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How to Cut a Video: 6 Desktop, Mobile and Online Tools

Video has become an integral part of our daily lives. From capturing special moments to creating professional content, videos have the power to convey emotions and messages like no other medium can. However, not every video we capture is perfect and every so often, it requires a bit of editing to make it just right.

One of the most common editing techniques is cutting or trimming a video, which involves removing unwanted footage and keeping the best parts. In this guide, we will explore the various tools with short tutorials for cutting videos on different platforms.

Types of Video Cutting Software

Based on the platform, you can either use a desktop, mobile, or online video cutter. Let’s take a closer look at each one and see what makes the difference.

  • Desktop Tools

Desktop video editing software is the most versatile and powerful option, offering a wide range of features for professional-quality edits. These software are typically used on a computer or laptop and require installation.

For cutting videos, these tools offer precise timeline-based editing where you can edit footage frame by frame with advanced controls. Whether for creating explainer videos or high-quality product videos, they have a lot of options to enhance the final output.

  • Online Tools

Online video editing tools are a convenient option for basic edits and are accessible through a web browser. These are great if you don’t want to install any software or need to make quick edits on the go.

While these tools may not offer all the features of desktop software, they often have an intuitive interface that allows for easy trimming of videos. Similarly, ETL tools streamline the process of extracting, transforming, and loading data, enabling efficient data management and analysis. You can also add basic effects and transitions, as well as audio tracks. You can also add basic effects and transitions, as well as audio tracks.

  • Mobile Tools

With the rise of smartphone cameras, you can make use of mobile video editing. The apps are designed for quick and easy edits on your phone or tablet, making them ideal for social media content creators.

Similar to online tools, mobile editing applications offer basic trimming options along with simple effects and transitions. Some also have advanced features like multi-track editing and chroma keying for more professional edits.

6 Best Video Cutting Tools to Try

Desktop Video Cutters

1. Movavi Video Editor

Need an intuitive, quick, and creative video editing software? Use Movavi Video Editor’s simple tools to arrange, merge, trim, and cut your footage and add music, titles, filters, and transitions from a vast library. Make video presentations, tutorials, product demos, and more —  whatever your video editing needs are!

How to cut a video using Movavi Video Editor:

  1. Get the program from the website and install it on your PC or laptop. 
  2. Create a new project and import video clips by clicking “Add media files” in the bin or just dragging and dropping them straight on the timeline.
  3. Use the “Blade” tool above the timeline to find precise spots to cut your footage. If you enjoy the classic ‘Split’ more, move the red marker to the cut point, then click the scissors icon on the toolbar.
  4. Select the part of the video you want to remove and press “Delete” on your keyboard.
  5. Click “Export” to save your final video in the desired format and quality.

2. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a powerful video editing platform suited for more intermediate editors. With its precise timeline editing, frame-by-frame trimming, and multi-track capabilities, this video cutter provides the tools necessary for intricate video cutting and different advanced editing tasks.

Here’s how to cut using Pinnacle Studio:

  1. Install and launch the video editing software on your computer.
  2. Go to the “Import” tab to add your video files to the project. Drag your video onto the timeline afterward.
  3. Scrub through the video to the point where you want to cut, then click the “Split Clip” button (the one with a razor blade icon).
  4. Remove unnecessary segments and go to the “Export” tab once satisfied with the edits.


3. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a feature-rich, non-linear video-cutting software that offers a robust set of tools for editing videos without a hefty price tag. The interface is pretty decent, but it may take some time to get used to for beginners. The software is also available for Windows users only.

To make precise cuts using VSDC:

  1. Open VSDC Free Video Editor and choose “New Project” to start.
  2. Click on “Import Content” and select the video files you need.
  3. Select the area by dragging the start and end markers and select “Cut out content”. Repeat for the other points.
  4. Make any other necessary adjustments and hit “Export Project”.


Mobile & Online Video Cutters

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-based editing tool that enables users to edit and finalize their videos directly in a web browser. Users can trim clips, split them into smaller segments, and rearrange them on the timeline to craft the perfect narrative. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the video-cutting process, and its library of royalty-free music and graphics adds polish to any project.

To cut your video into pieces using WeVideo:

  1. Create and log into your WeVideo account.
  2. Start a new project. Upload your video file through the “Import” button or from Google Drive, Dropbox, and some other platforms.
  3. Use the preview window to trim the beginning and end points of the video. Drag the video file in the media bin to the timeline.
  4. Click on “Finish” to save or share your video.

5. Animoto

Animoto is an online video maker that excels in creating videos quickly and efficiently. While it’s more known for its automatic video creation features, it also does an impressive job in basic editing tasks. The tool is particularly useful for creating marketing videos, social media content, and personal slideshows with its array of templates and styles.

Cutting videos using Animoto is easy:

  1. Make an account on the website, log in, and create a video project.
  2. Click “Upload” and select the video file from your computer.
  3. Hover over the video clip, click on the “Trim” button, and adjust the handles to the desired start and end points.
  4. Apply any other edits or add effects as needed. Press “Produce” to finalize your video.

6. Kizoa

Kizoa is a web-based movie editor that offers a wide range of editing tools, including video cutting. It also features a variety of transitions, effects, and text options to enhance your videos. Additionally, it provides templates for specific projects, such as invitations, presentations, and social media posts.

To make clips using Kizoa, do the following:

  1. Open Kizoa and click “Add photos/videos” to add your video.
  2. In the editing window, use the arrows to shorten the video duration.
  3. Select “Cut the clip” to create a short portion of the video.
  4. Adjust further or click “Download.”

7. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is a versatile and user-friendly tool that stands out in the realm of video editing. Designed for ease of use, it caters to both beginners and professionals who need to create and edit videos quickly. With its intuitive interface, Adobe Express allows users to trim, cut, and splice video clips effortlessly, making it ideal for creating content for social media, marketing, and personal projects.

Additionally, it offers a variety of templates, graphics, and audio options, enabling users to enhance their videos with professional-quality elements. Adobe Express integrates seamlessly with other Adobe products, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for more advanced editing needs. Whether you’re looking to make quick adjustments or produce polished, engaging videos, Adobe Express provides the essential features to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Cutting video clips helps divide your large video files into small pieces and choose the best parts to tell the story. Whether you prefer desktop software with its comprehensive editing capabilities or the accessibility of online platforms, there’s a tool out there to suit your needs. 

The best way to improve your video editing skills is through practice and experimentation, so don’t hesitate to dive into video trimming techniques and improve your editing skills.

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