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What Is Leased Line Connectivity?

A leased line connection can help data hungry businesses to get a connectivity solution that is of high quality with ultra-fast symmetrical speed. It is usually configured through a fibre optic circuit, but it can be delivered through other technologies like Ethernet First Mile that use copper fibre in combination with some error correction technology. A leased line is a service contract between a customer and provider that ensures a continuous data flow at a fixed monthly rate from one point to another.


Strong Internet Connection

In this modern age of technology, the internet is a necessity for every business. With a strong internet connection, small and medium enterprises can explore and create a world of opportunities for them. However, when it comes to a solid and secure internet connection, dedicated internet access or a leased line connection can be a perfect solution.

Essentially, when running an online business, a weak internet connection can reduce your productivity and seize valuable growth opportunities. That is why you need a fast internet connection to run all your business operations quickly and smoothly. Are you on a hunt for helpful information about a strong, secure and high-speed internet connection? This article will help you learn the most popular internet option for leased lines for a business. Leased Line Connectivity

Leased Line Connection

Although a broadband connection is being used widely at the domestic level in the UK because it is designed for an environment where most of the traffic is inbound, in homes, internet connection is used for browsing, downloading and streaming, but broadband can not meet all the requirements of businesses. In contrast, a leased line connection offers you an uncontended fibre optic connection to help you overcome all the connectivity problems.

A question may come to your mind: what is leased line technology? A Leased Line is a dedicated and fixed bandwidth internet connection. It connects your business directly to an internet connection, while broadband provides internet over a public network shared among many people. It is the most significant difference between broadband and leased line. However there are several other differences like in speed and how many users can use the connection at a time.

Characteristics of Leased Line Connection

There are some unique characteristics that make it different from other internet connections. These characteristics are as follows:

Symmetrical Speed

With a leased line connection, you will get the same speed in both directions. It means that it has the same upload and download speed.

Uncontended Connection

By definition, leased line connections are uncontended means they are not shared among multiple users.

Point to Point

A leased line connection can connect two points together. For example, if you have branches of your business at different locations, you can connect using a secure and fast line.

Advantages Of Leased Line

Let us now see why a leased line can be the right connectivity choice for your business. Businesses tend to use the internet more intensively than domestic customers because businesses rely on cloud-based services to complete their critical business processes. Following are some benefits that a leased line connection can provide to your business. Benefits of leased line connection

1. Leased Line Connection is Ultra-Fast

Leased lines offer a speed ranging from 2Mbps to 10 Gbps. It is an ultra fast speed without any connectivity loss that can happen with a broadband connection. With such a connection, you can handle sharing heavy files easily. It is a dedicated connection, and you will get the full bandwidth for which you have paid.

2. Improve Collaboration

Whether you are a startup or a well-established company, easy and uninterrupted communication with clients and team members is a must. Thus, for making call over VoIP, video conferencing and smooth exchange of data you need an unshared and reliable connection that a leased line will provide you.

3. Symmetrical

A leased line provides you with a symmetrical upload and download speed that allows you to upload large files in no time.

4. Leased Line Connection is Secure And Private

As a leased line connection is just for you, it is a perfect option for businesses dealing with sensitive client data, such as in the finance and professional service industry. A leased line is highly dedicated to two locations it connects and consists of an appropriate router; it reduces the security risks because the service is not shared with others like DSL circuits.

5. Outpace Your Competition

In this fast growing business world if you want to stand out of competition it is vital to have a secure, reliable and fast internet connection with low latency. It will help you to improve team collaboration, client interaction and online transactions. It also allows you to connect with all your branch offices and control them remotely. These factors can help a business to boost growth and beat the competition.

Broadband Vs Leased Line Connection

Leased Line connection vs BroadBand

If your business is dependent on the internet connection for essential business processes, a traditional broadband connection may not fulfil your requirements. One of the most common questions is what is the difference between broadband and leased line connection. Here we are describing the difference between the two.

The most significant difference between broadband and a leased line is that the broadband is a shared connection, and it is divided among the local users. On the other hand, a leased line is a dedicated connection that is only for your business. No doubt broadband provides good speed that is enough to meet your domestic needs, but there is always a drop at peak hours.

While with leased lines, you need to share them with anyone else. You can get an ultra-fast speed even at peak hours. Furthermore, broadband offers asymmetrical speed, and it can affect your business productivity, and a leased line provides an internet connection with the same upload and download speeds.

