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What Is Difference Between Leased Line And Broadband |

There are some differences between leased line vs broadband connectivity solutions that can highly impact the speed you can get. Although the internet leased line is a reliable connection, you can choose among the leased lines and broadband according to your company’s applications and the number of employees.

If you are looking for a new internet connection for your business? You will have two main options, including leased line vs broadband. Both leased line and broadband providers claim that they provide your business with a high-quality internet connection.

How Leased Line Is Different From Broadband?

Business owners ask frequent questions how leased line is different from broadband and which internet connection is best for a business. However, there is no wrong or right answer; it all depends on your business needs. To help you out, we outlined some of the key differences between leased line and broadband in this article. So keep on reading to understand better what they both are, what makes them different, and which one is better for your business.

Following are some key areas in which a leased line differs from broadband.

  • Speed
  • Latency
  • Contention
  • Jitter ++
  • Scalability
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Symmetricality

Is leased line better than broadband?

A leased line connection is better than broadband connection because leased line give you dedicated connection between your premises and the local exchange. A leased line connection offers your business a dedicated and superfast internet connection. You can deploy it on your premises in one of two ways, either by fiber optic or wireless antenna.

If you want to connect through fibre optic cable, roads need to be dug up so that a cable can be connected to your premises. For the wireless antenna only, you need to get an antenna fitted on the roof of your building.

No matter which installation method you choose, you will get the same benefits, some of which are as follows:

1. Uncontended Network

A leased-line is a fully dedicated connection that you do not need to share with anyone else. It is a reason that you will receive a promised speed at all times.

2. Ultrafast Speed

The speed of a leased line connection ranges from 100 MBps to 10Gbs. You can choose a speed as per your needs.

3. Scalability

It is easy to scale up or down your bandwidth when your business needs changes with time. However, you may need to pay a little more when you want to scale up your network speed.

4. Symmetrical Speed

If your business processes depend on the internet and you have to send large files to clients or team members, you need fast upload speed. With a leased line connection , you can upload or download files at the same speed.

5. Low Latency

A leased line offers a reliable connection with low latency, which means that if you open a web page, it will load quickly.

6. Proactive Monitoring

Leased line connections are monitored 24/7 so that if any fault arises, it can be fixed timely. Sometimes the issue is fixed even before users notice it. Thus by having a leased line connection, you can increase the productivity and revenue of your business. However, a leased line connection can take a long time to install, so you must make sure that you have enough time for installation before you want it to be operational.

Is Broadband better than Leased Line?

Broadband also offers a high-speed internet connection, but it is more suitable for domestic use. It provides internet to different homes or premises from the same circuit it means it is a shared connection. That is why the speed usually goes down at peak hours. So in that point we say that broadband connection is better than leased line. Again we say that its depends on your business need. 

Different types of broadbands are present in the market, including:

Fibre Optic

This type of broadband uses fibre optic cable to connect your business with the internet.


It uses digital signals to transmit connectivity to your premises from satellites.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)

This type of broadband provides you with an internet connection by using copper wires.

Broadband provides you with a contended connection. It means it is shared among different users. So when you are using your internet connection, other people are using it too, which will impact the speed you can get.

Unlike leased line, broadband connection provides asymmetrical speed, which means the download speed is faster than upload speed. A broadband connection usually takes two weeks to install, while a leased line connection can take two months.

Leased Line vs Broadband Technology

The most significant differences between leased lines and broadband are due to the difference in technologies through which an internet connection is provided to you.

Typically, broadband connections are provided through your internet service provider (ISP) to a cabinet located near your home or office. These cabinets are usually unnoticeable and painted in dull grey or green, but you can locate them carefully. A cable runs to your business or house from this cabinet and provides an internet connection to your broadband router. In contrast, a leased line connection does not need any street cabinet, and it is delivered directly to your building.

So the difference in technologies makes broadband contended. You may wonder why contention matters. It is because contention is basically the number of users competing for an internet line. The more the number of users competing for a connection, the worse will be the speed and quality of the internet connection.

leased line provides a dedicated connection that is why there is no contention. Your business has an internet connectivity solution that you do not need to share with other local residents or businesses. On the other hand, broadband is a shared connection that is why you see the speed of your home broadband slow down during the peak hours like in the evening.

