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Complete Guide To CityFibre Broadband and Cost

You may have heard about Cityfibre broadband and other connectivity solutions but are confused about whether you should get it for your business or not. To help you out, we have gathered all the necessary information in this comprehensive guide to Cityfibre broadband. Keep on reading so that you can make an informed decision.


With the increasing demand for reliable internet connection at the commercial and residential levels, the number of internet service providers has also increased. When it comes to finding a connectivity solution for your business, you can see numerous options present in the market. 


Some are experienced and well-known providers, while others are new in the market. With the increasing demand, these providers are offering competitive rates and attractive packages to engage more customers. CityFibre is relatively new in town and is growing rapidly in different cities and towns due to its high-quality service.

What Is CityFibre Broadband?

Numerous established Fibre network wholesale providers are present in the market, but CityFibre has become the largest alternative provider of full-fibre connection. The company was founded with an aim to create a new generation of full-fibre infrastructure for the UK that can change the digital capabilities of businesses and citizens.

In other words, CityFibre wants to transform and future proof digital infrastructure of the UK, which is a huge task but is already in full swing.


Today it is operating the UK’s finest and largest full-fibre platform. The high-quality digital infrastructure enables its wholesale customers to serve highly reliable, gigabit speed, and future-proof Ethernet, broadband and 5G connections to businesses, homes, schools or hospitals. In addition, you can see that CityFibre pricing is competitive so that more of its customers can get a reliable connection and enjoy the other benefits.

It is making significant investments in Fibre optic infrastructure throughout the country, and as a result, a range of multiple fibre infrastructure projects are running in 51 UK cities and towns.

If we get into more details, we can see that currently, Cityfibre broadband is covering:

  • 2,80,000 businesses
  • 4 million homes
  • 7,800 cell sites
  • Over 100 data centres
  • 28,000 public sector sites

It can be a network that is fit for the future with the potential to support every business and unlimited capacity. You can get its services through a vast network of CityFibre providers that are operating all across the country.

Full Fibre Connection

You may not know the term Full Fibre because it is usually known as FTTP (Fibre To The Premises). Full Fibre is used to describe an internet connection that entirely consists of fibre optic cable. A fibre optic cable runs from the internet service provider to the exchange and from the exchange to your premises. Therefore, it offers more reliability as compared to FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet), which uses traditional copper cables as a part of the journey. However, FTTC can deliver impressive speeds but not upto 1Gbps or as impressive as FTTP.    Full Fibre is considered a gold standard in connectivity. When you have such a connection for your business, the use of cloud-based applications, VoIP and tasks such as remote backups becomes easier than ever. In addition, there will be no downtime or poor-quality video calls but only a high-quality connection that can meet your online requirements. To sum up, ultrafast speed, fixed bandwidth and unmatched reliability.

Benefits Of CityFibre Broadband For Your Business

With CityFibre, you can get a full-fibre connection for business. Whether you are a small company with a few employees or a large organisation with hundreds of employees, their Full Fibre connection can help you work faster, smart and cost-efficiently. Now, let’s dive deeper to understand how a Full Fibre connection benefits your business.

1. Symmetrical Speeds And Low Latency

When you have a Full Fibre connection on your premises, you are able to receive symmetrical and Gigabit-capable download and upload speeds. It means you can share large data files within no time, and ultimately it will save you time. 


This way, you can increase the productivity and efficiency of your business. Furthermore, unlike traditional broadband connection, it does not include copper cables which mean there is no restriction to network speed, and you can get practically limitless capacity.

2. Resilience And Reliability

A FullFibre connection is the best channel to deliver business-critical services. Fibre optic connections are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and it means less maintenance or repair is required. Furthermore, CityFibre provides a network that ensures the quality of business and the standard that businesses expect and demand.

3. Cloud Computing And Remote Backup

A full-fibre connection has the capacity to support your business now as well as in the future when the digital needs of your business grow. The increased use of cloud services and applications has changed the way businesses work and improved their efficiency of businesses. 


With the CityFibre network, bandwidth will no longer be a barrier to your business growth, and you can use cloud services in the best way and increase your business productivity.

4. The CityFibre Network

CityFibre network is complex yet fast-growing, and it consists of a long-distance network (LDN) and metro networks.
CityFibre has 42 metro footprints working in more than sixty towns and cities throughout the UK. They are working on expanding their network and aiming to provide CityFibre connection in all the areas. 


The long-distance networks connect many of these networks To the UK’s large cities’ peering points. Moreover, this expensive network already covered 90 data centres.

What Makes CityFibre Broadband Different?

You may have questions about why you should get a connectivity solution from CityFibre, how it differs from other providers and why the company calls itself an alternative.

The first thing that makes it different is that its full-fibre and duct network is purpose-built and is independent of the network of any other provider. As a result, it offers two significant benefits to your business which are:

  • More agile option as compared to other providers.
  • Guaranteed resilience

A unique feature of CityFibre which supports this resilience is its unique aspect of being ring-based. It has a robust and flexible design that equals no unnecessary exchange routing. It consists of:

  • Carrier-class network resilience
  • Diverse intercity connections
  • Independent POP locations
  • Proven reliability record
  • Carrier-neutral facilities

CityFibre claims that its rapidly growing network is not only future-proof but is also suitable for households and businesses of all sizes and sectors. The main thing that differentiates CityFibre from other providers is its network design.