One other benefit of using leased line connections in the UK is that it comes with a robust Service Level Agreement. It means if there is an issue with your internet connection, it will be solved within hours, while with a broadband connection, it can take days to get this issue resolved. However, a leased line connection cost can be higher than the broadband, but it is always worth spending money on a dedicated internet connection.

How Does Leased Line Connection Work?

A leased line works by using similar technology as a fibre optic broadband connection. A fibre optic connection works by sending pulses of lights over a fibre optic cable. When you send data through a fibre optic cable, the equipment on both sides are on the lookout for light that represents the binary 0s and 1s of digital data. So the equipment on one side turns the light on and off to represent the digital data, and the equipment on the other side recognises this light signal and stores it back into 1s and 0s of binary data.

The data moves with the speed of light and it is not physically possible to move any faster. Therefore, the only factor that affects the speed is how quickly the equipment at both ends receive and send the light signals. Leased line connection works

How To Check Internet Leased Line Speed?

In order to check your leased line speed, you have to run a speed test. There are two different types of speed tests, one for speeds lower than 10Mbps and the other is for speeds more than 10Mbps.

Leased Line Speed Test For less than 10MBps

To check the speed of the internet connection, you have to follow some simple steps. However, keep in mind that this type of speed test will not always give accurate results for speeds more than 10Mbps.


  • Plug your laptop directly into the leased line router to get more accurate results. Always carry out speed tests after business hours so that no staff member is using the internet connection at that time.
  • Visit a leased line testing tool.
  • Click begin the test, and you can find the speed of your leased line connection.

Leased Line Speed Test For More than 10MBps

Although this type of speed test gives more accurate results, it is not quick and convenient.


  • Contact your leased line provider to schedule a speed test.
  • At a scheduled time, your  leased line provider will connect a laptop to check the internet performance at the end of your leased line.
  • At the same time, you need to connect a laptop to check the internet speed at your end using an iperf tool.
  • You probably want to run a number of tests and coordinate the tests so that for a given test, one of the laptops is using the iperf tool as a server, and the other is using it as a client.


If any of these speed tests involve a visit of your leased line provider to your site, you have to pay for the test.

Why Do You Need A Leased Line Connection?

A leased line connection has become very famous as modern businesses are more dependent on fast and reliable internet access. In the beginning, businesses only needed the internet for emails or electronic payments, but now the demand for the internet has increased because now companies use cloud-based communication, cloud storage and host their own websites.

In the past, most people used broadband for their internet connection. You may have a broadband connection but when your business grows the demand for the internet also increases, this is where broadband can not fulfill your requirements and the need for a leased line arises. If it is so, you must go for a leased line connection to fulfill all your business needs.

How To Find The Best Leased Line Connection For Your Business?

With the growing demand for lease line connections, the number of leased line providers in the UK has also increased. It can be challenging to find the best-leased line provider that offers competitive rates. To find the best deal, you should shop around and make price comparisons. For businesses, time is the most important thing, and it is equal to money. You can use comparison sites to get a comparison of leased lines without wasting time and effort.

Most leased line providers offer different packages for businesses of various sizes, including a leased line for small and medium-sized businesses, a leased line for large businesses and a leased line connection for enterprises.

If you own a business with 1 to 30 employees, you should go for a leased line connection for small and medium businesses. If there are up to 500 employees in your company, a leased line for large businesses will be suitable for you. And businesses having more than 500 employees should choose a leased line connection for enterprises so that they can get a connection that will meet all their internet needs.

How Much Does a Leased Line Cost?

Average UK Leased Line connection Costs

The cost of leased line connection UK varies depending on several factors such as providers, type of leased line and allocated bandwidth. The price also depends on the length of the circuit, and the more your promises are far from the data center, the more you have to pay.

Leased lines are more costly than broadband connections because you are getting an exclusive connection through them. However, a leased line guarantees a high-speed connection without any connectivity loss at peak times. On the other hand, the speed of broadband varies due to factors that are not in your control.

Therefore, you should consider how important your business is to have a consistent and reliable connection. Moreover, keep in mind that leased lines take a longer time for installation than a broadband connection. It is because broadband is delivered over an existing phone while a leased line needs a new circuit.

Final Words

Now that you know all the information about leased line connectivity and how it works, you can easily make a decision whether you need a business leased line connection or not. First, however, you must choose a reliable service provider to get the best internet connection at a competitive price.