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What is Gfast? What You Need to Know About GFast Broadband

In Simple terms GFast is new version of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) designed to provide a faster speed and more reliability. Although you are still using copper cables, the new technology enables data to travel more quickly and provides several other benefits.

Nowadays, everyone is looking for a fast internet connection. As a result, the number of connectivity solutions has increased, and it has become challenging to choose the best one. You may have heard about GFast broadband connection but do not have much information about it.

What Is GFast?

GFast is the latest technology in the broadband market. It is a copper-based broadband service and is capable of providing faster speeds than FTTC broadband. We can say that it is an improved version of FTTC, and users can get up to four times faster speed. The current maximum download speeds are up to 80 MB. GFast can increase it up to a potential 330MB speed.

Previously the only way to get a fast speed connection was to install fibre to the premises on your property, but it is not available in all areas. So this is where GFast broadband can be helpful.

How Does Gfast Broadband Work?

Gfast broadband does not need any specific infrastructure, and your current FTTC infrastructure is enough to get this new connection installed. Since Ethernet leased lines are not present in all areas of the UK, it can be a great alternative to get ultrafast speed.

FTTC broadband works by using a fibre cable from your internet service provider to the street cabinet near you. A copper cable is then used to transfer fibre broadband connection from the local cabinet to your business premises, be it your home or workplace.

Gfast works similarly to FTTC, but it uses specific equipment fitted in the local Bt cabinet to change the speed frequencies of the connection. This change in frequency increases the speed of the internet through cable wires and provides more reliability.

You must remember that if you want to get such a connection, your premises must be no more than 500 metres from the local BT cabinet.

What Speeds Are Available with GFast?

GFast connection is currently available at two different speeds. You must check the speed of connection your network provider is offering before purchasing a connection. Following are the speeds that you can get for GFast broadband:

  • GFast 160Mb download/ 30Mb upload 
  • GFast 330Mb download/ 50Mb upload

Some network providers also have availability checkers that you can use to find whether GFast broadband is available in your area or not.

Benefits Of GFast Broadband

It is essential to look at the benefits of GFast to know how it can help your business. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

1. Reliable Connection

Fast speed and reliability is the need of every business. For example, GFast can be a perfect solution for retail stores that want to provide their customers with a WiFi connection for a fast in-store browsing experience. Also, businesses that need to upload or download large files or use VoIP telephony need a fast-speed connection for efficient performance.

Moreover, GFast is also used to fulfil the needs of bandwidth-hungry households. Now more than ever, UK businesses and homes are dependent on high-speed broadband connections due to digital lifestyle and work. This dependency is going to increase in future. A fast connection can provide you with a faster speed and better reliability than FTTC and is the best option if FTTP is not available in your area.

2. Quick Installation

Another significant benefit of GFast is that it can cut out the lengthy set-up process. It is quicker to install as compared to FTTP or Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) and takes almost the same time as FTTC and ADSL broadband.

It uses the existing copper infrastructure and does not need any additional installation work. It means you can get a connection as long as it becomes available in your area.

3. Ultrafast Speed

You can get an ultrafast speed with a GFast connection that helps you complete your day-to-day operations efficiently. It provides you with a download speed of up to 330Mb. This speed is enough to meet your needs, including downloading or uploading large files, using cloud-based applications, making VoIP calls and more.

GFast uses the latest technology to provide an ultrafast connection over short copper wires. If you are looking to improve your upload or download speed without putting pressure on your pocket, GFast can be a perfect option.

The UK government has pledged to cover the country in full fibre by 2023, but before that time, GFast is only an ultrafast product available in areas where full fibre connections are not available.

4. Confidence in your Connection

GFast consists of fibre optic cables from the network provider to the local exchange, which means ultrafast speed and low latency. You may experience delays in uploading or downloading large files if you have a standard broadband connection. It will also impact your productivity, and you may not meet your deadlines.

However, with GFast, you have confidence that you will get a high-speed connection that saves you time and money. This innovation helps you improve your business internet performance, manage network demand and get more resilience.

What Is The Difference Between GFast And FTTP?

FTTP broadband is a connection in which a fibre optic cable is installed the full distance from your internet service provider to the local exchange and from that point to your premises. It does not involve any copper cables, so it provides fast speed, high bandwidth and high-quality connection.


Moreover, fibre optic cables are less susceptible to weather conditions and require less maintenance. In some areas, FTTP provides a speed of 1000MB.


In contrast, GFast broadband has a fibre optical cable to the local exchange. The test of the journey is through a copper cable phone line that can not provide high speed. So the speed is lower than FTTP and reaches up to 330Mb maximum.


However, the speed is faster than the FTTC, and traditional broadband connection and the cost of installation is also less as compared to FTTP. So, if you are tight on budget, a GFast connection can be the best connectivity solution.

GFast Connection Availability

Currently, GFast broadband is available in only a few locations across the UK. You can contact different providers or use an availability checker tool to find out whether it is available in your area or not. BT is aiming to provide a speed of 500Mbps and make GFAst available to 10 million homes in the near future.

GFast broadband is already benefiting over one million homes and providing them with ultrafast speeds with minimum disruption. It is because there is no need to install new cables between buildings.

Bottom Line

An ultrafast connection is one that can provide a speed of over 100MBps, and GFast is a connectivity solution that is able to provide a download speed of upto 330Mbps. If your business highly relies on the internet, but you do not have FTTP available in your area, a GFast connection can help you meet your connectivity needs. It provides many other benefits other than high speed, such as quick installation, low latency and more reliability. Thus, take advantage of existing copper cables infrastructure and get ultrafast download speeds and allow more devices to use the network without suffering from congestion or slow speed issues.

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