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A Complete Guide To BT Cloud Voice 2022

BT Cloud Voice, along with its integrated Cloud Contact Center capabilities, serves as a phone system that can propel your business forward with its array of benefits. Operating securely via the internet, BT Cloud Voice ensures you can answer calls from any location, free from geographic limitations.

BT cloud voice is a phone system that works securely over the internet and allows you to take calls from anywhere without any limitation to geographic location.


Over time new technologies are evolving, and businesses are adopting them to streamline their processes and increase productivity. Communication is essential for a business to deal with their customers, partners and clients in the best possible way.


Cloud-based telephony is an advanced technique in the telecommunication field that has gained popularity among businesses due to the benefits it offers. Numerous providers are present in the market offering cloud-based telephony solutions. BT is one of the companies providing the best-unified communication solution to businesses.

Interesting Thing

When choosing a communication service for your business, many questions arise in your mind, and the same is for BT cloud voice. To help you out, here we gathered all the information about it in this comprehensive guide so that you can understand how it can be beneficial for your business.

What Is BT Cloud Voice?

BT cloud voice is a virtual phone which is hosted in the cloud and offers all the traditional phone functionality but is more flexible. You can say that it is a portable office; you can always carry it in your pocket. It brings all your business voice calls, video meetings, messaging tools and screen sharing to a single online platform.

With BT cloud phones, you are able to manage your communications anywhere and on any device; both the administrator and employees have access to the BT cloud portal. In addition, you do not need to spend more money on hardware or maintenance of your phone system. When you have this cloud phone system, you will never have to miss a single call. It helps you in providing optimal customer service.

In Addition

Moreover, it grows alongside your business. It offers great flexibility that makes it expand to contain new options that you want to add to it. It means that BT cloud voice has got you covered no matter if you are moving your office or expanding it. It has enough resources to help you boost your business so that it can be a perfect option for you. 

Benefits Of BT Voice Cloud

BT cloud voice can be your trustworthy business partner, dependable, reliable and all that is needed to take your business to the next level. Here are some benefits that you can get by incorporating BT cloud phone into your business:

1. Cost Effective

You do not need to buy any hardware aside from the phones, which means no maintenance costs. Other than that, it reduces the amount of money that you spend on calls. We know that many people are not concerned about the budget they spend on call costs, but if your company relies highly on voice communication, BT cloud voice can be beneficial for you. It lowers your call costs and also includes intranet business calls.

2. Improved Customer Support

BT voice helps you in responding to your customers more quickly. It allows companies to improve their customer communication. Your customers can easily contact your sales and service department at any time, at no cost. When customers are satisfied, they become loyal customers and ultimately increase your business revenue.

3. Your Mobile Number

Another benefit of BT cloud voice is that it is independent of any geographic location. So if you are on the move, your business and number can go anywhere with you. You don’t need to miss any single call again.

4. Software Management

BT allows you to manage your software system yourself. Usually, when you are making changes to your business, such as changing telephone connection, location or expanding your business, it costs you much money. But with the BT cloud phone, you can administer changes yourself because your network configuration is programmable, and voice signals are also carried over the business LAN

5. Flexible And Expandable

With the BT cloud system, you do not need to worry about a huge expense on equipment upgrades after a few years. It is designed in a way to accept all the new features as they come out. Therefore, it can easily adapt to new changes if you’re going to make any changes in future. Moreover, if the features you are currently using are no longer your preferences, you can make changes easily and in a short time. 

6. Easy Pairing Of Your Mobile With Computer

BT cloud phone provides you with a platform to collaborate within the office. You can create a direct link between teleworkers and office-based workers with only a few clicks. It will help you in increasing the productivity of your business. You can complete your business operations in less time.

7. A Virtual Phone

BT Cloud is a state-of-the-art system and provides businesses with distinguished phones without charging a high cost. From the starting, this app gives you access to all the features and guarantees added features as soon as they are introduced. 

8. Customized Features

Now you do not need to pay for what you do not need. BT allows you to get customised features to fulfil your business needs. In the beginning, you can choose a few features, and once you are satisfied and grow, you can add more features.