It has one network design that is able to serve everything from households to large businesses and social houses to community spaces. Moreover, the independence and flexibility of CityFibre come from its status as an unregulated alt-net provider.

Connectivity Solutions Offered By CityFibre Broadband

The bandwidth requirements of businesses are increasing continuously, and CityFibre is raising its products to meet their needs. Companies that have substantial online connectivity can transform their way of working by connecting themselves with CityFibre’s advanced digital network. 

CityFibre offers a range of products for businesses, including active and dark fibre services. Let’s have a closer look at the products offered by CityFibre.

1. Broadband

Most small businesses and residential users choose CityFibre broadband connection because of its cost-effectiveness and coverage. CityFibre offers a wide range of broadband packages for commercial and residential sectors. They offer Full Fibre broadbands known as FFTHL2TP and off-net broadband FTTC/P, ADSL and ADSL2+, and you can choose one according to your needs.


It is a broadband connection for the residential sector providing symmetrical speed up to 1Gb. With the increase in technology and advanced devices, the demand for bandwidth in residential sectors has also increased. 


Cityfibre broadband offers reliable and high-speed internet for data-hungry householders. FTTH (Fibre to the home) is a service that delivers a symmetrical, fast speed and future-proof network over fibre optic cables.

Off-net Broadband

In some areas, FTTH services are not available; if it is the case, you can go for FTTC/P, ADSL or ADSL2+. These services are available all across the UK due to CityFibre’s strategic relationship with other carriers. 

It offers lower bandwidth as compared to FTTH and is suitable for small businesses and households that do not need a high-speed connection.

2. Ethernet Services

It is a business-class connectivity solution that is dedicated, fast, secure and always available. Their Ethernet connection provides the fast upload and download speed that you need to complete your business operations efficiently. In addition, it can help you streamline your processes, from using cloud-based servers to video calling and large file sharing.


It offers a range of Ethernet products at competitive pricing, including Ethernet 100, Ethernet 1000 flex, Ethernet 1000 and Ethernet 10,000 pro.

Here are some Salient features of CityFibre Ethernet service.


  • Full commercial flexibility 
  • Speed from 100Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Symmetric bandwidth 
  • Competitive CityFibre Pricing 
  • Robust SLA that ensures repairs within 5 hours 
  • Additional resilience with a backup connection 
  • Scalability for future growth
  • 24/7 customer and technical support through UK based team

3. Dark Fibre

CityFibre broadband also offers long-distance metro dark fibre connections. Dark Fibre is a dedicated and unlit fibre optic connection between two locations. With this type of connection, you can get bespoke connectivity and packages that can be catered to meet your business needs. Providers can use dark fibre strands to connect two locations with their own network equipment and expertise.

Here are some significant features of CityFibre’s Dark Fibre connection:

  • Dedicated and resilient Full Fibre connection.
  • It can run up to 40 km in length.
  • Guaranteed 100% SLA.
  • Continuously growing availability all across the UK.
  • 24/7 technical support and maintenance
  • Five hours repair time for metro dark Fibre.


PWAN stands for private wide area network, and it is also known as IP VPN. This connectivity solution by CityFibre is bringing sites together, including remote workers, onto a single virtual private network. It is very beneficial in terms of operational efficiency, business continuity and security.

Let’s have a look at PWAN’s significant features:

  • A dedicated connection to connect multiple sites. 
  • You can get access to the PWAN management portal. 
  • Multiple ring topologies for resilience.
  • 100% guaranteed service level agreement.
  • Managed Cisco hardware
  • Secure and robust communication infrastructure. 
  • 24/7 monitoring and technical support. 
  • Flexibility and scalability for future growth.
  • Compatibility with all connectivity platforms, including mobile, copper or fibre infrastructure.

How To Get a CityFibre Broadband Connection?

If you have decided to get a connectivity solution from CityFibre, you will think about how to get it. Some of the products are directly available such as some ethernet solutions, but most of the products are available through official resellers and partners.

CityFibre provides the majority of services through these avenues and offers advantages to the businesses looking to join the gigabit revolutionYou can find numerous CityFibre providers or partners in the market.

These providers not only have in-built knowledge of technology but also have established relationships with CityFibre. It means partners are the best place to find the best deals and affordable rates. You can also get these benefits for your business in the form of a tailored package that meets all your needs.

Get CityFibre Broadband Connection From is a growing internet service provider and aims to provide you with the best quality services at competitive market rates. We are partnered with CityFibre and provide you with connectivity solutions at an affordable monthly cost.

In addition, we can guide you during the process of installation as well as product comparison. We have an expert team of customer and technical support and monitor your connection 24/7 so that you can remain online all the time and complete your business operations efficiently.

Summing Up

CityFibre is one of the best Internet service providers offering connectivity solutions at both residential and commercial levels. It has a wide range of products so that users can choose one according to their needs and budget. You can get some of the products directly, while others are only available through partners or resellers.


CityFibre pricing is competitive, and when you get a connection through an official, you can get the most affordable CityFibre pricing and many other benefits.

However, there are many CityFibre providers, so you should always research and compare prices to find the right one. This way, you can get a deal that suits your budget and meet all the needs of your business.

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