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Top 5 Instagram Spy Apps for Stealthy Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a reliable way to ensure your loved ones are safe or check what your partner does on Instagram or Facebook if you suspect them of infidelity. Many people fear using social media monitoring because they either do not know how it works or are unsure if it is legal. This article is aimed at helping you with the first issue and covering all the aspects of the second.

5 Best Instagram Trackers

Choosing a decent Instagram spy app nowadays is easy and challenging at the same time. Easy as technology keeps developing and improving daily, and new solutions appear all the time. On the other hand, there are many titles, and it is hard to understand which is better and easier to use. Luckily, you have us!

1. uMobix

Should you be looking for an Instagram spy app, uMobix will often be in the top positions in Google search and other ratings. It is a cell phone tracker available for Android and iOS platforms with a couple of dozens of valuable features apart from Instagram monitoring:

  • SMS and other messages tracking;
  • access to browsing history and bookmarks;
  • keylogger;
  • GPS tracker;
  • call logs recorder;
  • tracker of the media library.

If you need to install it on an iPhone, you must know your target’s iCloud credentials since remote installation via iCloud is available for Apple devices. However, if the person you want to spy on uses an Android device, you must get it in your hands, unlock it, and install uMobix manually. 

Moreover, the main difference in tracking Instagram in Androids and iPhones is that you will only get screenshots of the user’s activity in the first case. For the latter, on the contrary, you get full access to the Insta page and surf it the same way you do on your page (follow, block, write DMs).

uMobix is not free – it offers three payment plans: monthly ($49.99/m), quarterly ($29.99/m), and yearly ($12.49/m). If you are not ready to pay from day 1 of usage – you may ask the support agent to activate a 48-hour trial for only $1. It may help you decide in what direction you would like to move on.

2. Glassagram

Glassagram is the best Instagram spy app for online services that do not require installation. You do not need to do anything with the target device to start using Glassagram; you must only know the target’s Instagram page name or have a link. Paste the information we mentioned in the search field on the website and click “Watch now”. This public and private Instagram viewer may take some time to gain access to the page, but when it finishes, you will see:

  • posts and likes;
  • comments;
  • stories (incl. deleted ones);
  • tagged photos;
  • hot likes (when your target’s old photos get likes);
  • location tags;
  • reels.

Unfortunately, it does not provide access to the DMs, but as of today, no online service does this without installation so that we can forgive Glassagram for this.

All the tracked content is stored on Glassagram’s servers for 3 months, but if it is of great importance, you can always download it on your device without limitations.

3. InstaNavigation

InstaNavigation is another Insta spy that works 100% online and does not require users to create an Instagram account themselves. Like Glassagram, InstaNavigation meets you with the search field where you must paste the page you want to spy on.

InstaNavigation does not view DMs and content posted by private accounts, but it compensates for it with a set of basic features for free. The greatest thing about online Instagram spy apps like Glassagram and InstaNavigation is that they are anonymous and do not use your data at any moment to spy on the target account. Thus, it is not possible to break your anonymity.

4. Dumpor

Dumpor is the last title on the list of Instagram tracking online services, and it is also represented by a search field on the website. In addition to the standard package we mentioned earlier, it allows you to search for the specific information you need, making it very convenient for people who surf Instagram aimfully.

Its main downside is that it does not work with private Instagram pages, but come on, it is impossible to find a title that combines all the required features on the equally perfect level, so you always need to choose what is more important for you.


XNSPY is the last title on the best Instagram spy apps list. It is supposed to be installed on the target Android or iOS device and works in 100% stealth mode, ensuring that the device’s owner never knows about it. As for its features – the list is impressive:

  • it tracks all interactions with other users, including likes and comments;
  • it guarantees access to direct messages;
  • you will view all the posts the account owner uploads;
  • allows to set up alerts and notifications for keywords.

With such a toolkit, you will know everything your target does on Instagram.

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