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Pros And Cons Of BT Business Broadband in 2022

BT business broadband is well known for its reliability and is popular among businesses for its wide coverage all across the UK. If you are thinking of purchasing this well-known broadband service, you may have several questions in mind, such as what are the pros and cons of BT business broadband.

We all know that there are always new technology developments in the business world. Every business owner wants to make their products or services faster, smarter and better so that they can beat the competition. In order to stay up to speed, your business will need a lightning-quick broadband connection.

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Now you do not need to worry, in this article we are going to describe all the essential things you need to know about this business broadband.

BT Business Broadband

BT Business Broadband is a well-known brand and offers a range of broadband packages for both standard and fibre optic broadbands. With their full-fibre lines, you can get some of the fastest-speed broadband connections. For example, with the BT Halo business full-fibre 900 package, you will have an amazing download and upload speed of 900Mbps/104Mbps.

BT business broadband packages include broadband-only, essential, Halo for business and Halo for complete WiFi. The download speed varies from 76Mbps to 900 Mbps, while the upload speed ranges between 19 Mbps to 104 Mbps. You can choose a BT business broadband deal that suits you the most according to your business budget and other business needs. In addition, these broadbands offer a reliable connection to your business that is unaffected by weather conditions.

Bt offers useful features with its broadband connections such as 4G backup, Guest WiFI, minimum speed guarantee and BT business smart Hub 2. The 4G backup ensures that you will have a continuous internet connection, while Business smart Hub 2 makes sure that you will have an excellent WiFi connection for your employees.

Pros Of BT Business Broadband

To help you out in deciding whether BT broadband is right for your business, we are going to describe the pros and cons. First, let’s have a look at the pros of BT Business broadband:

1. Fast Download Speed

BT business broadband comes with standard download speed 76Mbps and an upload speed 19Mbps. It can be a perfect option for small businesses and businesses which do not rely on the internet for their work. However, if your business is internet critical and you need a high-speed connection, BT offers fibre broadband which is much faster.

With such a broadband connection, you can get 900Mbps download speed and upto 104Mbps upload speed. It can help you in increasing the productivity of your business.

You must keep in mind that the upload and download speed can vary, especially at the time of peak usage. When more people are using your internet connection, there can be a slight slowdown in speed. Moreover, your business location is essential as if you are close to the exchange, your internet speed will be robust and fast.

2. Expert installation

Through green street electrical cabinets, BT broadbands are installed and maintained by highly experienced engineers. It means that your workspace is least disrupted when you make a switch. In addition, if there is any issue in the future, it will be repaired offsite without disrupting your business.

When it comes to installation, setting up, and installation BT offers fast service. Typically, it takes 14 working days to transfer your provider to a new one and installation. But BT usually manages to complete the process in ten working days.

The best thing is that if you are already a BT broadband customer but you want to upgrade your service, it only takes five days in this process. You can continue using your previous service till the switchover date so that you would not be disturbed by lost internet service during this process.

3. Transparency

BT is a well-reputed company that provides you with a realistic internet speed before and after you purchase broadband. It also provides a guaranteed minimum download speed with all types of broadband packages while taking into account all the factors that can slow down the speed during peak usage hours. 

If you think you are getting the guaranteed minimum speed, you can complain about this issue, and BT team members will fix it shortly. However, if BT fails to provide the minimum guaranteed speed 30 days after your complaint, you can exit the contract without paying any fee.

4. Reliability

One of the most significant benefits of BT business is that they are providing a highly reliable BT business broadband service. BT is responsible for the installation of all the exchange lines, and if there is an issue, they can directly fix it. It means that no third party is involved in any process, and repairs happen quickly and efficiently. 

In addition, BT has a service status page where you can see whether it is an area-wide internet issue. You can also connect with agents on chat or call to get information about internet outages.

5. Fixed Price Guarantee

Fixed prices of BT broadband connections are beneficial for small businesses. It means that there is no sudden hot price fluctuation due to changes in the economic situation. Moreover, since you know the prices that you have to pay clearly, you can get a connection without putting pressure on your pocket.

6. Exceptional Hardware

BT has its own exceptional hardware to provide the best quality internet to its customers. All the BT broadband customers connect to the internet via BT”s smart Hub 2 routers. This router is like a residential version and is easy to use. It provides substantial WiFi signals to all the buildings. You need to plug in the switch and turn it on.

7. Guest WiFi

BT broadbands come with a feature named guest WiFi, through which you can provide your customers with free WiFi. This way, you can make your customers happy and keep your data safe.

8. Unlimited Data

BT business broadband gives you another benefit of unlimited data, and it really does mean unlimited. It means you can use as much data without worrying about hidden penalties, caps or catches.

Cons Of BT Business Broadband

Although BT business offers a great service, it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before getting a connection for your business.

