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How Leased Line Connection Can Help Your Business |

A leased line connection can be a perfect solution to meet all your business needs. It provides you with a reliable, secure and uncontended internet connection with symmetric and ultra-fast speed. If you are new to this term, you may have many questions about how a leased line connection works and why you should choose it as your business internet connection. Keep on reading to find out more about leased lines.

Everything we do in business now involves the internet. From doing emails to running marketing campaigns, our business relies on the internet. That is why a traditional broadband connection is no longer enough to complete your business processes. There is nothing more frustrating than internet outages, non-responsive web applications and slow page loading.

If you want to grow your business, you can not afford to lose half of the working hours because your broadband stops working at peak hours. Therefore you need an internet connection that is 100% reliable.

Broadband vs Cloud-Based Service

As most companies move to cloud-based communication and storage thus the way they use the internet is changing. With this changing usage pattern of the internet, the drawbacks of broadband are becoming more prominent to business owners.

Broadband is a connection that most of us use at home for internet access. There is nothing wrong with it for domestic use and even for small businesses . But for large organizations that heavily rely on cloud-based services and the web, broadband is not the right option.

To improve connectivity, more and more companies are now turning towards leased lines. Before you get a leased line connection, you may think about how leased lines can benefit your business. This article will help you to understand the importance of leased lines for your business.

How Does Leased Line Work?

A business leased line is a private connection that is delivered directly to premises for the exclusive use of your business. One thing that makes leased lines different from other internet connections is that you do not need to share your bandwidth with other users. A leased line works by sending light pulses over a pure fibre optic cable. The data that is transferred travels with the speed of light.

Whenever data has been shared, the equipment on both ends looks for a light signal. It represents the binary 0s and 1s of digital data. At one end, equipment turns the light on or off according to the binary data and equipment on send end record and store this data and convert the light signal back into binary data. The speed of transmission mainly depends on how the equipment on both ends recognizes the light.

Do You Need Leased Line Connection?

To find out your business need a leased line connection, you must consider the following things:

1. No Of Employees

The need for a business leased line depends on the number of employees working in your office. If you have only two employees, there is no need for such an internet connection. The more employees, the more will be the need for an uncontended internet so that no one will suffer for the internet to complete tasks. You can increase the bandwidth of your leased line when your business grows.

2. Need Of Internet Connection

It is worth considering how the loss of internet connection disturbs your business and staff performance. If your employees are not able to complete their tasks without an internet connection ten a continuous connectivity is vital for your business. Leased line connection is provided through fibre optic cable, which is less prone to environmental interference. Moreover, it is not shared with anyone, so you can get a reliable and continuous connection to perform your day to day tasks.

3. Data You Send

Another thing that you should look at before getting a leased line connection is how much data you send. It includes sending emails and considers the processes you run involving the internet, such as VoIP calls , cloud backups, or file sharing. Your internets upload speed affects all these processes. Traditional broadbands offer low upload speed. However, with a leased line, you can get the same upload and download speeds.

4. Cloud Or VoIP Apps Usage

If you use cloud-based appsor VoIP, you need a reliable internet connection. Otherwise, these products may not work in the way they should be. A leased line can help you in handling a number of phone calls simultaneously, even if other team members are using the internet for sending emails.

5. Do You Have Multiple Sites?

It can be challenging to collaborate and share files with a slow internet connection if you have multiple office sites. With a leased line connection, you can solve this problem. Moreover, if your team members are working remotely or at a client’s premises, a leased line offers a speedy and secure network for this purpose.

In order to improve connectivity, more and more companies are now turning towards leased lines. Therefore, it is essential to look at its benefits to your business to understand why you should choose a leased line connection.

Benefits Of Leased Line

Compared to broadband, a leased line is a connection dedicated for your use and guarantees a speed that is unmatched with other connectivity products. It offers a symmetric speed that allows you to upload or download heavy files without any delay. Leased line connection also improves video conferencing and applicationsthat require high bandwidth.

Due to an uncontended connection, you do not need to compete with anyone else. Along with the benefits in terms of performance, the leased line is secure, and there are fewer chances of data interception.

All of this means that you will receive guaranteed download and upload speeds with a leased line connection. When you have a dedicated circuit, you can feel a big difference in the everyday practicality of internet service. In this age of technology, where most of your business processes rely on cloud-based systems, a major advantage of a leased line is that it makes more reliable use of VoIP telephony and video conferencing.

Let's look at different ways in which a leased line can benefit your business.

