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How to Connect ChatGPT to the Internet?

Over the past few years, technology has greatly evolved. It all started from a simple landline phone to a cell phone with the internet. In the past, it was impossible to chat with someone over the phone, and now you can also see them, chat with them from anywhere in the world. No one ever imagined that even this would be possible.

Now all of this is a fallback; it’s getting common because things have reached too far with the emergence of AI. Artificial intelligence has completely changed our lives and benefits many industries. It is the ability of computer systems to solve problems just like humans. The AI works by copying human thought, then taking action by analyzing data in its surroundings and solving problems.

The latest invention of artificial intelligence is the chatbot. The software uses AI to prompt human conversion through text messages or voice notes. Voice assistants are also  an application  of AI; for example, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft Cortana all of these are gaining popularity in meeting consumers’ household needs as well as others.

Let’s talk about the most hyped AI chatbot of these days,  ChatGPT and find how to connect it to the internet.

What is ChatGPT?

In ChatGPT, GPT stands for generative pre-training transformer. It is an AI chatbot that can generate human-like content based on the information inserted in it. Due to  a large language model, it has a wide range of information from the internet containing Wikipedia and different research papers or articles. It allows Chat GPT to complete an arrangement of words the user inserts, whether an incomplete sentence or fill-in-the-blanks.

The process happens repetitively, from generating sentences from words to generating essays, paragraphs, or articles.

For the training of ChatGPT, reinforcement learning from human feedback(RLHF) is used. This feedback accepts human responses in order to improve future results that will satisfy human needs.

Can You connect Chatgpt to the Internet?

Even though you have to remain connected to the internet while using ChatGPT, the results will still depend only on the trained data of this AI chatbot. If you want to use ChatGPT and get more up-to-date information regarding every topic, the only way to do it is by getting a ChatGPT Plus membership.

ChatGPT allows users of the facility to use GPT-4; it provides you with up-to-date information, and results will be based on current affairs. It uses a different search engine, Bing Search.

If you are using an unpaid account, you won’t get this facility; the results you will get will not include current data from the Internet. Below are some steps mentioned to connect ChatGPT to the internet:

1. Attach the Web ChatGPT Chrome Extension

The first step is to add the webChatGPT extension to your web browser by following these steps:

And you are ready to use ChatGPT with internet excess.

2. Log on ChatGPT

Logging into ChatGPT is the next procedure:

  • Add a new tab in google chrome
  • Search for chatGPT login or click this link:
  • Now, log into your open AI account
  • Ensure that the web access switch is turned on

3. Preferences Set Up

Once you log in, the next step is to select your preferences for the webChatGpt extension:

  • In the ChatGPT text box, there will be 4 options
  • You can choose  how many search results you want, like 3 or 4
  • Select from which section you want to get results 
  • You can also choose the time of data to get the latest data
  • The default prompt option is also available

4. Use ChatGPT Live Search

The facility to get live information is very beneficial to better understand topics or queries. Just by typing in your ChatGpt chatbox, you can search for anything.

5. How to Turn off Web Access

You can do it conveniently if you want to convert your ChatGPT to its old version. Just tap on the switch of WebAccess, and it will turn off within seconds.

Who Invented ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was launched on November 30, 2022, by an AI-researched company, Open AI, which operates in San Francisco. Open AI was established in 2015 by Elon Musk and Sam Altman.

This company also introduced several other products like Dell-E, an AI art creator. It can make images based on text instructions. Many investors support open AI, but a prominent one is Microsoft Being.

Uses of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is fulfilling our everyday needs by giving us more knowledge and information about things happening around the world.

It is a versatile invention, and the uses of this superb technology are far beyond just having human conversations. It has several functions; let’s go through them one by one:

1. Content Generation

ChatGPT is a content creator, just like other AI creators. Users just need to insert what he wants. He can enter and write an essay on environmental pollution if he wants an essay.

At the very next moment, he will see a complete essay written before his eyes. The content it provides will be saved as a draft; it always leaves room for amendments by the user.

 It can write social media posts, solve complex mathematical problems, write assignments, and write press releases for you. Even if you are bored, you can ask it to crack a joke, and it will.

