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What Is The Best Alternative To ISDN For Businesses?

BT plans to shift its voice network to VoIP, which is internet telephony and does not run over copper cables. It transfers data faster than traditional telephony systems. It also helps businesses avoid line rent because all a VoIP phone system needs is an internet connection.

40% of UK businesses have already moved towards VoIP and recognized that it offers several key benefits.

Here are a few benefits that help you understand why VoIP can be the best alternative to ISDN:

1. Easy To Add New Lines

Hosted VoIP solutions have a plug-and-play infrastructure and take less time to install. It allows businesses to expand their sales team or call centre quickly.

You can add new lines easily when your business grows without the additional cost of infrastructure or hardware.

2. Flexibility and Convenience

Pairing a SIP line with a cloud-based telephony system allows you to easily transfer calls between locations and use your work lines anywhere using any device.

You do not need to use your office desk to make or receive calls. VoIP offers greater flexibility and convenience to its users.

3. Reduce Line Rent

Since VoIP uses an internet connection to make and receive calls, you do not need to worry about phone bills as much.

However, you must have a reliable internet connection to get a high-quality voice and video when making calls.

Is Your Internet Connection Good Enough To Support VoIP?

Although VoIP does not use much data compared to other services, such as video, you need a high bandwidth to deliver voice on top of everything else.

Some VoIP providers suggest that you must have 5 Mbps down and 2 Mbps upload speed as a small business. Your bandwidth depends on your business needs and Quality of Service priorities.

If you do not have enough bandwidth or do not set your QoS commitments, you may experience poor voice quality and can not enjoy the full benefits.

How Can You Start Switching From ISDN To VoIP?

If you are planning to shift your business phone system from ISDN to VoIP, here are safe steps that you must keep in mind: 

  • First, determine your business needs and outline the key features you expect from your new phone system. 
  • Research and evaluate potential service providers to find one that matches all your needs. 
  • You can contact experts for more information about VoIP to make the right decision. 
  • When moving to VoIP, ensure your internet connection is strong enough to support VoIP for greater audio quality and uptime. 
  • If you are considering transferring your phone line to VoIP, remember to check whether it supports VoIP.

Final Words - Alternatives of ISDN

Existing infrastructure and hardware that rely on this technology will no longer work. Instead, handsets that can work on internet protocol (IP) technology to transmit voice in digital format using an internet connection when making or receiving a call will be needed. The switch is off because ISDN and PSTN have become too old and outdated to maintain advanced business communication. Neither technology can fulfil the increasing demand for high-quality and high-volume data transmission in our hyper-connected digital world. The shift towards cloud-based solutions and the emergence of IP technology has made it a much more advanced system.

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