1. Access To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become an essential business tool, from heavy data storage to customer relationship management and other crucial business functions. For cloud computing, bandwidth capabilities and speed are vital, and a leased line connection offers a fast speed that allows you to access the data and applications stored on the cloud.

With a leased line connection, you will not face any delay while accessing your cloud-hosted information. In this way, your sales team can communicate with customers and clients in a better way. If you are moving your business towards cloud computing, a  leased line connection is necessary for your business.

2. Contention

One other advantage of the leased line is that it has no contention ratio. It means that the connection will not slow down during additional demand at peak hours. It is an important factor that internet-based businesses consider, specifically those which have their own web servers. In addition, there is no usage cap on data amount with a leased line, you can transfer either, and you will not have to pay an unexpected bill for exceeding your data allowance at the end of the month.

3. Symmetrical Speed

Have you noticed your brand provides a much faster download speed than the upload speed? It might work well for consumers or customers who need an internet connection for browsing, video streaming, scrolling social media or consuming content in general.

But for businesses, upload speed is equally important as download speed to perform crucial tasks such as sending files to clients, sharing resources with team members and completing cloud-based payments. Leased line speedis perfect for performing day to day tasks of the business, and it keeps your business running at ultra-fast speed.

4. Connecting Different Sites

Although most businesses use leased lines for connecting to the internet, they also play a role in connecting different parts of your business. For instance, if you host multiple sites that need a central data centre, then a leased line is a perfect way to connect them.

It will help you to control all your sites, no matter wherever you are. Furthermore, you can transfer large files more quickly and securely. Data-hungry cloud applications such as VoIP phone calls and video conferencing work better with leased line connections.

5. Connection Reliability

Compared with traditional broadband connections, leased line connections are more reliable. This connection is delivered over fibre cables instead of copper. Fibre is stronger and less susceptible to weather conditions that affect the data transfer through copper cables. Moreover, fibre is also least affected by electrical interference unless it is cut physically.

An unreliable internet connection can have a negative impact on your business both in productivity and cost. If you face unexpected downtime, it can bring communication and productivity to a complete halt. Therefore, if you need a connection to access online applications and internet communication, reliability is vital.

6. Service Level Agreements

For business users, reliability and service level agreement (SLA) is vital. Both these things come with leased lines. A service level agreement means a business has a service guarantee. The advantage of SLA is that even when there is a problem, it may be able to keep going at a lower speed depending on the type of your circuit. Furthermore, it is business-oriented support, so all the issues are resolved quickly and easily.

7. Low Latency

Another thing to consider for your business internet connection is latency. Internet speed depends on two factors that are bandwidth and latency. Latency is used to describe delays in data processing over an internet connection. 

Fibre leased lines eliminate most latency issues that cable internet users face. The symmetrical speed of the leased line connection reduced the latency in uploading or downloading high-definition content such as videos. Low latency can also bring other benefits for your business, including high voice quality, uninterrupted download of large files, and the ability to move applications on the cloud.

8. Better Security

Companies are more concerned about cyber security, and leased lines offer much higher security than broadband connections. This is because the data connection occurs between points controlled by your business, and you are not sharing data on a public data network. It does not mean that you are totally immune to data leaks or hacking, but you have more security measures in place.

With all the benefits mentioned above, you can imagine how much you can increase productivity and earn more profit by using leased line connection. So now it is time to shift from broadband to leased line connection to get a secure, reliable and uncontended connection with ultra-high-speed.

Is It Good To Invest In Leased Line Connection?

With a leased line broadband connection, you will get a connection that meets all your business needs. If your business relies on an internet connection to communicate with clients and stakeholders and utilises cloud-based applications, a leased line can be a valuable investment.

It keeps you online all the time by providing a resilient, reliable and high-speed internet connection. In a business, time is the most crucial thing and is equal to money. If a leased line keeps you productive and connected, the return on investment would be huge.

Leased Line Service

The leased line comes with robust service level agreements, and all the leased line providers offer their customers excellent support. However, sometimes you may need a little extra support from your internet service provider. promises to provide the best customer support and resolve all the issues within the lowest possible time. Our customer support strives to offer high-class services that can be even better than Bt leased line support that is UK’s no one leased line provider. Our customer support service is available round the clock whenever you need it.

Now that you understand the benefits of leased line connection for your business, it can be easier for you to choose whether you need it or not. However, when it comes to purchasing a connection, you may find a number of leased providers. is not only a leased line provider but also offers leased line comparison services. We offer you a comparison of top leased line providers such as Bt leased line, Virgin media leased line Openreach and more. With this comparison, you can select the best-leased line deal without wasting time and energy.

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