2. Edit, Interpret and Compile Content

One more useful function of ChatGPT is that it can also edit data for you. It can do it for you if you want to translate data into a different language. Also, it can compile data for you and make a single paragraph from data from different pages.

If you are writing a blog and data is available on different pages, you can’t jump repeatedly from one page to another. It will summarize the whole data for you in one page.

3. Write in Code

ChatGPT can also write codes for you, which means it can not only code its own language. But it can also convert code from one language to another and amend the existing codes. ChatGPT has information of numerous documentation as compared to any individual programmer.

This is why it can write codes just in a second, along with a step-by-step guide to the complete coding process.

Few developers were so amazed by the capabilities of ChatGPT, even though they used it to generate their apps.

4. Answers Query

ChatGPT can also be utilized as a search engine. Rather than showing a  list of websites, it entertains you with its answers according to your question.

For example, if you will ask what should I give my mom on Mother’s Day?. It will answer you with a list of gifts. Many people used it as a relationship adviser, and they asked questions regarding their finances.

5. Assist in Customer Service

Many companies are using ChatGPT to assist customer service. It is helping a lot in fulfilling customers’ needs. In large-scale companies, customers often complain about late responses from sellers.

Now, using ChatGPT, companies are responding promptly to customers’ queries and complaints. For instance, if they want to write an email to apologize for late delivery, they simply ask ChatGPT to write it down and send it in a few minutes. And as a result, they are enjoying increased sales.

How to Use ChatGPT?

After logging into your account, you must learn how to use it. So, let’s get started:

1. New Chat Option

You will see an option for a new chat on the left side of your screen. By selecting it, you can start a new chat.

This feature is very helpful because ChatGPT gets records of previous chats and you can access your old chats whenever you want.

2. History of Chat

On the left side of the toolbar, there is an option for chat history. It keeps a backup of all your chats, and you can access your previous chats at any time.

Tuning off the chat history option is available. You can also share your chat history with anyone and rename any chat.

3. Account Settings

By tapping on your e-mail address or your name, you can approach your account information,

which includes setting your personal information, privacy settings or logout option, and FAQs if you are facing any bugs.

4. Copy Responses

When ChatGPT gives you results for your queries, there will be a button to rate that result. This button will appear next to the results, which shows the thumbs up, thumbs down, or copy option.

You can copy the responses and paste them anywhere. Also, if you find these responses useful, you can give a thumbs up. This feedback will be very helpful for ChatGPT to improve any kind of bugs.

5. Reconstruct Responses

If you are unsatisfied with the results or responses which ChatGPT has shown, you can select the option to regenerate results. It will again provide you with some latest results.

Limitations of ChatGPT

Despite the amazing benefits of ChatGPT, it also has some imperfections which need to be fixed.

Following are some of the limitations of ChatGPT:

i. Faulty and Incorrect Data

ChatGPT does not provide correct information, and sometimes it provides wrong information. Because it is an AI robot, it provides only those answers which are programmed into it.

It feels that those answers are right, so it also manipulates humans that the response is correct. Or if we ask a tricky question, it will try to answer it by every possibility instead of saying I can’t answer.

Discrimination in Responses

It provides biased responses; as we know, every day, different issues are raised about racism and sexism. And we humans don’t accept such factors in our society.

We respect the whole of mankind. But as a chatbot, it can’t differentiate in such matters and does not know how important such unnecessary events are. Despite preventing these issues, ChatGPT discusses them briefly.

ii. Plagiarism

ChatGPT’s data does not contain plagiarism because it does not copy data from any site or anyone’s data.

But from an academic point of view, professors consider it copied data and call it plagiarized data.

iii. Increasing Unemployment

Since robots replaced human tasks, the employment rate has been increasing worldwide.

Same in this scenario, chatGPT disrupts the job of writers. Now, these ChatRobot are doing the jobs of our humans.

Final Words - Connect ChatGPT to the Internet

ChatGPT is doing people’s life easy by giving them auto-generated data and information. It is advancing day by day, introducing new and advanced features. By connecting it to the internet, you can get the latest information which can be useful for you in many ways. Despite its limitations, it has huge benefits for all businessmen, job holders, and students. By using it efficiently, you can also enjoy its benefits and can make your life easier.

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