1. Lacking Upload Speed

BT offers different business broadband packages. With the standard package, you can get a 19Mbps upload speed. To get a higher upload speed, you have to upgrade to a Full Fibre package that can provide an upload speed up to 104Mbps. Upload speed is an essential thing if your business is internet critical; you have to transfer large data files or stream content online. With a slow upload speed, it can take hours to upload a file or video, which ultimately affects the productivity of your business.

2. Customer Service

It is essential to use open communication for a good working relationship in a business. In case of any issue, such as an internet outage, you will expect your provider to act quickly and do everything to resolve the issue. A significant disadvantage of BT is that it fails in terms of communication. They also offer target times and days for repairs which makes customer service poor compared to other providers.  

Other than these disadvantages, the contract length is 24 months, and you can not get the services for less than 24 months. So, it may not be suitable for businesses that do not want to commit for a longer time. It is not easy for start-up businesses that are in the establishing phase to tie up for two years. Moreover, BT broadband is not a cheaper service so that you can shop around for other providers offering high-quality business broadband connections at an affordable rate.

BT Broadband In Comparison With Other Providers

Now that you know all about BT business broadband, but if you are still confused about whether BT is right for you or not, here we are comparing it with the other well-known providers.

BT Vs Sky

BT and Sky are the two biggest broadband providers in the UK, and both have a lot of benefits that most businesses use their broadbands. Both of them are almost similar in terms of broadband speeds. However, BT is better by a couple of megabits per second.  

If you are looking to get TV to go with your broadband, Sky is a better option. It is the best TV offering in the country, including hundreds of blockbuster movies.

BT Vs Talk Talk

It is totally your choice whether you go for BT or TalkTalk. You can see that BT offers 

more benefits and comes with unique features, but Talk Talk broadband packages are more straightforward and cheaper.  

However, the customer service of Talk Talk has consistently scored below average in recent Ofcom reports. It means that with BT broadband, you can have peace of mind with better customer support.

BT Vs Virgin Media

As we already described, BT has good coverage and is available across most areas of the country. But Virgin Media does not have vast coverage. No doubt its fibre-optic broadband connection is available in most areas, but you may find it challenging to get a connection if you live in a rural area or a small town.

If you are only concerned with the speed of the internet, then Virgin Media is the best option if it is available in your area. However, if you are looking for advanced business broadband, go for BT’s Full fibre broadband that is fast enough to cover all your online activities.

BT Business Broadbands Features And Costs

British Telecom (BT) is the largest broadband provider all across the UK. Due to its excellent infrastructure in the UK, it offers numerous benefits to your business. BT business broadband is mainly divided into two plan types – Essential and Halo. The essential packages are basic packages and are cheaper than the Halo packages.


However, both types of plans are complicated, so you must decide first whether you need an essential or a halo plan, what speed your business requires, and the type of broadband you need. 


Here we are listing pricing plans so you can choose the right BT Business broadband deal for your business.

Broadband Only

Pricing starts from £22.95 per month, download speed 76Mbps, upload speed 19Mbps, smart hub, minimum speed guarantee and guest WiFi.


Pricing from £25.59 per month, download speed 900Mbps, Upload speed 104Mbps, smart Hub & digital phone line, minimum speed guarantee, guest WiFi and landline call on the go.

Halo For Business

Pricing from £36.95 per month, download speed 900Mbps, Upload speed 104Mbps, smart Hub+Hybrid connect & digital phone line, minimum speed guarantee, guest WiFi, landline call on the go, guaranteed 4G backup, one free static IP and expert tech support.

Halo with Complete WiFi

Pricing from £43.95 per month, download speed 900Mbps, Upload speed 104Mbps, a complete WiFi, Hybrid connect, smart Hub & digital phone line, minimum speed guarantee, landline calls on the go, guest WiFi, 4G backup and complete WiFi guaranteed, Tech support and a free static IP. 

We hope that the above information will help you in making an informed decision and selecting a deal that can fulfil all your business needs.

Is BT Broadband Right For Your Business?

We hope that this article is helpful in finding all the essential things about BT broadband. But whether this broadband connection is suitable for your business or not totally depends on the type of your business and what you need from your broadband service.   

BT standard broadband connection can be a better option if you own a small business. It may be more expensive than the other providers, but the benefits like 76Mbps download speed and BT Business Smart Hub 2 are worth spending money on.

BT free fibre connections are perfect for businesses that have heavy online activities. This is because you can get upto 900Mbps download speed, 4g backup and WiFi coverage throughout your workplace.

Bottom Line

Overall, BT business broadband is an excellent service for businesses in the UK. It comes with several advantages, such as a minimum speed guarantee, exceptional hardware and 4G backup. In addition, there are different BT business broadband deals, and you can choose one according to your business size and needs.

However, you must remember that BT is not a cheap option and many other competitors offer better rates, so you should always compare prices to find a suitable deal. BT broadband is a good option, but there is still room for improvements, such as in customer service and pricing.

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