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A leased line connection is becoming popular among businesses due to its characteristics and benefits. It is an exclusive type of internet connection that offers a dedicated connection with symmetrical speeds. It helps users to send and receive data quickly from one location to another.

A leased-line is commonly used by businesses that rely on an internet connection to complete their daily tasks. In this article, we are going to describe the benefits and drawbacks of leased lines to help you find whether you should get this internet connectivity solution for your business or not.

Ultra Fast Internet Connection

In the past ten years, internet connectivity has improved exponentially. Now the days of working with lethargic and slow internet connections are a part of the past. Ultrafast fibre connectivity solutions are replacing conventional ADSL and broadband connections.

In this era of digitalization, every business needs to have an online appearance to reach its customers. Most companies use cloud-based applications that require a high-quality internet connection to work efficiently. That is why businesses are shifting towards leased lines from traditional broadband connections. 

Leased Line Advantages And Disadvantages

If you are a business owner and thinking of getting a leased line connection, some questions might come to your mind. For example, do you need a leased line connection difference between leased line and broadband and what will be the advantages and disadvantages of the leased line for your business? Here are some advantage  and disadvantages of leased line.


Advantages Of Leased Line

You can have a number of benefits when you purchase a leased line connection for your workplace. Following are some of the benefits:

  • Reliability
  • Fast Speed
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Improved Communication
  • Highly Secure Connection

1. Reliability

If you are running a business that is internet critical, a simple DSL broadband connection will not be reliable enough. You will need a connection that is uncontended and offers a guaranteed speed at all times. A business leased line provides you with a connection without contention from other companies.

Moreover, you do not need to worry about a fair usage policy because you can use as much data as you want for a monthly price that you agree to pay.

Your internet speed would not drop even at peak traffic hours which means you can maintain your performance level 24/7, complete projects on time and communicate with your clients to close the deals confidently.

2. Fast Speed

If you have a consumer-based broadband connection, the speed of your internet connection can be affected by a number of factors such as the number of users, the amount and the type of data you are transferring. Moreover, at peak times, other people also use the same connection speed even slower, which will affect the performance and productivity of your business. However, with the lease line, it is not the case.

There is no conflict ratio with a leased line as it is a dedicated line with all the bandwidth for you to use. Therefore, the speed is not slow even at peak working hours, and it is not affected by the type of data being transferred. Above all, the best thing about the leased line is that it offers symmetrical speed, which means you will have the same upload and download speed. On the other hand, broadband offers slower upload speed compared to download speed.

3. Service Level Agreement

Another advantage of leased line connection is that it comes with a robust service level agreement (SLA). These agreements describe the level of service that you can expect from your service provider. Leased line providers continuously monitor your internet connection so that it is fixed in a timely manner if any fault occurs.

Sometimes the issue is fixed even before a user knows. In a business, time is a very precious thing, and it is equal to money. For critical internet businesses, it is unbearable to waste hours or days fixing any internet connection issue. That is why business owners prefer dedicated leased lines over broadband internet. In a broadband connection, there is no time guaranteed by the provider to fix a problem.

4. Improved Communication

A leased line provides an ultra-fast speed and highly reliable internet connection that is very helpful for companies who have team members or clients in different areas. They can communicate and effectively interact with team members. They can use VoIP telephony and video conferencing to share ideas and discuss projects with clients and team members.

5. Highly Secure Connection

A leased line connection is more secure than a broadband connection. As this connection is not shared with any other local user or business, it provides increased security. In addition, the exchange of data takes place between locations that you manage. Therefore, a dedicated line is great for your business because your business information is kept in a safe location.

Disadvantage Of Leased Line

Although a fibre leased line offers several benefits, there are some disadvantages that you should also consider.

  • Long Installation Time
  • High Cost

1. Long Installation Time

Installation of leased line connection is much more complex than the installation of conventional broadband connection. That is why it can take months instead of weeks. You do not need to install a new broadband connection setup, as it can work on your pre-existing phone circuit.

However, you will require a completely new circuit to connect your workplace with the leased line provider’s network for a leased line installation.

2. High Cost

It is a fact that a leased line is much more expensive than a broadband connection. Most often, a broadband connection has a fixed price. But the cost of a leased line connection depends on a number of factors, including the location of your premises, the bandwidth of your connection, the speed you want and the availability of service in your area.

Moreover, if you’re going to add voice capability along with data transmission, it will cost more. However, the features and benefits you receive from a leased line show that it is worth spending money on.



There are several leased line providers present in the UK offering different packages. You can choose a package according to your business requirements. If you own a small business, you must go for a leased line for small businesses, and there are separate leased line packages for corporate and medium-sized businesses. If you want to find cheap leased line connections, you should shop around and make price comparisons.

Why Do You Need A Leased Line?

If you are looking simply for a business internet connection, several fast and cost-effective options are present in the market that can fulfil your needs. It is essential to understand that a leased line is different from other internet connections. It provides a connection that you do not need to share with any other local business and ensures a guaranteed symmetrical speed.

If you own a large business or your business processes are dependent on the internet, and you can not even afford the loss of internet for a short time, then a leased line is an ideal solution. You will need a leased line if your business is internet critical or you need to connect with remote offices or geographically distant offices.

With a leased line, you will get an ultra-fast and fixed speed for which you have paid. As a result, you can share large files within no time and increase your business's performance and productivity.

What Are Leased Lines Used For?

Generally leased lines are used for the following purposes:

  • Provide internet connection to corporate offices. 
  • Connect servers and PCs in multiple locations. 
  • Carry data between sites and share IT resources. 
  • Connect several corporate offices and local area networks together.
  • Carry voices and video calls. 
  • Allows remote connections to connect to the head office PC. 

Leased Line Vs Broadband

A leased line offers a unified and dedicated network between your business premises and local telephone exchange, and you will be the only user of your leased line connection. Whereas a business broadband connection is not exclusive, you have to share it with other businesses in your area.

The benefits of leased lines are not limited to the dedication, but they also offer a synchronous speed for upload and download. Many corporate businesses now use VoIP telephony, and cloud-based application leased lines help enterprises to use such applications efficiently. However, with a broadband connection, cloud-based applications can not perform efficiently.

There is no limit to data usage. When you have a leased line connection, you can transfer unlimited data. Whereas even unlimited broadband usually comes with fair use provision. It restricts you on how much you can download by slowing your internet speed if you use it too much.

Moreover, the speed also slows down at peak hours or high traffic times. Therefore a leased line is a preferable option for businesses depending on the internet for their day to day processes.


Now that you know all the positive and negative aspects of a leased line, you can make an informed decision on whether you should go for a leased line connection or not. If your business is not internet critical, you can choose broadband and save your money. However, if your business processes depend on the internet connection, you should select a leased line connection to increase performance and productivity. 

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