9. Secure

BT cloud voice is a safe and secure option for your business. All your business calls and personal data remain secure. All the packages include security software, 24/7 monitoring, encrypted calls and call traffic analysis.     

BT Cloud Voice Features

BT offers a set of features in its cloud phone that work for everyone. There are three different sets of features with one, three, and five-year contracts so that you can choose the best solution for each of your employees.

  • Cloud Voice basic can be a perfect solution for team members that need a general-purpose phone system. With this solution, you can send calls to other mobiles or handsets and forward calls to other numbers. You can also see who is calling and add a third person to the call. It is suitable for you if a few of your employees share the same phone.
  • Cloud Voice connect is a feature pack for office-based employees looking for a full range of call management features. It comes with a smart feature like call director that makes it look like you are calling from the office even when you are on the move. In addition, it includes a voicemail which makes it a great system for accountants, sales agents and PAs.
  • Cloud voice collaboration is for those who want to work on the move but want to have all the features of a traditional phone system. It is a feature plan that gives you everything from a Basic plan along with instant messaging, presence and web conferencing tools. 

How Can You Build Your Cloud Voice Package?

In order to create your cloud voice package choose the features, phones and call plans you want. BT has an experienced team that makes sure it works perfectly with your internet connection. They also help you throughout the whole process with cabling and networking equipment when you need it. Here are some steps that will help you in building a cloud voice package:

  • Pick your required features and add-ons. Select one feature plan out of three. You can mix and match features to meet the needs of everyone at your workplace. 
  • Select a call plan, share a bundle of minutes, add an international plan or go with the unlimited UK calls option. No matter what you choose, you will always get great value. 
  • Choose a phone according to your business needs. BT offers a vast range of IP desk and conference phones that you can choose from the cloud voice portfolio.
  • Pick a geographic phone number to give your business a local identity. If you already have a number, you don’t need to change it; just tell the BT’s team, and they get over it. 
  • Once you select all the packages, BT’s team will take care of everything and ensure you have the best internet connection to enjoy the services.

What is BT Cloud Voice Business Portal?

BT Cloud Voice portal helps you in managing app features and communications at any time, irrespective of your geographic location. Both administrators and users have access to it. You will sign in by using your:


  • Username, be mindful that the username you used to open your account remains the same, and you can not change it. 
  • Password 
  • Business domain

Compatible Devices With BT Cloud Voice?

You need a physical IP phone or soft IP phone installed on your computer, tablet or mobile so that you can enjoy the benefits of BT voice. You have to follow a systematic process to set up an IP phone as a user. Once setup is completed, your account is linked to the device.

A MAC number is needed to link the device to the user account if you are using a physical IP phone. But if you are using a softphone, you only need a specific username and password to set it up through the BT cloud voice portal.

Which Connection Is Ideal For Cloud Voice?

You can enjoy the benefits of BT cloud phones when you have a reliable internet connection. Let’s see why it is essential to choose the right connection for your business:

  • When you get fibre broadband or leased line and Loud Voice service from BT, they ensure that everything works perfectly together. And you get the convenience that you have only one supplier to deal with. 
  • They also make sure to prioritize your calls over your internet traffic so that you can always get good quality calls. 
  • BT offers a network with ultra-low latency that is vital for most communication apps like cloud voice. Moreover, BT guarantees the quality of service through its service level agreement.

With BTnet leased lines, you do not need to share bandwidth with other businesses. It means you will have an exceptional speed with ultra-low latency. On the other hand, with super fast business fibre broadband, you can get extra speed to take your business to the next level. It provides a download speed up to 76Mbps, backed by your business mart hub and 224/7 IT support.

Summing Up

In this advanced time, almost all businesses need a cloud-based phone system to communicate with customers, suppliers and each other in a better way. BT cloud Voice is best option for it. It has all the functionalities of a traditional phone system, but the most significant difference is that calls are carried over the internet. It means you have better ways and flexibility to control your call cost. 


BT cloud phone comes with three different feature sets, and you can choose one that matches your business needs the most. In addition, you have less hardware to buy which also saves your money. 


We suggest you purchase BT cloud voice to streamline your business communication and increase productivity.

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