Leased Line Vs Broadband Cost

A broadband connection is usually offered at a fixed rate. At the same time, the cost of a leased line depends on a number of factors such as the location of your business, number of users and distance from the service provider to the location of your company. Typically the cost of a leased line is high as compared to broadband. However, you are comparing two different products with different features, so it is better to compare the differences in value between leased lines and broadband.

Whenever you are making a price comparison, keep in mind that no doubt your cost is increased when you move from broadband to leased line, but you will receive additional benefits and features. In addition, it is worth visiting different internet service providers to find the best rates and contracts when choosing an internet connection, whether a leased line or broadband.

An internet leased line offers longer contracts compared to a conventional broadband connection. With a leased line, you may have to tie in a contract for 36 months, while in broadband, the contract period is small, ranging from 12 to 24 months. The contract lengths of internet connection have benefits as well as some drawbacks. A longer contract ensures stability, and if there is any increase in price during this period, it will not affect you for a long time.

When looking at the cost of internet connectivity, it is vital to consider the hidden costs that can arise when you are using it. For example, you can use a leased line connection as much as you need without any additional cost, but it is not the same when using broadband. Broadband internet packages limit usage, and you have to pay extra whenever going beyond these limits. Therefore, when you choose a new broadband connection, check all the charges included.

Leased line vs broadband speed

When compared to a conventional broadband connection, a leased line offers higher connection speeds. In addition, the leased line also offers symmetrical speed, which means you will have the same upload and download speeds.

With broadband, you will receive a download speed that is much faster than the upload speed. It is not a problem when you are using the internet for domestic use because you rarely need to upload large files. However, when using it for business purposes, you need an internet connection that provides a fast upload speed to quickly upload data on the internet.

A leased line connection is very beneficial for businesses that use cloud-based applications for their day to day tasks. With increased upload speed, you can make your user experience better and increase the productivity of employees. When using broadband, it can take hours in large off-site backups, while with a leased line, it’s much quicker.

Furthermore, if you use VoIP UK , its performance will be affected if you are using broadband. Your internet connection is an essential building block of the foundation of your IT network. Thus it has a direct impact on the performance and productivity of your business. Another difference between the connection speed of leased and broadband is that leased line broadband provides a fixed speed for which you have paid. Whereas a broadband providers only make efforts to deliver the promised speed.

Which is better leased line or broadband?

When we look from a business perspective, one significant difference between leased line and broadband is that leased line comes with a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) while broadband does not.

A service level agreement is the standard of service that you expect from your network provider. It also defines a service provider’s actions if a connection fails or falls short of its standards. It also describes the minimum uptime that you can expect from your internet service. In other words, your internet provider describes how long you have to wait before making any compensation or refund claim.

difference leased line vs broadband

On the other hand, broadband providers do not describe how much time it will take to fix the issue, and most network providers do not pay compensation costs in case of an outage. Most of the leased line providers actively monitor connection so that in case of any issues, they can respond in a timely manner, while in the broadband connection, you have to inform your provider about any issue, and it will take a longer time to fix.

For a business, time is the most important thing, and it is equal to money. That is why business owners do not want to choose a connection that can take hours or even days in fixing any issue. The level of service is one of the reasons that business owners choose leased lines over broadband. In a leased line agreement, compensation cost is also written, which ensures that you will get compensation cost in case of any downtime. Therefore a leased line connection is more reliable compared to traditional broadband.

Which One Is Right For Your Business: Leased Line Vs Broadband?

Although there are no hard and fast rules for businesses to choose broadband or a leased line connection, when considering a connectivity solution, you must look at your business needs, number of employees and dependency of your daily tasks on internet connection.

For example, if you have a small business with ten employees and do not use any cloud-based application, a broadband connection can be perfect for you. Leased line companies also offer different packages, and if you own a small business, you can go for leased line for small businesses to get a more reliable connection.

However, for businesses that highly depend on internet connection and can not afford the loss of internet connection even for a small period, we recommend you to get a leased line connection. It may cost more and tie you to a longer contract, but its benefits will outweigh the cost. Many leased line service providers are present in the UK, so you should compare leased line prices before selecting a network provider.

A leased-line is a connection with a robust service level agreement, and it is crucial for a business that relies upon the internet to increase performance and productivity.


Now that you know the difference between broadband and leased line connections. We hope that this article helps you understand the benefits and drawbacks of these two internet connectivity solutions. It would be easier for you to choose one according to your business and budget requirements.

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