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Notarization of Documents in UAE Remotely

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Notary offices are the most frequently visited places, as many people visit them every day. The shift to online procedures has made the work of notaries, businessmen, and individuals easier.

People choose to notarize a document in UAE instead of appearing in person before a notary, as was the case in the past. This measure helped many individuals and businesses who had to stop essential transactions due to the imposition of the curfew. This avoided potential damages and losses and made it easier to complete the work online.

Dynasty Business Adviser experts contribute to business development by verifying the authenticity of power of attorney, commercial contracts, certificates, licenses, company founding documents, and other legal documents.

Even private individuals need remote notary services. They need to draw up contracts to purchase and sell real estate and wills, legalize foreign documents, and create power of attorney for individuals.

Online vs. Traditional Notary Services

i. Traditional Notary Services

In-person meetings and personal presence are fundamental to the conventional notary procedure. In this model, those who want a document notarized have to come to a commissioned notary in person, provide identification, and sign the paper in front of the notary. In response, the notary issues an official seal or stamp to the document after confirming the signatories’ identity and willingness to sign.

This conventional method has long involved legal requirements and embodied a concrete relationship between the parties and the notary. Conventional notary services are difficult, even if they are real and have a long history. Logistically, this necessity for physical presence can be problematic, particularly when dealing with international transactions or when signatories are located far away.

Furthermore, the conventional method could take a long time and might need to catch up with the speed of the modern digital business world. Notarization in person is required for certain transactions, which can cause delays that affect productivity and efficiency.

ii. Online Notary Services

The emergence of virtual notary services signifies a fundamental change in the notarization environment. Online notary services use safe digital platforms to enable the notarization procedure remotely, driven by technological improvements. Signatories can submit their documents online, and the notarization is performed by a certified online notary using video conferencing facilities. The notary keeps a careful digital record of the transaction while confirming identities, seeing the signing, and applying a seal on the document.

Documents that Can be Notarized Online in the UAE

Notarization is the process of officially certifying a document. It aims to confirm the authenticity of the signature indicated in the document.

The following documents can be notarized online after the Dubai Court announces that some work will be carried out online:

  • Power of attorney
  • Legal notices
  • Acknowledges
  • Notarization of the contract with the local service agent


Other documents, such as the application form regarding the Founding Agreement of a commercial enterprise and its annexes, must be notarized only by a private notary in cooperation with the Dubai Economic Department.

The document to be notarized must be written in English and Arabic, either in Arabic or in a certified double format.

Procedure of Document Notarization in UAE

Online notarization is currently seen as the future of the notary industry. It provides unrivaled convenience, fraud protection, and increased security to businesses and consumers.

The method of getting documents notarized online in the UAE is as follows:

  • The candidate should download the BOTIM app from the app store.
  • Applications must be submitted online using the Notary Public Dubai website.
  • The emailed emails must include all relevant papers and information, including but not limited to the following:
  1. The name of the applicants and signatures, mobile number, address, UAE ID, and confirmation of capacity/authority.
  • The document that needs to be attested proves the applicant’s authorization, if relevant.
  • Finally, if the application is submitted on behalf of the company, a trade license must be issued to it.

Benefits of Document Notarization in Dubai

The process of notarizing documents online has made things easier overall. Below is a list of the fundamental benefits of conducting the notarization process online:

  • Notarization of papers no longer requires physical presence.
  • There is less crowding at public notary offices, and the procedure is now safer and more efficient.
  • This makes the process more convenient and saves notary officers and business owners time.
  • It provides additional protection to the applicants.


The market for notarial services in the United Arab Emirates has intriguing offers. For instance, Dynasty Business Advisor is licensed to represent businesses inside and outside the United Arab Emirates. These are professionals with tax planning and international law qualifications in our workforce.

How Secure is Online Document Authentication?

Online document authentication is accomplished using a trustworthy and secure electronic service. Once the client provides copies and scans of the necessary paperwork, the notary schedules an online session. When conducting a video conference, you will need to present genuine documents to the camera to verify your identification.

Documents that you get through the mail that have been notarized. Since fraudsters can intercept documents, you should always use a safe password to protect your correspondence. The dependability and standing of the business you are dealing with also play a role in the transaction’s security.

Formulation and Change of Corporate documents

The following services for the registration and modification of specific corporate documents are possible:

  1. Creating and amending the company’s founding documents.
  2. Notarial certificates for business sales and purchases.
  3. Adding new founders to the documents.
  4. Notarial decisions made by the firm’s founders.
  5. Making unique changes to the company statute.


Notary services in Dubai are essential for completing legal transactions, verifying the legitimacy of papers, and maintaining the accuracy of several procedures. Online notary services have become more prevalent in Dubai, which improves accessibility and efficiency when managing necessary legal processes.

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