with Homesafe, which is a family-friendly web filter that blocks inappropriate sites and content that could constrain malware.

Following are the broadband packages offered by TalkTalk, along with the speed you can get with each package.

If you need a connection for day-to-day streaming, there are two fast fibre options for you: Fibre 35 and Fibre 65, offering speeds 38Mbps and 67Mbps, respectively.

For busy households and power users, TalkTalk offers ultrafast fibre deals that come with an award-winning WiFi hub:


  • Fibre 150 ultrafast that has an average speed of 145Mbps 
  • Fibre 250 ultrafast that comes with an average speed of 290 Mbps

And then comes a range of full-fibre broadband with FIbre to the premises (FTTP) technology. So you can get a 100% full-fibre connection straight to your home.


  • Fibre 150 with a speed of 147Mbps and a Nextgen Amazon eero 6 router 
  • Fibre 500 with a speed of 506Mbps and amazon eero Pro 6 mesh system


In addition, TalkTalk is also introducing its Future Fibre broadband all across the country with a speed of up to 900Mbps. It seems among the absolute fastest out there.

However, Full Fibre broadband is not widely available like other fibre connections, so you have to check whether it is available in your area or not.


  • Wide range of high-speed internet packages 
  • Excellent bundled routers
  • Impressive customer service


  • Reliability is not as excellent as other providers 
  • Users’ recommendation score is less


Vodafone offers affordable and straightforward internet packages that are easy to understand. With a superfast fibre connection under £20 and even an ultrafast connection under £30, it is difficult to beat Vodafone’s pricing. It offers a vast range of speeds with its fibre and ultrafast broadband connection. You can get a speed between 38Mbps and 900Mbps. 

What’s more, all the broadbands of Vodafone are now fibre optic, and it does not offer ADSL broadband anymore. Most areas where Vodafone’s coverage is available to have access to speeds of 38Mbps or 67Mbps. Fast speed connections above 100Mbps are available in certain areas where the ultrafast network has rolled out.


  • High performance and good reliability
  • Budget-friendly packages 
  • Good selection of speeds and other features 


  • Disappointing customer services and support
  • No ADSL broadband

How To Choose The Best Internet Provider in London?

With the increase in demand for internet connections, the number of internet providers in London has also increased dramatically. It might be confusing for you to choose the best one, so here we are describing some points that you must keep in mind when choosing an internet provider:

1. Check Coverage

When it comes to finding the best broadband connection, the location of your premises will make a huge difference. The reliability and speed of ADSL and fibre connections depend on the quality of the line between your premises. And the nearest cabinet and the distance of premises from local exchange also affect the quality.

In addition, fibre connections may or may not be available depending on whether the required cabling is present in your area or not. Therefore, checking your coverage is essential.


All well-known ISPs have a page on their websites where you can enter your postcode to check which services and speeds are available in your area. You should do this before starting your research. Otherwise, you may be disappointed.

2. Work Out the Total Cost

Most Internet service providers bill you monthly, but when comparing the cost of the internet, you must look at the upfront set-up fee and all the additional charges to know the total cost.

When shopping around for a new ISP, you should review prices before making a final decision. The market is highly competitive, and deals are frequent deals that can significantly reduce the cost of certain contracts. When you compare prices you can find high speed and good quality services at a lower cost.

Moreover, you should look at what happens when your initial contract terms end. Some providers increase the price after the first year or 18 months, while others massively increase the monthly rates.

However, these charges are negotiable; you can call your provider and discuss whether you want to switch providers. Most probably they will find a way and offer you discounts. If you do not budge on price, find another provider.

3. Be Mindful Of Contract Length

In the past, most internet providers offered a minimum contract length of 12 months, but now ISPs are pushing new customers towards an 18 months contract or two years deal.

A longer contract length can be fine when you are happy with the service, but if you want to switch your provider, you have to wait for a long time or pay the penalty to exit the contract before it ends.

Thanks to the Ofcom regulations, you can now leave your contract without paying any penalty within the first month if you are not getting what you paid for.

4. Don't Be Fooled By speed

Speed is the most crucial thing when you are choosing an internet provider. Nowadays, most providers advertise download speeds for their internet packages. But it is not the speed that you will actually receive. Therefore, you must choose a reliable and expert internet service provider.

Summing Up

A reliable internet connection is essential for completing your business operations and to stay connected with your customers as well as a good quality connection is a need of every home too. You may find numerous internet service providers in London offering different services at different costs. So, you must research and make price comparisons to find the right internet provider. We have described top rated internet providers above and we hope that this article will help you in making the right choice. When choosing a provider always keep in mind the coverage, your required speed, total cost you have to pay and contract length.

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